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Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that is not just faced by residents in Chandler, Arizona but also all over the world. It is a silent, deadly threat that kills its victim inside out. Alcohol and substance abuse destroys relationships and wreaks havoc in society.

But here’s a new perspective: Drug and alcohol addicts are victims, too. They need our intervention in order to guide them home and have a second chance in life. Here at Springboard Recovery, we are willing to help and guide you throughout your rehab. Rest assured, we are only 30 minutes away from Chandler, Arizona.

What is Rehabilitation in Chandler, AZ like?

Rehabilitation, rehab for short, is psychotherapeutic treatment for those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The aim of Chandler rehab is to get its patients to accept and understand their addiction and save them from any kind of consequence. We at SpringBoard Recovery also prepare the patient to reenter society. It helps them to lead a normal life free from any kind of substance abuse.

Our facilities offer a variety of programs. They can be either gender-specific or age-specific. They can also be done individually or by group. They can be done in the facility itself or in the comfort of one’s home.

But before a patient enters rehab, he or she must undergo detox or detoxification.

Since Springboard recovery offers a variety of programs, we suggest conducting research on which kind of treatment is best for you. Let us know which rehabilitation program you prefer and we’ll discuss if it is really the best option for you.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification, called “detox” for short, is a method wherein addictive substances, like alcohol and drugs, are being purged out of the patient’s system.

We strongly advise not to do detox without medical attention. If detox is done without the help of a professional, it may create fatal consequences for the patient.

Detoxification is a very crucial step. Its initial days are admittedly difficult for most patients. Some patients suffer withdrawal symptoms, such as muscle aches, restlessness, and anxiety. They may also experience hallucinations, both visual and auditory. There is a possibility that the patient may cause harm upon himself, or worse, commit violence towards others.

Hence, the medical staff will have to provide constant support and attention to these patients. SpringBoard Recovery has a caring and hardworking medical staff that will keep watch on your needs. Our staff is available 24/7.

Things To Consider When Going To Rehab

Rehabilitation will help you get back on track. But are you ready to go through it? Here are the things you must consider before taking the plunge:

  • Do you accept that you have a problem with addiction?
  • Do you have enough funds to pay for your rehab?
  • Are you willing to stay for some time in order to recover?
  • Are you willing to interact and be friends with other patients?
  • Are you willing to undergo the 12-step recovery program that is usually implemented in the rehab facility?
  • Are you willing to lead a drug and alcohol-free life once you step out of rehab?

After assessing yourself, consider going to Springboard Recovery. Our Chandler rehab center is always willing to lend a hand on choosing the best type of rehabilitation program for you. We’ll make sure you’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

How long will rehab take?

It depends on your current state. It may last less than 30 days or may go longer, such as for a year. There are two types for rehab programs in this regard:

  • Short-Term

This kind of program only lasts for 30 days or less. There may be times when it is not enough to expose the patient to long-lasting good habits but it still helps the patient to have a change of environment. This may help the patient to get out of his or her current state.

  • Long-Term

These are rehabilitation programs that last for 60 days or longer. This is basically the preferred standard for drug rehab treatment since the patient actively lives in the rehabilitation center. Therefore, this enables the patient to focus on recovery while doctors and other medical personnel collect more evidences of recovery. Sober living is one example of this.

It sometimes depends on how fast you are recovering. Don’t worry — you can take your time. After all, recovery is not a race.

What is Outpatient Treatment?

This type of treatment is done outside the rehab facility. This is for patients who cannot take a long leave from work and or are unable to check in the rehab center due to personal reasons.

The treatment is done on a schedule that is convenient for the patient. The patient can avail the treatment from a community clinic or from a doctor’s office. There are also cases wherein treatment can be done via phone.

This treatment allows patients to enjoy more freedom. Patients can also create a support system with family family and friends. However, this type of treatment comes with risks. Patients have more exposure to temptation; hence, they may fall back to their old habits. They have to voluntarily remain alcohol- and drug-free.

This kind of treatment is recommended for patients who show mild symptoms of addiction and are physically, mentally, and psychologically stable.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

This treatment is conducted when the patient has decided to enter a safe environment, such as the rehab center, to fully avoid being exposed to temptations and/or if the patient requires strict monitoring. Treatment may take around 28 days or longer.

One example of this is sober living.

Sober living is a home for those who are recovering from addiction. It prepares the patient to live in sobriety before going back to society.

The patients are taken care of by the house manager. They also interact with fellow patients, share responsibilities and chores, and follow a set of rules. They also have to remain alcohol- and drug-free throughout their stay.

This kind of rehab enables patients to seek and receive round-the-clock medical attention. Patients go through detox with medical supervision.

Inpatient treatment is best recommended for people who are having a hard time recovering from addiction, or if the degree of addiction is already severe.

What can loved ones do during rehab?

Family and friends will serve as the patients’ support system. They may also set an intervention if the patient is relapsing to his or her old habits.

If you care about your loved ones, pay our center a visit. We are only 30 minutes away from Chandler, Arizona. Springboard Recovery is ready to help you and your loved one who is suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We are always willing to create the Chandler rehab program that will work best for you.

We have a team of professionals and great facilities that will ensure that your stay with us will be enjoyable and rewarding. With us, you don’t need to recover alone.

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