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Need Help, But Prefer
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This place has saved my life! They are very thorough in teaching different ways/tools to keep you sober when you leave. Everyone there actually cares about you as a person and will do whatever they can to help you, in every aspect. quote-icon

Convenient Levels of Care

Get treatment at our facilities near Mesa or from the comfort of your home

At our facility, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs that cater to each person's unique situation. This way, individuals can fully commit to a program that suits their needs. Our outpatient and residential programs are available in-person, and we also offer an online substance addiction treatment program for those who prefer or need more flexible treatment.

Stay With Us

Residential Housing + Day Treatment

Stay at one of our safe and structured Residential Housing, while receiving day treatment at our facility.


Stay at Home

Outpatient Programs + Telehealth

Come to our facility for treatment for day treatment or get telehealth treatment from wherever you are!

Your insurance may cover 100% of treatment costs!

Begin your recovery today

Drug Rehab Mesa, AZ

Our residential and outpatient addiction treatment centers are perfectly suited for people suffering from substance use disorders in Mesa. Our programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, and we provide a continuum of care to support our clients through every step of their journey to recovery.

We partner with reputable detox facilities in the area to support individuals who need to detox from drugs like cocaine, meth, and fentanyl before beginning a rehab program with us.  

In terms of paying for drug rehab, your insurance plan may cover the costs of treatment. Call us to check if your provider will cover your costs, and which of our programs is a right fit for you.

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Achieve long lasting sobriety

Alcohol Rehab Mesa, AZ

We offer a top-rated alcohol rehab program at our facilities to people in the Mesa area. We’ve helped hundreds of people to successfully start and continue their recovery. Our centers are comfortable and modern. Our staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, is known for being empathetic, yet very professional. Our treatment is varied, from yoga, equine therapy, and art therapy to 1-on-1 professional counseling.

  • Outpatient alcohol abuse programs
  • Small group setting for a more personalized approach
  • Connect digitally with online alcohol iop
  • Stay with us in one of our beautiful facilities
  • Learn to stay sober and prevent relapsing
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Why are we the perfect choice to help you?

  • We treat you with respect and dignity: many of our professional staff are in recovery themselves.
  • Achieve lasting sobriety: we've helped hundreds of happy clients achieve recovery!
  • We fit your lifestyle: from telehealth to residential treatment, we meet you where you are.

Residential Treatment near Mesa, AZ

Inpatient Style Rehab

Our residential treatment is ideal for those who need more structured and intensive substance abuse treatment. This live-in option is very similar to inpatient drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab programs which take patients out of their home environment so they can fully focus on their recovery in a sober living type setting.

Although our residential program doesn’t have 24/7 medical supervision like inpatient treatment, there are still house rules, structured programming, and some supervision. One of the main differences is that our residential program is done in a home-like setting rather than a locked down hospital environment, which is typical for inpatient rehab. This allows our patients to feel more comfortable and at ease as they go through their treatment, and ultimately makes for a more successful outcome.

Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient program may be a great fit for those looking for a structured path to recovery while still being able to maintain their regular life responsibilities. Some of the benefits of our program include flexibility, discretion, and community. Springboard has received the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for our commitment to the highest standard of health care and safety.

  • 5-star professional structured program
  • A good step down from inpatient treatment
  • Maintain life & employment commitments
  • Receive treatment after work or school hours

Before committing, our reps will provide guidance and info.

phone-icon (888) 672-2120

A few of our 5-star reviews!

Springboard Recovery
Google Reviews
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Google Review
Springboard played such a pivotal role in turning my life around. My willingness to surrender allowe…d it’s incredibly attentive, knowledgeable, loving and supportive staff to work their magic and help me to turn my life around. I’m forever grateful for both the staff and amazing fellow clients I fought the good fight with every day there. Thank you, from my heart, Springboard!
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Google Review
Best treatment faculty I’ve ever experienced. The facility is great as well but the staff and clin…icians make it what it is. I would recommend to anyone!
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Google Review
This place is one of the best places. This being my first time in treatment I was lost and didn’t …know what to expect. They made it so easy to transition to. The staff is caring, loving, and very respectful. My fellow patients were also amazing. I would do anything for them. Although I don’t hope to ever be back as a patient. I will be back to check in and share my progress in sobriety. 100% would highly recommend!


Your insurance provider may cover 100% of treatment costs

Check if your insurance will cover the cost of your substance abuse treatment with Springboard

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Site-seeing & Activities

Addiction in Mesa

There is no other place on earth quite like Mesa, Arizona. It is a beautiful part of the country. But there are so many people who live there who are struggling because of their addictions.

Mesa addiction statistics (source)

  • On average, 558,000 people use an illicit drug in the Mesa area each year. This number includes people who are aged 12 or older.
  • This number represents 16% of the people in the local metropolitan area.
  • More than 6% of people report having used prescription pain relievers for non-medical purposes.
  • More than 320,000 people are either newly diagnosed or currently carry a diagnosis of substance use disorder.
  • Of these individuals, 7.4% have experienced a major depressive episode at some point during the last year.



Getting to Springboard from Mesa

Our rehab center is about 30 minutes away from the Mesa, AZ city center. You can arrive here by bus, taxi or personal car, generally in less than an hour. We offer a free consultation by phone to determine the best treatment plan and verify your insurance.

  • It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive from the Mesa city center via AZ-101 Loop N
  • You can also take the tram and then line 81 bus to arrive at our facility in about and hour and a half
  • If you prefer to stay at home, we offer telehealth addiction treatment as well

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We're here to help. Call now! (888) 672-2120


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Group Meetings in Mesa

Looking for peer support or group meetings? Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings can be very helpful. The same is true for SMART Recovery meetings.

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