Scottsdale Treatment Center

Scottsdale Treatment Center

What Happens In A Scottsdale Treatment Center?

Rehab facilities are often the first port of call particularly when it comes to getting clean or sober. Substance abusers can find solace in treatment centers which helps to present an opportunity for them to find themselves and learn to stay clean. By providing isolation from drugs and drug use, any Scottsdale treatment center can help addicts regain self-confidence, as well as overcome disappointment, grief, and sadness.

However, choosing to attend a Scottsdale treatment center is one big step to recovery. Most people suffering from a substance use disorder don’t often have the mind of going to a rehab because they are scared of what might happen to them. Knowing more about what happens in rehab, how it works and what should be expected during the stay.

Not every Scottsdale treatment center follows the same treatment structure, while some may offer similar treatment plans, others may offer different care. Nevertheless, it all depends on the program and therapy you choose.

What to expect in rehab before treatment

In most situations, you will be required to follow a specific intake structure designed to give your doctor, therapist, and counselor the information they require to provide appropriate treatment. Along with a combined medical and psychological care, you may also have to participate in skills development. Other available options include:

Initial consultation

The best time to discuss helpful options, answer perturbing questions, organize preparatory planning, and assist with the intake is during the initial consultation. It is at this stage that most substance abusers get to learn more about the possibilities that are available for them and what will be likely included in the treatment. Your representative, caseworker or therapist will help discuss your options and even set up a consultation for you.

Physical assessment

In a bid to effectively determine your addiction level, you will be required to work along with a physician who will help identify those health problems affecting your recovery. Based on the information obtained from your physical assessment, treatment may be required to help ensure that you get into a healthy and stable condition. Your physician will also help to determine your level of addiction by conducting a clinical withdrawal assessment. This will also include the potential aftereffect of your withdrawal.

Psychological assessment

Before commencing treatment, there is the need for a full psychological assessment to be conducted by an expert psychiatrist or psychologist. As a matter of fact, you will be assessed by an addiction expert who will examine your mental state to determine whether you’ve got a comorbid disorder such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. It is the information obtained that your Scottsdale treatment center will use to create an effective treatment plan for you.

Custom treatment plan

Your psychologist will need to work along with your physician to establish a workable treatment plan customized specifically to meet your individual needs. This will include medical detoxification, a psychological reevaluation after detoxification, complementary treatment, nutrition and physical coaching, a therapy schedule based on your own requirements, and aftercare.


Scottsdale Treatment Center