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Overcome your Alcohol Addiction by Treating the Problem at its Core

Alcohol abuse starts differently for everyone. People drink alcohol to socialize, wind down, or forget personal issues in their lives. However, there’s a fine line between a heavy drinker and an alcoholic, especially when it comes to their tolerance, concentration, and inhibitions. If you’re drinking alcohol in excess to blunt your emotions or feel better on a regular basis, then your relationship with alcohol has already been tarnished and you need a proper rehabilitation process. Alcohol tolerance differs from one person to another. However, addiction is detrimental by nature and if you can feel a tugging in the back of your mind that’s suggesting you need help, then you already know that recovery and sober living is the right solution.

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The extent of alcohol abuse in Arizona

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona state is one of the top consumers of alcohol – far exceeding the intake of illegal drugs. Moreover, Arizona has the highest rate of death due to alcohol abuse. That’s why we are increasing our efforts at SpringBoard Recovery to deter over-consumption of alcohol and reduce the devastating effects of alcohol abuse on society.

Heavy drinkers aren’t always alcoholics, but may already be on the road to becoming one. Alcohol abuse is damaging, not only the physical aspect but the mental state of the individual as well. We’ve seen many people destroy their lives due to excessive drinking, and here are some ways it slowly does without being recognized.

• Alcohol abuse hampers your day-to-day activities at school or work, as well as destroys your relationship with others.

• Excessive drinking may let you exhibit behaviors that are malevolent in nature, and sometimes risky or suicidal. These actions can be shown in situations like reckless driving, doing unsafe activities, or mutilating oneself.

• Alcohol abuse leads to injuries and memory loss.

• Many symptoms happen when a person stops drinking which have to be treated properly. Some examples include shaking of hands, fidgeting, being anxious and scared, acting hysterical, and more.

• Drop healthy activities or relationships for the sake of drinking like attending one’s graduation, family birthdays, or office work.

• Reliance on alcohol when it comes to releasing frustrations and stress. The individual suddenly stops being able to use other coping mechanisms to manage their stress, anxiety and depression. They become completely reliant on alcohol for its calming sensation.

• The drinker will appear embarrassed about his or her habits and hides the alcoholism through any means possible. He or she will continually seek help and intervention but without proper treatment, still falls to temptations.

There are other manifestations of an alcoholic, but these are just some of them. Excessive drinking can mean underlying social problems and finding themselves in dangerous situations. Therefore, the need for treatment and healing is important before the person falls in a swirl of more complications, eventually leading to his or her death.

Mixing alcohol with drugs

There are a lot of cases where people tend to mix these two substances for greater impact and even heavier intoxication. However, in the end, it can also cause headaches, vomiting, difficulty breathing and even internal bleeding. Severe cases often lead to death because the compounds in the system do not combine safely, leading to eventual overdose.

If a person wants to change his or her ways and get clean and begin the sober living process, we have programs and interventionists catering to addiction care. People looking for sobriety can find rehabilitation and detox services here at SpringBoard Recovery.

SpringBoard Recovery Holistic Care

Don’t let substance abuse crush your life. We offer intensive care to patients who undergo rehab in our center. We evaluate each person, assess their needs, and provide the right treatment for his or her recovery from addiction.

Our Scottsdale alcohol addiction treatment center gives us a glimpse of your history with a substance, your personal and social situation, and your concerns regarding the assistance. It serves as a pre-requisite to your rehabilitation. Other programs and services include:

Alcohol Detox

It’s better to do it with a group of professionals than treating yourself alone. Drug and alcohol addiction is very serious and comes with crippling side-effects when you try to quit. We have seen individuals suffer when they decided to cut alcohol abruptly from their lives. The side-effects are unpredictable, and that’s why we have to go through a process conducive to the person’s well-being.

Alcohol Treatment

We have some of the best professionals who can treat your problem with a holistic approach. This service offers more than just reducing your alcohol or drug intake. We will also assess your worries and concerns that drove you to alcohol abuse. At our Scottsdale alcohol addiction treatment center, we make sure that you master discipline and control over your life, ensuring a successful post-recovery experience.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Most substance abusers have an underlying condition that makes them turn towards addiction. Understanding these issues will hasten your road to sober living. Most abusers are often suffering from ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

Alcohol Addiction

Our centers provide you 24/7 care, catering to your physical and mental wellbeing. If you find yourself too embarrassed or not ready to seek help, we also have outside provisions like medical assistance, support groups, and therapeutic activities.

Drug Addiction

Marijuana, meth, cocaine, LSD, and other dangerous substances can have a negative effect on your life, often leading to lack of interest in daily activities and a degradation in your performance. These substances are also one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Some of the reasons these drugs are so deadly is because of organ failure, risky behavior and overdose. Our rehab center will provide long-term care for people undergoing these tough times.

Therapeutic activities such as Yoga and Art

These activities are a helpful aid in curbing your depression by communicating through movements and paint. Art therapy has been proven to be effective for people with mental disorders or those who could not convey their feelings well during treatment. These activities provide an outlet and a way to channel your energy positively. Yoga also has the same effects and can reduce anxiety and stress. The improved circulation in the bloodstream can hasten the detoxification of your body.

Some programs included:

  • Outpatient recovery – care is done even when you are busy with life or work.
  • Individual counseling – this one-on-one approach lets you pair up with a licensed counselor for ongoing treatment.
  • Group counseling – people have a hard time doing the treatment alone. With group sessions, you can talk or share with individuals who have the same problems as you.
  • Structured Arizona Sober Living – the facility incorporates a structured program to help detoxify the person in need of aid. From morning meditation to the 12 –step flow, we, at Spring Board Recovery encourage people to become the very best they can be.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, we have an outstanding and comprehensive list of services that are highly efficient and affordable for people suffering from substance abuse. Alcohol addiction treatment center in Scottsdale is one of the top concerns of the state of Arizona.

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Benefits of Entering an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Recovering from alcohol addiction starts when a person admits that there is something wrong. Although deciding to enter a treatment program may come at the late stages of a problem, it is the first step to recover, and it is crucial for long-term sobriety.

Many individuals will struggle with how to deal with addiction. One way is enter an alcohol rehab center. A facility like ours will bring many benefits to a person who is seeking recovery. Enrolling in in-patient rehabilitation provides essential time to a person so that he or she can focus on getting better without distractions. Physical benefits include help with withdrawal. Also, it removes the person from an environment that encourages the problem. A common misconception is that addiction “just happens.” However, each person has an individual trigger for use. Counselors at a rehab facility will help to identify these triggers and will teach a person how to avoid them.

Besides physical benefits, a person has access to a variety of counseling options at our center. This offers psychological benefits. Meeting on a one-on-one basis with a trained professional is key for overcoming alcoholism. However, group meetings are vital as well. Group therapy is a time to hear from others who are suffering from the same issues. By sharing with others, a patient gains confidence and learns that he or she is not alone.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer emotional benefits. We consider patients’ spiritual and mental well-beings. We understand that a healthy mind leads to healthy choices. In-patient treatment eliminates stress from everyday life that may cause tension and interfere with recovery. We provide a safe haven that is filled with support along the journey to sobriety.

Don’t let your life become another statistic on the charts. Seek help today.

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