Drug Rehab Arizona: Before and After Drug Addiction

drug rehab arizona before and after drug addiction

Drug Rehab Arizona: Before and After Drug Addiction

When you’re struggling with substance misuse or addiction, you may feel like you’re in a never-ending spiral that just keeps taking you further and further down. You may be hopeless, and not have a lot of faith in a future with things the way they are. You can’t even recognize yourself, and you can’t fathom what life after drug addiction might look like. Drug rehab Arizona programs like the programs SpringBoard Recovery offer know this isn’t the case. We can help you live a life that’s full of a future after drug addiction.

Drug Rehab Arizona Stats: Addiction

It’s widely known that America is suffering from an epidemic that steals the hope and lives of people from all walks of life. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported over 70,200 Americans died as a result of drug overdoses in 2017. In Arizona specifically, research suggests that from 2013-2017, opioid-involved deaths rose over 75%.

Even more specifically, in Maricopa County, it’s estimated that over 1,000 people a year die from a drug overdose. The Maricopa County Office of the Medical Examiner investigates deaths that may have occurred as the result of unnatural causes. In 2019, they found that 67% of the unnaturally caused deaths were due to opioid overdose, and 75% of those opioids were prescription opioids and fentanyl. These numbers are what drives SpringBoard Recovery and other drug rehabs in Arizona to show you how your life can be after drug addiction if you’ll just seek their help.

Life After Drug Addiction: Your Health Improves

The physical tolls that addiction takes on your body are dependent upon the drugs themselves, and your reactions. Opioids—in the form of painkillers or heroin—can weaken your lung function and lead you to suffer from abscess, infection and even tuberculosis. Methamphetamines are harmful to many major body systems, but mainly to your brain and central nervous systems. This is the case for the damage that opioids can have on your brain and central nervous system. Misusing drugs and alcohol can also lead to weight loss and malnutrition, as your body simply battles to survive. When you’re malnourished, your immune system is often weakened, and this leaves you vulnerable to a variety of illnesses.

The good news is that after drug addiction, you still have the ability to regain an incredible and healthy quality of life. Your brain is resilient and open to the new neural connections that occur during drug rehab Arizona treatments. Researchers have found your internal organs can even recover from the damage done while misusing drugs or alcohol. The liver is self-healing, somewhat along the lines of your skin should you get a cut or wound. Healing from liver damage can begin as early as a few days after you’ve made the choice to stop drinking.

Life After Drug Addiction: Your Old, New You

Probably the most drastic effects your friends and family will see from recovery after drug addiction is in your face. You also will most likely see the significant difference after drug addiction when you look in the mirror.

When you decide to seek help and break the chains of drug addiction, you’ll notice changes in your skin, your eyes, your hair, and your teeth.

Kevin Alter is recovering from addiction and has used his inspiring life changes after drug addiction to inspire others to regain their lives. He hosts the Facebook Page, The Addict’s Diary. The Addict’s Diary shares intense before and after drug addiction pictures to show you that there is hope and a future after drug addiction.

When you’re addicted, your face often takes the most obvious and noticeable hit. After drug addiction, though, it’s also where you see the most dramatic changes. (Please note that all of the following images are courtesy of The Addict’s Diary.)

before and after drug addiction - @theaddictsdiary

Facial sores that resemble large, gaping wounds can heal and lead the way to clearer, smoother skin. It’s no longer gray and sallow, but brighter and warmer appearing.

before and after drug addiction - @theaddictsdiary

The bags under your eyes no longer go deep into your cheek cavity. Instead, they fill out with proper nutrition and hydration. As well, your eyes no longer look bloodshot or glassy-eyed but instead are brighter and clearer.

before and after drug addiction - @theaddictsdiary

After drug addiction, your cheeks won’t sink in and you no longer look malnourished and gaunt. Your body can fill out appropriately, and get nutrition where it needs to go throughout its system.

before and after drug addiction - @theaddictsdiary

And, the most likely notable physical changes your friends and family will be able to notice is in your effect and demeanor. You’ll no longer look sad, isolated, unsure and worried. With drug rehab Arizona programs that Springboard Recovery offers, you’ll be able to let your inside joy and gratitude for life be what people see after drug addiction. They will no longer see the shell of the life you used to live.

There Is Hope For Your Future

If you’re struggling with addiction, we understand that the challenges of recovery are real, and they’re intimidating. At Springboard Recovery, our passion is to help you lead a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life again. There’s so much more to sobriety than just stopping the addiction. We prioritize holistic wellness so we can help get you healthy from the inside out.

We know that taking the first steps to recovery can be scary and lonely. We’re here to help every step of the way. All you have to do is decide you’re ready to end this life of addiction and being your new one of hope and purpose. Contact us today and let us help you do so.

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