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A clinical evaluation is the process we use to learn more about the issues with which you struggle and then devise a treatment plan specifically customized to your needs.

What Is a Clinical Evaluation?

A clinical evaluation is a formal evaluation designed to gain more information about the specific challenges you face. During your clinical evaluation, we’ll have a chance to gather information about:

  • Your addiction history, drug use, and symptoms
  • Any previous addictions you’ve faced
  • Your mental health history and symptoms
  • Your living situation, and the ways in which your relationship and environment affect your recovery
  • Your concerns about detox, rehab, and recovery
  • Your unique set of strengths, challenges, and competencies

What Happens at a Clinical Evaluation?

A clinical evaluation isn’t scary or demanding. Instead, you’ll meet with one of our intake specialists after filling out paperwork that gives us basic information about your health, living arrangements, and current struggles. Your intake evaluator will then ask you a number of questions about yourself, your life, and your addiction. These questions may seem strange or even intrusive, but answering them as honestly and completely as possible is the best way to ensure we get the comprehensive data necessary to design a recovery plan that will work for your life and needs.

Depending on what you discuss at your clinical evaluation, further evaluation may be necessary, particularly if you have a history of mental or physical health difficulties. You may meet with a psychiatrist to explore your mental health needs. If you face physical health challenges, we may order laboratory tests, blood work, or seek a consultation with your primary care physician. Every clinical evaluation is a bit different, just as each of our guests faces different challenges and has different needs.

Why Should I Have a Clinical Evaluation?

One of the many reasons rehab is so effective is that it affords a chance to address each and every issue you face in a comprehensive and holistic fashion. Your clinical evaluation gives us a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses. In so doing, it can provide us with important information about how long you’ll need to be in rehab, what sorts of challenges you’ll face, and what we can do to help you through the process.

Even more important, though, is the fact that a clinical evaluation is a critical precursor to devising your treatment plan. It can help us determine which, if any, medications you might need, what approaches to detox will work best for you, and what sort of support system will give you the best chance at long-term sobriety.

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