I'll never forget my first conversation with Jason, one of the co-owners of Springboard. The number I dialed went directly to him, and he answered - this was a refreshing first in my search! We chatted a bit and got to know one another and then Jason mentioned a few things which registered heavily with me: We take people who want to be sober and are willing to work hard and be proactive in their recovery. We aren't the kind of house that takes anyone who can simply pay. It was refreshing to me hearing this because at this stage of my recovery there is not much that is more important than being surrounded by other men fighting tooth and nail to figure out how to stay sober and transition into a healthy way of life. We share our burdens together and are all fighting very similar battles.

Jason personally picked me up from my treatment center, which was over 230 miles round-trip to and from where I was. I was pretty emotional and was not very thrilled with whatever change that was about to take place in my journey, but Jason was upbeat, kind, and was empathetic to the fact that I was not exactly jumping for joy about the change that was occurring in my world.

The first thing that caught my attention upon entering the house was the degree of cleanliness in every room. To know that 10 guys lived there made wonder if perhaps I was in the wrong house. After getting the initial tour, I had a great heart-to-heart discussion with Jason and I was introduced to a lot of the other guys and the house manager, Richard.

Richard is a tremendous asset to the house as he shops for the food, prepares phenomenal dinners, and keeps the guys (myself definitely included) in line regarding chore and meeting attendance commitments. He is fun to have around the house and manages 9 recovering men as well as anyone could!

Literally every day since I have been here things have gotten better for me. A typical day consists of an hour workout in the gym with some of the other guys, a 9:30am meeting, either breakfast at the house or step work / meeting with sponsor, and then attending another meeting at noon. After that meeting often I will spend some time reading or working on step work assignments from my sponsor and then often in the mid to late afternoon I will go to hot yoga or walk or ride a bike to the park. After this is typically an awesome home cooked meal and then off to IOP three nights a week, which I sincerely look forward to and have benefited from greatly.

To sum this experience up, I believe Springboard Recovery offers an opportunity to experience significantly more freedom and responsibility than intensive inpatient treatment offers, but still provides substantial support through mandatory meeting attendance, yoga and meditation opportunities, the comfort of a clean beautiful house, the certainty of a great home-cooked meal, but above all, the chance to fellowship and build relationships with like-minded men who are hungry to break old ways and experience all the benefits of living a healthy clean and sober life.

Robert D.