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There are many people in South Dakota that are battling drug and/or alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are both excellent sources of support, but some people may need to consider going to rehab to get professional assistance. More often than not, because they do not know where to turn for help, they end up doing nothing at all.

The following is a list of cities in South Dakota. We would like to invite you to find your city on this list and click the link. That will help you learn about the local addiction recovery resources that are available to you there.

South Dakota Addiction Recovery Resources by City

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Is Drug and Alcohol Treatment Right for You?

There are many people who can do well with 12-Step meetings during recovery. But a lot of people need the level of support that is only available on a professional basis. Going to drug and alcohol rehab can be a life-changing experience. South Dakota has many options for rehabilitation that are available to people who live there.

People need to find the type of support that will work best for them. In some cases, that might mean attending AA or NA meetings faithfully. In other cases, it could mean getting professional help through a local drug and alcohol rehab. Everyone is different, but the reality is that when a person is new to treatment, going to rehab is often the best course of action.

It is normal for people to have questions about drug and alcohol rehab if they have never been before. We want to help by providing as much information about what people can expect as possible.

Alcohol and Drug Detox in South Dakota

For many people with drug and alcohol addictions, detoxing is the first step in recovery. This is a process that addresses the mental and physical withdrawal symptoms that people experience when they stop using.

Everyone is different as far as what types of withdrawal symptoms they experience during recovery. It can depend on a few different factors, such as:

  • The type(s) of drug(s) a person is using.
  • How long they have been using.
  • How many drugs they are addicted to.
  • Their own personal experience with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Personal factors, such as age, gender and weight.

Going through detox can be helpful because it can lessen the severity of withdrawal. In some cases, detoxing may even be required before a person is able to move on to rehab. There are several types of treatment that are typically offered to people when they go through the detoxification process. They include:

Drug Detox

Every addiction has two sides – the physical and the psychological side. Drug detox works by addressing the physical aspect of substance abuse. Withdrawal can be extremely difficult to deal with, and it is what causes a lot of people to relapse when they try to quit on their own. Some common drug withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Intense cravings for their drug of choice
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Anxiety and/or depression symptoms

Withdrawal can become debilitating, which often drives people back to using. It is really important to correctly address these and other symptoms in order for people to successfully recover.

As we mentioned earlier, there are some drugs for which detoxing might be required before a person can start rehab. They include drugs that fall into any of the following categories:

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is another drug for which detoxing is usually required because of how severe alcohol withdrawal can become. This is often surprising to people because of the fact that it is so readily available. But the reality is that alcohol is also a drug that is highly addictive. Once a person becomes an alcoholic, they run the risk of experiencing dangerous complications when they go through withdrawal.

Delirium tremens, or DTs, is a condition that can afflict alcoholics once they stop drinking excessively. It is an extreme form of withdrawal that can be very dangerous and even fatal if it is not treated appropriately. But going through the detoxification process can help people feel better faster and possibly even avoid DTs.

There are several medications available that can be prescribed to help people get through alcohol withdrawal. They include:

  • Gabapentin
  • Valium
  • Clonidine
  • Librium
  • Atenolol

How Many Inpatient Detoxification Centers are Located in South Dakota?

The SAMHSA treatment locator tool indicates that there are a total of 8 detox programs located in South Dakota. Of that number, 4 of them offer inpatient services.

Do Local Hospitals Offer Detox Services?

Two hospitals in South Dakota currently offer detoxification services.

South Dakota Drug Rehab Facilities

Although detoxing is an important part of the recovery process, rehabilitation is just as vital. This is a step that should not be skipped, even though it may be tempting to do just that. But it is essential for people to receive therapy as they recover because of the need to address the root cause of the addiction.

Co-occurring disorders are typical among people with drug addictions. This means that they also suffer from mental health issues that have contributed to their substance abuse problems. It is essential for these conditions to get addressed during rehab. If they are not, there is a higher chance that the individual will end up relapsing.

Some examples of common co-occurring disorders include:

What Happens During Drug Rehabilitation?

