Tucson Addiction Treatment

Tucson Addiction Treatment Facility with a Patient First Approach

Tucson Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism and substance abuse are both serious and life-threatening conditions. For many years, alcholism and drug abuse have already taken many lives — not just the person directly experiencing the addiction, but also that person’s loved ones. That is the reason why at SpringBoard Recovery, our treatment starts with compassion. We know that rehabilitation is an individualized process. Our treatment approach always aims to provide holistic care to our patients. Our center’s intensive detox and recovery programs will encourage them to embrace the better ways of living and leading a sober life.

The Center you Trust for Proven Addiction Treatment Methods

We guide our patients through a set of steps towards a successful recovery. Our time-tested 12 steps to recovery include:

  1. Admitting that we are helpless over alcohol and drugs to the point that our lives have become uncontrollable
  2. Believing that a power greater than ourselves could restore us
  3. Making a decision to turn our life decisions over to the care of God
  4. Fearlessly taking a step towards a moral inventory of ourselves
  5. Admitting to God, to ourselves, and to one another that we have been misguided
  6. Becoming ready to have God wash away all of our character flaws
  7. Asking God humbly to remove our flaws and shortcomings
  8. Creating a list of everyone we have wronged, and being willing to mend fences and make amends with them
  9. Making amends to the people in the list, unless doing so would harm them and others more
  10. Making a personal inventory, and when we are mistaken, we will quickly admit it
  11. Praying and meditating to improve our conscious contact with God, and praying for the knowledge of His will and the power to change for the better
  12. Seeking help for spiritual awakening.

At the end of these steps, we will try to carry this message to other alcoholics and encourage one another to practice these principles in all aspects of their lives.

At SpringBoard Recovery, the cornerstone of our rehabilitation program is our passion for helping our clients. You can expect that there will be many individuals who will be willing to assist you to heal physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Our team is committed to helping you get better. Our intensive Tucson treatment programs in outpatient counselling, individual counselling, and group counselling will make it easier for you to transition to a better life. 

What is outpatient counselling?

Outpatient counselling is for guests who think that they do need rehabilitation, but are hesitant to leave their usual routines or take a vacation from work. This program offers counselling and care outside of a home setting. As our rehabilitation center is conveniently located at Scottsdale, Arizona, it is a go-to place for clients seeking for Tucson treatment facilities.

What is individual counselling?

With individual counselling, you will be paired with a trained and licensed counselor. In this kind of program, you will be setting the pace as the curriculum will be tailored based on your own needs.

What is group counselling?

Group counselling is a type of program wherein a group session is managed by one or more counselors. This group usually consists of five or six people. With this type of therapy, the group will be setting the pace.

At SpringBoard Recovery, our team of counselors have had firsthand knowledge of addiction and recovery from substance abuse and alcoholism. Moreover, our team is equipped with the academic and professional training in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Our team will give you the assurance that you will never have to go through this important transition alone.

The SpringBoard Recovery rehab center was built to facilitate our mission and philosophy — to provide holistic wellness. Our programs are structured to promote commitment and follow through on your recovery. We provide our guests with scheduled programming, accountability, mentorship, coaching, self-discovery and house rules to encourage you to achieve full recovery. We embody these activities through the following:

  • Morning meditations
  • Daily responsibilities and personal goal-setting
  • Daily 12-step meetings
  • Assigning a professional house manager
  • Individual and group accountability
  • School, work, or volunteer work
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Random drug screening
  • Nightly review of the day

Our additional services also include the following:

  • Therapeutic referrals based on needs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Naturopathic counselling
  • Addiction health care professionals
  • Life coaching and mentorship

SpringBoard Recovery: Your Healing Sanctuary

More importantly, our rehabilitation center is a sanctuary. We provide our guests with a well-equipped and luxurious haven because we believe that an environment that feels like home is a conducive place for healing. Our facility is a spacious and upscale residence with amenities that include the following:

  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga studio
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Coffee service
  • Deluxe outdoor grill
  • Extensive programming

Let Us Help You

Going back to sober living can be tough. As alcoholism and substance abuse worsen, healthy lifestyle choices are overlooked. We at SpringBoard Recovery understand that. That is why we offer workshops on cooking and healthy eating. At SpringBoard Recovery, we assist our guests through the first steps of getting back to wellness by providing them with a healthy nutritional plan. Also, we take into serious consideration all philosophies and lifestyles, including patients who are vegans, vegetarians, patients who embrace gluten-free diets, and those who are undergoing Paleo-inspired diets.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we know that alcoholism and drug abuse are serious matters. We understand that recovery can also be a frustrating, challenging, and lonely experience for the patient. With us, people who are suffering from substance abuse and alcoholism won’t have to face judgment and the whole recovery process all alone.

Rest assured that we work hand in hand with you, your loved ones, and your support group toward a sustainable sober life for you — focusing on nutrition, community, and love. We will be your steadfast support system that will help you regain your mental and physical health at every step along the way. Call us now and let your recovery start today.