Timeline of Addiction Treatment Arizona


Timeline of Addiction Treatment Arizona

No one can tell you exactly how long addiction treatment Arizona will last. It all depends on the individual person, and since each person is unique in their addiction, there is no way to predict how the treatment process will go for you. For that reason, your main concern should not be how long you will need to undergo treatment. You will only need to focus on the treatment itself.

Although it is hard to tell how long your treatment will last, treatment centers have all different types of programs to suite your individual needs. Some people do well with a 30-day program, but others need a little more time and opt for a 60-day program. Rehab centers even have 90-day programs.

For those who believe that they need the most intensive form of treatment, they are welcome to take part in an extended living facility such as a halfway house or a sober living facility.

What Works for Some, May Not Work For You

You may be thinking that a 30-day stay in a rehabilitation center sounds like the best plan for you because it wouldn’t take you away from your family and your job for very long. Although this may be the most appealing timeline of treatment, it might not be the best option. Scientists have performed research on this subject, and they have found that people addicted to substances have the best results in their treatment programs if they remain in them for longer periods of time.

Before you can choose the most appropriate treatment program, you have to consider the nature of your addiction. For example, the length of time you need to spend in rehab will depend on how long you have been addicted to your drug of choice. How often you indulged in the substance will also need to be considered. Lastly, many people have underlying mental health issues that will need to be treated at the same time as the addiction.

If you are uncertain how long you need to spend in treatment, you don’t have to worry. You can start with a 30-day program, but if you believe that you need more time after that program is over, you can switch to a longer one.

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30-Day Programs

Your addiction has changed your body chemistry and re-wired your brain. Once you begin to wean yourself off of the substance, you may begin to experience depression. Typically, this happens in the first couple of weeks. Your brain is in the process of becoming accustomed to living without the alcohol. While you were drinking, the numbers of neurotransmitters in your brain were decreasing. After you stop drinking, you are prone to experience anxiety and depression, but this side effect does not last.

During this time, the emphasis will be on helping you detox in the most comfortable manner possible. Your counselors will also help develop strategies to keep you from starting to use the substance again. You will also be introduced to an aftercare program that will continue the progress that you are making.

60-Day Programs

Along with continued detoxification, you will receive several types of therapy to help you overcome your addiction in a 60-day program. Behavioral therapy that will help you work through destructive behaviors and learn positive ways to address situations that led you to indulge in the substance in the past are part of this program. You will also be able to engage in family therapy that will improve family dynamics so that you can remain sober while you interact with your family members. This program also gives you more time to practice the new habits you have learned and ensures that you remain sober after you have left the program.

90-Day Programs

Similar with the first two programs, you will give your history, and your therapist will determine exactly the type of treatment you will need. Then, you will be able to begin the difficult work of detoxification. You will receive therapy, but with this program, you will have the most time to practice your new habits. People in this program learn to identify their triggers and exercise effective ways of addressing them. Anyone who has been using alcohol or drugs on an extended basis is recommended to take part in this program.

Sober Living Houses

In the event that you don’t trust that a 90-day program is long enough, you have the option of entering into a sober living house. The benefit of this type of environment is that you will have the support of all of your peers in a home that is entirely alcohol and drug free. You will be encouraged to continue with your recovery plan in a place that provides you with the structure that may be lacking in your own home.

Once you are confident your treatment has been successful and you don’t believe that you are in danger of using the substance again, you may begin to think that you don’t need to attend your therapy sessions anymore. However, your therapy sessions are where you will find the positive support system that you desperately need to remain sober.

The best thing you can do in this situation is continue to abstain from the substance for as long as possible. After five years of sobriety have passed, your chance of experiencing a relapse goes down to 15 percent.

Start your recovery journey today with addiction treatment Arizona.


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