What is The Cost of Drug Rehab in Arizona?

drug rehab in arizona

Does Drug Rehab in Arizona Cost More?

Making the decision to go to a drug rehab center is the first step in getting healthy. It’s the first step in developing healthy relationships and giving yourself a chance of success in the future.

The location of the rehab center is important to consider because you want to be in an area where there are few distractions so that you can focus on your recovery. You should also consider the costs that are associated with rehab as some insurance companies provide more coverage for certain locations in the country compared to others.

When looking to start your recovery, consider a drug rehab in Arizona as there are numerous benefits offered both monetarily and for your mind and body. 

Our outpatient drug treatment program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

What Are Your Options for Addiction Treatment? 

Sometimes, the costs associated with rehab makes it difficult for people to make a decision as to whether they can go to get help or not. They might not think that they have the money to pay for the services that are provided. If you are in this situation, there are often numerous options that are available if you truly want to turn your life around and get the treatment that you need to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. 

Amenities Offered at Rehab

When you’re looking for a drug rehab in Arizona, you should look at the amenities that are offered as these can sometimes impact the cost of the treatment. However, most centers are in upper-class areas of the state, providing not only the medical and emotional support needed but the therapeutic support that many people need as well.

Locations that provide drug rehab on the outskirts of larger cities are often less expensive although still offer the same amenities as those that are found in the confines of city limits. However, these facilities are sometimes larger since there’s more space for expansion and often offer more programs within the walls of the facility because of the extra space. These locations provide beautiful views that allow you to focus on nature and the positive aspects of life instead of focusing on drugs and alcohol. 

Choosing a drug rehab in Arizona will provide you with services such as group therapy sessions, dual diagnosis, outpatient therapy and more.

Methods of Payment for Addiction Treatment

Once you’ve made the decision to go to rehab, the trusted staff at the facility can contact your insurance company to determine the percentage that the company will pay for rehab and what you will be responsible for paying. There are sometimes options available that would mean little to no money spent on your behalf. If you have public health insurance through the state that you live in, then this will usually cover most of the rehab center payment. 

If you find that one program doesn’t offer the treatments that you need or that is more than you can afford, you should keep looking as there are several different prospects in Arizona to choose from that accept new residents.

Some rehab centers have payment options so that you don’t have to pay for the entire service up front or at one time. When you know that you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects of going to rehab, then it’s easier to focus on the benefits that are associated with the general area in Arizona.

Your health insurance plan may cover your recovery at SpringBoard. Verifying your insurance is quick and easy!

Meeting Your Needs 

Many of the treatment options in a rehab center are focused on the individual needs of the patient rather than a general program for everyone who attends. Some people might benefit from one type of service more than what someone else might need.

The focus of drug rehab is to treat not only the body but the mind as well. If the mind is not in a clear state to make the right decisions for being successful in life, then the body won’t be able to heal.

There are counselors available in almost all rehab centers in Arizona to talk with you about situations that you’ve experienced in life that have led to your drug or alcohol use. If you’re seeking a rehab center in Arizona coming from another state, then you’ll benefit from being away from relationships that might have caused you to seek using substances in the first place. Being away from the stresses of work will be a benefit so that you can focus on healing. 

Before making a final decision about where you want to get help, contact SpringBoard Recovery to get information about the services provided as well as the payment options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Afford Rehab?

Unsurprisingly, many people who are in need of rehab will not be able to pay out of pocket. The cost for therapists, facilities, etc. can add up. Here are some ways you can lessen the financial burden:

  • Using your insurance agency will only require a co-pay or a small out of pocket fee
  • Just over 73% of substance abuse treatment facilities offer payment assistance, or discounted treatment for those who pay out of pocket
  • You can also inquire with the treatment facility about payment plans, free care, or partially waived fees

There are also substance abuse treatment housing facilities like The Oxford House that can provide clean living quarters encompassed in addiction treatment. Places like the Oxford House are alcohol and drug-free spaces that provide daily access to treatment and assistance with outpatient recovery and assimilating back into society.

What is The Cost of Treatment After Insurance?

The cost of treatment after insurance varies depending on your insurance benefits and coverage. Most insurance agencies have a list of rehab centers that are in-network with the agency and will cover the majority of the cost of treatment, only leaving you with a small co-pay. Covering the majority of the cost, your insurance agency will release the financial burden that comes with the cost of treatment. There are also federally accessible insurance policies (i.e Medicare and Medicaid) that are low cost and in some instances free depending on your annual income. Some facilities accept most major insurances. However, in this instance, you might have to pay more out of pocket. The best way to ensure you are making the best financial decision for you is to:

  • Contact your insurance representative to see if the Arizona Rehab Center you have chosen is in-network. Sometimes there is a list located on their website.
  • Call the center directly and inquire whether they accept your insurance agency or not. Or look on their website
  • Visit the Springboard Recovery Insurance Verification Page to verify if your agency is in-network with us

How Do I Sign Up for Insurance?

To sign up for insurance you do not have to be currently employed or insured. Different agencies charge at different rates, so you can shop around for the right coverage and rate for you. The rate of your insurance will depend on your annual income (sometimes you can qualify for free federal insurance plans like Medicare or Medicaid). The Affordable Care Act requires coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment services for all marketplace insurance plans (even with pre-existing conditions). To get more information on the Affordable Health Care Act and The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) visit the healthcare.gov website, which covers information about both the Affordable Health Care Act and The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) which requires health insurance companies to provide same level coverage for mental health and substance abuse services as primary care. It will also allow you to apply for federally accessible insurance easily online. There are always live representatives for each insurance agency who are able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your potential plan.

Should You Choose Based on Cost?

Deciding to opt in on non-residential outpatient treatment or residential inpatient treatment can be difficult for most patients. In most cases, the decision is made as to whichever is more affordable. Outpatient treatment to the least expensive of the two options. However, it is meant to be used as the last stepping stone after inpatient treatment in a full-service treatment facility to living life in recovery at home. If you decide on outpatient recovery treatment without inpatient treatment you are not as likely to be successful in at-home recovery than someone who completed both recovery programs. Rehab cost is to be associated with investing in your future. Most facilities will work with payment plans, discounted treatment rates if you pay out of pocket, or Medicare/Medicaid to lessen the cost and financial burden. Make sure you are choosing the best treatment option that suits your needs and will provide the best chance for a successful recovery at home as well as in a facility.

How Do I Get Immediate Treatment?

In an emergency situation seek help right away and do not hesitate getting treatment. Any acute situation (cases of overdose, suicidal thoughts, other medical emergencies induced by drug or alcohol addiction) that requires imediate emergency care cal 911. If you are seeking standard treatment in a non-emergency situation seek out different avenues of financial aid. The cost of teatment can be a burden to many, and some facilities provide financial assistance, discounted treatment, or payment plans. If you or a loved one are in need of substance abuse rehabilitation, even if you have no insurance coverage do not hesitate to contact an Arizona treatment center for more information in regards to specific options and plans for payment and overall best treatment plans.

What To Do First

In the case of life threatening emergencies call 911 or find the nearest emergency room. Examples of a life threatening emergency regarding substance abuse are: overdose, suicidal thoughts or actions, other medical emergencies induced by drug or alchohol use) If it is a not a life threatening emergency or after the emergency has stabilized, contact your insurance company for further assistance in regards to in-network treatment facilities in your area. If you do not have insurance you should contact a representative with either Medicare or Medicaide to inquire about affordable federal insurance that is available to you. Staff and doctors at the hospital can also direct you or recommend you to many resources and facilities available for next step options for treatment.

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