Taking the Road Of Recovery: What To Bring To Rehab AZ?

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Taking the Road Of Recovery: What To Bring To Rehab AZ?

Once you’ve come to the conclusion that rehab is the right choice for you, it is important to prepare yourself not only mentally but also physically. The facility you’re going to is a safe place that provides many tools to make your time in recovery as beneficial as possible. However, you need your own necessities so that you can be comfortable.

Listed below are some of the essential items that you should bring to rehab AZ:

Casual clothing for several days

While you’re receiving the treatment that you need, your attire should be comfortable and appropriate. Bring multiple outfits, including socks, shoes, undergarments, pajamas, a bathrobe and a seasonal jacket.

Personal care products

Good hygiene is very important. Therefore, make sure you have toothpaste, soap, deodorant, sunscreen and feminine sanitary items. Hair styling products, shaving cream and makeup are also permitted. A 30-day supply will suffice.


Since supervised outings and store runs are allowed, you ought to bring at least $50-100. Your credit card or debit card may be required if you have to purchase medications.

Insurance card and identification

When you first check into the facility, you’ll have to show your insurance card. You can prove your identity with a valid driver’s license, a state-issued ID card or a passport.

Basic information about your support team

This is going to be a trying experience, so having the right people in your corner will truly make a difference. Their positive words of encouragement will push you to fulfill your long-term goals of sobriety. With that in mind, bring your short list of contacts. The staff is going to want personal details, such as names, current phone numbers and addresses.

Prescription drugs

Don’t leave any prescribed medications at home. Chances are your health issues, outside of your addiction, won’t come to an end during your stint in rehab. To avoid unnecessary hassles and delays, bring the medications in their original bottles. Make sure the prescription label is intact.

Optional Items


Things that can serve as distractions should be left at home. However, it is ok for you to wear your wedding ring or favorite timepiece. Jewelry with sentimental value can actually have a positive effect on your mood and mindset.

Stationery and stamps

Writing letters to the people you love and care for is indeed a healthy practice. While your sincere words may help restore a damaged relationship, their responses may help you to stay optimistic.

Personal pictures

Your album of photos will come in handy when you’re having a bad day or feeling homesick.

Alarm clock

After a good night’s sleep, do you struggle with getting up? It’s OK to bring an alarm clock that doesn’t have a radio.

Items You Shouldn’t Bring to Rehab AZ

Drugs, alcohol and prohibited medications

The staff at the facility is committed to helping you reclaim your life, so it goes without saying that such addictive substances are banned. With the staff’s approval, however, you may be allowed to have regular and electronic cigarettes as well as over-the-counter medications that are sealed.


While drugs are still in your system, the likelihood of you losing your temper is high. It is common for people in rehab to become more aggressive and distressed as they move through the different stages of the treatment process. This largely explains why you can’t bring guns, knives, scissors or anything else that can be dangerous. Safety is a top priority.

Perfume and other products that contain alcohol

Alcohol-based items, like perfume and certain mouthwashes, are prohibited because you can easily misuse them.

Nail polish and polish remover

These aren’t allowed because they can be used as inhalants and should be left at home.

Cleaning solutions

Not only are these products unnecessary, but they also can be hazardous.

Food and beverages from outside

There’s no point in bringing your own food or drinks. In rehab, you’re going to get more than your fair share of nutritious meals because your body needs vitamins and minerals to fight off the toxins.

Video games, sporting equipment, DVDs and other entertainment-based items

If you’re an avid card player, you won’t be disappointed that you can’t bring a deck of cards with you. On various occasions, a wide variety of planned activities will be carried out.

Electronics and cameras

To ensure everyone’s privacy, no cameras are allowed. You also can’t have mobile phones, computers and similar gadgets because they can steal your focus and hinder your progress. In an effort to keep you on the right track, the staff will monitor your communications with people from outside of the facility.


Since the purpose behind rehab is to change your lifestyle for the better, you won’t be able to bring pornographic material and adult items. These things can be just as problematic and habit-forming as illicit drugs.

Revealing or distasteful clothes

The rehab facility is professional and conducive to positive thoughts, so you should not wear see-through blouses or shirts with obscene pictures.

Candles and incense

Although they can be useful, you have to leave your favorite candles at home. Their pros simply don’t outweigh their cons. One candle can tip over and cause a major fire, which may turn out to be a fatal one.

Start Your Road to Recovery

It’s time for you to put your well-being first, and entering rehab is the best step you can take. If you want more information about which items you can bring to rehab AZ, don’t hesitate to call SpringBoard Recovery. Our staff is happy to help with any questions you may have.


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