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SpringBoard Recovery Connects our Patients with Professional Interventionists

SpringBoard Recovery is committed to providing the best care for it’s clients, both before and after their stay.  One of the ways we differentiate ourselves is with our national network of carefully screened interventionists so that we can provide you with a resource you can be confident in.

We partner with the top interventionists around the country to connect the loved ones of our patients with professionals that provide unique and individualized interventions.  We understand that addiction is far from a one-size-fits-all, which is why we’ve customized the experience of each client throughout the entire process


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Arizona Intervention – Getting your Loved Ones Help

Studies show that patients who go to treatment centers have better chances of truly healing, avoiding relapse and staying sober.

If you are struggling with addiction, do not hesitate to get professional help and consider rehab as an option. Choosing the right center is not that difficult of a process when you have friends and family staging an intervention for you, where your treatment center is already determined.

The Most Important Considerations in Choosing the Right Center for Drug and Alcohol Treatment:

  • Does the center provide addiction assessment based on evidence?
  • Will it help you coordinate with your insurance provider?
  • Can it tell you what out-of-pocket expenses you need to prepare for?
  • Are reviews about the services and treatment experience positive?
  • When you call the center for information, are the personnel forthcoming, gracious, and helpful? Are you able to get the information you need?
  • What treatment options does the center offer?
  • Do they have complete facilities and high-quality amenities?
  • Do they provide access to trained professionals in various fields – therapy, medicine, nutrition, counseling, and other allied fields to make sure that you raise your chances of rehabilitation?
  • Do they offer post-treatment rehab support?

Your chances of gaining lasting sobriety depend to a large degree on the treatment center that you decide to attend.

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We help connect our patients to an excellent range of Arizona intervention services for drugs and alcohol use disorders. We want you to experience results that last and the best way to do this is to stage an intervention that encourages your loved one to get the help they need. We have affiliations with professional interventionists throughout the state that are willing to work with you.

You increase your chances of rehabilitation if you go through a detox program that responds to your unique needs and circumstances. Therefore, we give you several intervention options that you can choose from.

We want your loved one to have the medical supervision they need throughout their detox. Detoxing alone or at home is unsafe, as the body has already become accustom to a continual supply of drugs or alcohol and will begin to shut down when that supply is diminished.

An intervention explains the benefits of treatment and provides the formal process that’s needed to get your loved one to a recovery center.

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Our Holistic Approach to Treatment

Our center provides an exceptional holistic approach for recovery from substance abuse. We offer a variety of programs so you can choose to focus your Arizona intervention around these services in effort to better encourage your loved one.

We do not want our patients to only achieve a temporary baseline of sobriety. It is not enough to rise above the physical symptoms of substance abuse. We want patients that are completely free of their addictions. For this reason, we have designed a holistic approach which combines therapy, care management, counseling, and other programs for personal and life skills development.

Your journey to recovery is unique. We help you work from where you are and support you until you regain sobriety. We offer continued counseling and after care services to ensure full and permanent recovery.

Our Wide Range of Addiction Treatment Services

We provide you with the following drug and alcohol treatment services:

  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Insurance Verification
  • Sober Living Facilities
  • Outpatient Counseling Services
  • Therapeutic Referrals
  • Personal Development and Life Coaching

Sober Living Amenities

We want you to be able to go back to a meaningful, productive, and happy, addiction-free lifestyle. Our home offers a pleasant, comfortable sanctuary to promote wellness and recovery.

We offer surroundings that help nurture sobriety. We guide you through a well-thought out 12-step rehabilitation program in a comfortable and luxurious setting.

We provide upscale surroundings that promote a sense of comfort, calmness, peace, and privacy. You get to enjoy all of our amenities including –luxurious living space, coffee service, gourmet kitchen, plush outdoor grill, opulent towels and linens, yoga facilities, swimming pool, and a highly-qualified house manager to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Finding your way back to the tranquility of sober living can be really difficult. You have to set your goals and assess your progress. You have to keep your commitments. You have to follow through on the steps essential for recovery. You have to make the journey of self-discovery. You are likely to struggle helplessly with all these if you do not have a structure to help you keep your goals in sight and stay focused.

We give you the framework to help you get your life back. We link you with professional and well-trained therapists and mentors. We facilitate your recovery.

We give structure to your day with the following activities:

  • Morning reflection and meditation
  • Daily tasks
  • Individual goal-setting
  • Daily meetings for 12-step recovery
  • Work, school, volunteer work
  • Individual accountability
  • Group accountability
  • Progress evaluation (weekly)
  • Drug screening (random)
  • End of the day review

Outpatient Counseling

You may want to get treatment but may not be available for inpatient rehab. This is not a problem. You can take advantage of our outpatient counseling program.

Therapy is necessary for substance abuse recovery. However, you do not always have to check into our rehab center to reap its full benefits. We have an outpatient counseling program for you if your addiction is minimal and you genuinely just need  support.

Recovery requires that you go on a self discovery journey.

  • Why are you an addict?
  • What external factors and inner motivations seemed to have led you to this path?
  • Why do you want to get over your addiction?
  • What steps do you have to take to recover from your dependence on alcohol or drugs?
  • How deeply do you want to achieve sobriety?

These are just some of the things you may want to explore with a trained therapist.

  • What triggers you to use drugs or alcohol?
  • How can you anticipate and fight these triggers?
  • What are your personal strengths?
  • How can you use these strengths to help you get on the road to recovery?

Counseling can help you determine the answers to these questions. It helps you formulate an action plan specific to your circumstances and unique set of strengths. You and your therapist will be able to work out a long-term plan so you can achieve lasting freedom from the abusive use of drugs or alcohol.

Counseling helps you to uncover the underlying causes of your substance abuse. It gives you deep insights about yourself. It also helps you target and develop the personal skills you need to recover from your addiction.

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