Second Chances in Recovery from Addiction Treatment Arizona

second chances in recovery after addiction treatment arizona

Second Chances in Recovery from Addiction Treatment Arizona

Relapse is a common occurrence; between 40 to 60 percent of people with an addiction will use again. For many, addiction is a cycle where no matter how badly someone wants to remain sober, they will return to old habits before they quit for good. Relapse is sometimes viewed as a personal failure and becomes an excuse to avoid addiction treatment. Arizona rehabilitation centers, however, firmly believe relapse is most often a difficult but necessary part of a person’s path to sobriety.

Our outpatient drug treatment program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

Recovery Doesn’t Keep Score

Many people enter rehab because they have lost everything to addiction. Others may not have had much, to begin with. Regardless of an individual’s situation, it is the inability to cope with one’s circumstances, and possibly wrestling with another mental health problem, when rehab becomes a beacon offering hope for an otherwise impossible future.

While rehabilitation is essential, it is not the end of addiction. Recovery is, for many people, a lifelong endeavor. Even those with the greatest determination and commitment fall victim to relapse. The right program may not have suitable for the first time. A simple mistake may have occurred during the time spent at a recovery center. Or mentally, an individual wasn’t ready to take that critical step in the first place. Even though the first, second, or subsequent rehabilitation attempts may have been unsuccessful, the doors always remain open for addiction treatment.

Arizona rehabilitations centers share one thing in common, the power and importance of forgiveness. Every bad choice you’ve ever made doesn’t have to be rectified; the truth is that no one can remedy all poor decisions. However, freedom must be given to forgive oneself and provide the opportunity to wake up and try again.

Rediscovering Yourself After Substance Abuse

Overcoming addiction can make someone feel like they have been given a second chance at life. When face-to-face with the most challenging, darkest parts of one’s life journey, being able to experience the opposite is truly a gift.

Addiction, for all its tragedies, can also bestow incredible wisdom. Although lost time can never be recovered, the ability to embrace everything positive that awaits in the future can be some of the strongest motivation when you can see beyond the challenges that lie ahead. When rock bottom has been reached, the only way to move is up.

If you are wondering whether you or a loved one really can start over, or if there’s life after relapse, here are some gentle reminders:

  • Forgiving ourselves is the first step toward inner freedom.
  • Mistakes do not define you; how you respond to them does.
  • We cannot control life, but we can learn to control our reactions to things that happen (or don’t happen) in life.
  • Learning from the past is an opportunity to become who we want to be in the future.
  • Self-love and confidence do not blossom overnight; they are conscious, daily choices to believe in ourselves and our worth even when we mess up.

Sobriety gives someone the power to dream again. Through treatment, those in recovery learn that they are worth all the things that once felt out of their reach. The journey to a sober and clean life is not an easy one. But, with hard work and determination, no goal is out of reach.

Your health insurance plan may cover your recovery at SpringBoard. Verifying your insurance is quick and easy!

Getting Help from Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Recovering from drug or alcohol abuse requires the support of highly trained medical and clinical professionals. It is essential to locate facilities with a proven track record of success with those suffering this debilitating disease. If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, please contact your nearest medical facility or contact a SpringBoard Recovery professional today.

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