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We are a rehab and addiction treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona with the focus on life skills and personal development workshops. Our addiction treatment and detox programs are designed to improve lives.  SpringBoard Recovery is more than just a sober living facility. It is the place where former drug addicts and alcoholics undergo rehab through 12 steps, group therapy and individualized treatment programs.

Detox in a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Our 12-step involvement program leans heavily on counseling and sober living. We give our customers the necessary therapy to combat their negative experiences in life. We have onboard therapists ready to provide a Scottsdale detox service the right way, with comprehensive holistic treatment. We also assist the patient in achieving success post-addiction.

SpringBoard Recovery has four primary programs: Outpatient Counseling, Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, and Inpatient Sober Living. Our treatment center will take you from the depths of substance abuse to successful rehabilitation.

Outpatient Counseling

Studies prove that outpatient counseling targets, and slowly discovers the underlying causes of the patient’s addiction. After discovering them, outpatient counseling can begin.

Outpatient counseling is a therapy session that cultivates in the patient the necessary skills to cope with the substance abuse problem. These include the patient’s strengths and hobbies/interests, and shall go against triggers or the things that down the patient emotionally. SpringBoard Recovery believes in these coping mechanisms because they shift the patient’s attention elsewhere.

This counseling will work when you can’t leave from work, but have a strong support system without mental health issues prior to your disorder.

Individual Counseling

Probably the best thing about individual counseling is that you can bring other people into therapy. They can be educated more about what you are experiencing with your addiction. This will make them understand the gravity of what you are experiencing.

Your therapy will involve plenty of diversions. We will recommend activities that you are good at, similar to outpatient counseling but not quite. That program can still be in effect if you are not in rehab.

Addiction treatment for rehab is possible with individual counseling. Our therapists will always have something for the patient to do because we believe that recovery is best achieved through the patient’s interests. Drugs and alcohol may have taken a toll on their health, but it’s never too late to change.

Group Therapy

SpringBoard Recovery believes that no man is an island. Recovery can be achieved through affirmation from different people during discussions. Our therapist/s will set a theme for the group to tackle, with each member taking turns and pitching in their ideas.

Our website has several themes for salient points. You can talk about your addiction and how it has changed your relationships with people. Go over your strategies in overcoming your demons and your plans after checking out of rehab.

These agendas for therapy can be dealt with during the group session, but only if you are comfortable in talking about them. You can always opt to pass as the topics are usually impromptu. Sometimes it’s even outside SpringBoard Recovery’s therapy. But once you talk about them, it’s a must to be confidential about it. Leave everything you discuss at rehab as your co-members will also do the same.

Structured Sober Living

This program is the culmination and application of therapy in the patient’s life. We aim to highlight your growth and adaptation to your new life by easing the recovery struggle. SpringBoard Recovery offers morning meditation, daily responsibilities, setting goals, and reviewing how the day went at the end of the day.

SpringBoard Recovery is not just a physical structure for liberation from addiction and alcoholism. It is home to active change because it shifts an addict’s life from nothing to something extraordinary through its activities.  These are masterfully planned to improve the life of an addict in the future.

But Scottsdale detox does not end here. Sober living is just the beginning of the patient’s application of the things he or she has learned during therapy. If it’s hard, we are here to help you in any way we can.

It is also our job to make your stay worth it, even for just a while. Our amenities are top-notch in delivering a calm, soothing, and relaxing experience. One patient has marveled at the cleanliness of the rehab’s rooms, which makes checking in an experience you can never forget.

Additional Services

Aside from the four programs, Scottsdale detox can also be acquired through the following. These are amazing should you go the extra mile in molding yourself for recovery:

  • Therapeutic referrals based on need
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Individual therapy
  • Naturopathic counseling
  • Addiction health care professionals
  • Life coaching and mentorship

You can search for them on our website and read reviews about each service to have more in-depth info on the additional options that can boost your chosen recovery program.

About SpringBoard Recovery

All our programs are in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we have been treating citizens who were once prone to substance abuse. As a rehab/addiction center, our mission is to provide you therapy that works best for you. We will not force you to do anything because all of our programs are centered on the needs and preferences of the patient.

If we sense that you are uncomfortable, we can take a break and ask you if you are ready to continue. We take no for an answer because yes is always the answer to the programs that we have for the patients.

We operate to fast-track the recovery process, detoxifying the patient before returning them outside rehab. All of our programs are centered on each person’s development because change starts from within. We cannot change the patient’s attitude if he or she is not willing to cooperate. Rather, we take things naturally and would only move if we see that the patient is ready to be transformed.

Alcoholism and excessive drug intake makes it hard to come back strong again, but it is not impossible. But with our help, you can have the best Scottsdale detox programs without worrying about quality control. Our manner of intervening with the patient’s habits is a fluid approach to therapy, one that only we can pull off with high levels of success.