The purpose of drug rehab is to address the psychological aspect of the person’s substance abuse problem. This is done by providing them with the right types of therapy to treat the cause of their addiction. There are many different types of therapy that can be offered to people during drug rehabilitation, such as:

Also, relapse prevention is very important as well. People need to have a plan in place that will help them deal with triggers as they experience them after rehab is over. Knowing what to do and how to avoid going back to using is a critical part of the recovery process.

How Many South Dakota Drug Rehab Programs are There?

There are a total of 54 drug rehabilitation centers located in the State of South Dakota. These facilities offer many different services and various levels of care. In South Dakota, there are:

  • 10 sober living homes.
  • 27 facilities that offer telehealth services.
  • 46 treatment centers that offer outpatient services.
  • 16 inpatient rehab programs.
  • 7 partial hospitalization programs.
  • 34 intensive outpatient programs.
  • 12 long-term rehab centers.

Alcohol Rehab Facilities in South Dakota

People struggling with alcoholism should definitely consider going to alcohol rehab once they get through detox. Because alcohol is legal to purchase, people have a hard time understanding that it is a highly addictive drug. But it is actually one of the most addictive drugs out there.

Just like drug addicts, alcoholics need to take the time to get therapy to address the reasons behind their addictions. They also often suffer from co-occurring disorders, but dual diagnosis treatment is available to help them address their mental health issues appropriately.

The Importance of Getting Professional Treatment for Alcoholism

We wish we could say that it was possible for most people to stop drinking on their own. But the reality is that it is very difficult, not to mention dangerous, because of the severity of withdrawal. Also, unless people deal with the issues that led to their excessive drinking behaviors, there is a very small chance that they will be successful in the long-term.

Therapy can be so beneficial for people to help them stop drinking. Group, family and individual sessions can be instrumental in assisting in the recovery process. People need to know that they are not alone and that they can successfully quit.

How Many Alcohol Rehab Centers are There in South Dakota?

There are a total of 54 treatment programs that offer alcohol rehab in South Dakota. They are a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as some sober living homes and detox facilities.

What Happens After Rehab is Over? Aftercare Matters

Sometimes people begin their addiction treatment with the belief that once they finish, they will no longer have to worry about abusing substances. We wish we could say that were true, but the fact is that the hard work of recovering has only just begun at that point. Aftercare is extremely important in order for people to be successful.

Aftercare can look very different for everyone because people all have very different needs. For example:

People who are the most successful in the long-term are those who make aftercare a priority. It can take weeks, months or even years for people to form addictions to drugs and alcohol in some cases. It makes sense that it would take some time to undo the damage that has been done.

Traveling to Arizona from South Dakota for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Even though South Dakota does have a lot of options for people who are looking for drug and alcohol treatment, going to rehab close to home is not always beneficial. More and more people are seeing the value in traveling to get the help they need.

Arizona has become a top destination for people in need of drug and alcohol rehab. It is very warm in Arizona and there are a lot of other benefits, such as:

  • Being able to relocate, if necessary. For some people, getting treatment and then returning home is going to put them at risk for relapsing. There are also those who might be living in dangerous home situations, and going to rehab away from home gives them a way to start their lives over again.
  • Maintaining a more positive mindset. Some people need a complete change of scenery in order for something like going to rehab to be effective. Traveling for rehab can make that a possibility.
  • Finding a program that is in-network with the person’s health insurance. It can be very expensive to go to rehab, and people should always be looking for programs that participate with their insurance to keep their costs as low as possible.
  • Protecting one’s privacy and confidentiality as much as possible. This could be very important for people who work with the general public, such as doctors, lawyers and teachers.
  • Getting rid of triggers by entering into a new environment. Triggers can be everywhere at home. But traveling to a new place for rehab can help people relax and focus on the hard work of recovering without those distractions.

Learn More About the Addiction Recovery Resources in South Dakota and Traveling to AZ for Rehab

At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer an excellent drug and alcohol rehab program. We are located in Arizona, so we highly encourage anyone from South Dakota who is in need of treatment to seek out our services.

In addition to addiction treatment, we also offer sober living services. Many of our clients reside in our sober living home, where they are part of a community of people who are all focused on recovering.

Would you like to know more about our program at SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona? Do you have questions about the recovery meetings in South Dakota? Please contact us today.


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