Social Support in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

social support in addiction

Importance of Social Support in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Addiction is an isolating and alienating experience. When a person is addicted, his or her priorities change. Getting the next fix becomes the most important part of an addict’s life, and this can put a tremendous strain on relationships. Addicts may lie or steal. They may also be unreliable due to the effects of their addiction. The broken promises, risky decisions, and lies can devastate friendships and family relationships.

Our outpatient drug treatment program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

Recovery, in a way, can be even more isolating. Quitting drugs or alcohol may mean walking away from friends who are still using. The physical and emotional effects of drug withdrawal are difficult to handle alone, and relapse can be tempting when a person is faced with physical pain, loneliness, and isolation.

For these reasons and more, social support in addiction treatment and recovery is absolutely crucial to a successful recovery.

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Self-Medication and Addiction

Many people begin abusing substances out of a conscious or unconscious desire to self-medicate. Drugs can provide a “bandaid” solution to feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety or emotional pain. These psychological issues may be worsened by the effects of drugs and addiction, but the underlying issues will not go away when recovery begins. In order to truly recover, an individual must get help in dealing with these underlying psychological issues.

Recovery from addiction goes beyond detox. It’s a process of teaching individuals healthy coping mechanisms and ways to work through their unique issues in order to have a healthier life. Support throughout recovery and therapy helps to make this process less daunting and more effective in the long term.

Your health insurance plan may cover your recovery at SpringBoard. Verifying your insurance is quick and easy!

Overcoming Guilt and Shame in Addiction Recovery

Unfortunately, addiction has been viewed for many years as a moral failing instead of a disease. Although we now know that addiction is a disease with strong psychological and biological components, the stigma surrounding substance abuse and addiction is difficult to overcome.

People who have abused drugs in the past may have developed isolating habits out of fear of judgment or legal repercussions. Unlearning these behaviors is an important part of recovery that will allow a person to rebuild broken relationships and pursue a healthier future.

Addiction Treatment and Recovery: You Are Not Alone

Support groups provide a valuable service to individuals going through recovery. They serve as a way to build social bonds and friendships with others who understand what the recovering addict has been through.

The non-judgmental environment of addiction treatment provides space to process the complicated emotions attached to recovery. It also serves as a constant reminder that others have gone through the same trials and successfully come out on the other side.

Feelings of hopelessness and depression often follow the more obvious physical symptoms of drug withdrawal. The brain needs time to learn how to function without drugs. During this time, users may feel that they will never be happy again or that life will always feel hopeless. Suicide, self-harm and drug relapse can all occur as a result.

Having a strong social network of others who understand addiction and have gone through similar experiences can provide much-needed support and insight during these times.

Our alcohol recovery program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

At Springboard Recovery, we want you to know that you are not alone. Our focus is on holistic recovery, providing the emotional and psychological support that individuals need to work through the issues underlying their addictions and emerge stronger and with a greater sense of connection.

With a combination of individual and group therapies, we strive to offer social support in addiction treatment and recovery to the people who need it most at a difficult time in their lives and the tools to continue to build a support system once you leave Springboard Recovery. Call us today to learn more about our addiction treatment and recovery options for you or your loved ones.

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