Why Do Rehabs Offer Yoga?

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Rehabs Offer Yoga for Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous, with its 12-step recovery program, has helped people with addiction since the mid-1930s. Today, it continues to help those who suffer from alcohol addiction through continuous support and guidance. Rehab facilities offer treatment options for those who deal with problems due to drugs and other substances and help them cope and improve their quality of life.

Rehabs now implement yoga into their practices, helping people to recover not only from drugs but also the effects that drugs have had on their bodies and minds. Combining yoga with traditional rehab treatments, such as therapy sessions and counseling, people are able to recover more quickly and to discover new passions in their lives.


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Why Do Rehabs Offer Yoga?

Yoga dates back to Northern India more than 5,000 years ago and has evolved in the West as a powerful and mindful exercise. It combines stretching, meditation and deep breathing to work the entire body and to ease stress and tension. In fact, this ancient practice offers numerous benefits that are backed by science, such as reducing inflammation and fighting depression. Because of its helpful benefits, many treatment centers are now using yoga as a way to help those who suffer from addiction.

3 Benefits of Yoga for Addiction

Yoga offers more benefits than burning calories and improving flexibility. It also clears the mind and helps people to reduce stress and anxiety. It gives them a routine to follow every day and to work on being consistent in their practices. Yoga helps people to develop better habits and to get to the root cause of their problems. They can focus on what’s important and re-evaluate their lives once they’ve fully committed to yoga and embraced its healing power.

Yoga Improves the Body

Some people turn to drugs as a way of coping with chronic pain. In fact, millions of people deal with chronic pain from injuries, arthritis and other causes on a daily basis. Yoga helps to relieve pain by increasing mobility and improving strength. It tones the body, reduces fat and promotes greater flexibility. Because yoga provides a full-body workout, it helps people to fall asleep faster and to sleep longer, thus improving their sleep quality. This improved sleep helps with obesity, depression and other poor sleep-related disorders.

Yoga Clears the Mind

Many people fight depression and turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the symptoms. Rehabs offer yoga to help people overcome depression and its symptoms such as low energy and lack of self-esteem. Those with depression have something called the “monkey mind,” a term to define the feelings and thoughts of constant confusion, restlessness and overthinking. Yoga provides a holistic approach to mindfulness and improves focus and attention, quieting the mind and removing the chatter that leads to depression, indecisiveness and confusion.

Rejuvenate the Spirit with Yoga

Yoga isn’t only for those who want to improve their flexibility and muscle tone. It’s also for those who want to develop a deeper connection with themselves and to work through their emotional and psychological stresses and challenges. Yoga requires deep breathing and letting go of everything in the mind. In other words, it’s one part movement and one part meditation. It cultivates awareness and transforms the spirit, affecting how people live their lives and how they interact with the people and the world around them.

The Power of Holistic Rehab Treatment

Not everyone believes in taking a holistic approach to treating the mind and the body. However, yoga isn’t some New Age medicine that people want to peddle for money. People have practiced yoga for millennia, and scientists have researched it for decades and found numerous therapeutic benefits.  Just a few of those benefits include:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Less stress, depression and anxiety
  • Greater spiritual wellness

Yoga isn’t a cure for everything. It may not cure cancer or prevent diseases, but it does increase a person’s physical and emotional wellness. This practice helps everyone from cancer patients to those with drug addiction by promoting healing and improving their overall quality of life.

Road to Recovery: Holistic Treatment Arizona

Yoga has limitless benefits and can speed up recovery while improving a person’s mind, body and spirit. It’s used every day to help people fight depression and to reduce everything from high blood pressure to the overwhelming symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction.

Not all rehabs offer yoga, so it’s important to look for a holistic treatment Arizona clinic that provides recovery through yoga and traditional means.  Alongside the care of a professional staff and holistic treatment, you can soon be on your way to recovery. Contact a rehab today to start living with a healthy lifestyle.


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