7 Tips for Picking an Addiction Treatment Center

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Tips for Picking an Addiction Treatment Center

When an addict admits that a problem exists, the first step in recovery is getting help. There are a number of facilities that offer assistance. However, it is critical to choose a place that will help a person begin and maintain sobriety. Here are seven tips to consider when picking an addiction treatment center.

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1. Verify License and Credentials

When picking a treatment center, it is wise to verify that the facility has earned a license from the state where it is located. Also, it should be accredited by recognized organizations. This ensures that the center meets high standards and provides quality care. It may be helpful to inquire about the staff as well. Each counselor should be certified or licensed. Some may have dealt with addiction in their personal lives, which can add inspiration to a program.

2. Offers Customized Programs

No two case of addiction are exactly alike. Also, no two people respond to the same treatment approach. A facility should offer customized care options. Some individuals may be addicted to alcohol, drugs, or both. It is essential to assess each patient on a one-on-one basis and understand what course of treatment will be most effective.

3. Addiction is a Family Affair

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she may withdraw from family and friends. During the recovery process, it is crucial to reconnect and establish support. Getting through addiction is extremely complicated. Relationships may be strained from past behavior. However, a patient must have as much encouragement as possible. When loved ones are available to provide a nurturing environment after treatment, it is easier for an addict to return to a more normal life.

4. Find the True Root of the Problem

A person may enter treatment for addiction numerous times without success. Unless a facility helps a patient uncover the root of his or her addiction, it is impossible to live a truly sober life. In many cases, a person has undergone a particular trauma that has caused him or her to go down the wrong path. Whether it is divorce, abuse, depression, or something less evident, the trauma must be identified before it is possible to enjoy a successful recovery.

5. Offer a Holistic Approach

A treatment facility must target more than the actions of taking drugs and drinking alcohol. It is essential to look at all aspects of a person. Holistic treatment deals with the physical symptoms that come from addiction and withdrawal. Also, it provides a spiritual platform that can make drugs seem less desirable. Holistic addiction treatment teaches healthy eating habits, which can better balance the mind and body. While enjoying successful recoveries, many people report feeling at peace and physically and emotionally stronger than ever.

6. No Judgments

If an addict is treated by individuals who place judgment upon him or her, the patient is likely to withdraw. During the recovery process, a person is very vulnerable and needs to feel safe and supported. It is vital to uncover a facility that employs people who do not judge patients. A treatment center should be filled with open ears that are ready to listen. Few people realize that addicts often bury themselves in guilt. Underneath, they know that they have hurt others and their own lives. Adding further judgment will be extremely overwhelming. When the environment of a treatment center is calm, welcoming, and encouraging, a person can lower his or her defenses and get to work on correcting addictive behavior.

7. Solid Aftercare Programs

Recovery does not end when a person leaves a rehab facility. It is essential to have continued support along the journey of recovery. Aftercare programs are essential so that relapse does not occur. Whether a patient decides to enter a sober-living community, seek outpatient treatment, or join a support group, it is vital to continue fighting addiction. Sober-living offers places to live so that patients do not have to return to homes that are filled with inappropriate situations. Out-patient treatment may take the form of individual or group therapy. Support groups are networks of people who share a problem and help each other remain sober and continue recovery. Meeting with people who are dealing with similar circumstances can be a great way to feel less lonely on the path of sobriety.

Find an Addiction Treatment Center That Cares

If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step against addiction, it is vital to weigh all options. When picking an addiction treatment center, it is important to consider the above tips. At SpringBoard Recovery, we help patients face their problems in a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere with an accredited team of professionals. We offer personalized plans and provide solid aftercare opportunities. For more information, call us today.


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APRIL 27, 2018

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