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OCTOBER 30, 2018

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Are Sober Living Homes and Residential Drug Rehab Facilities the Same?

When it comes to a sober living home vs. a rehab center, many people don’t understand the difference. The primary role of a Rehab Facility is to help the individual recover from substance abuse. Residents who choose an Arizona sober living home do so to become a part of society through mental preparation and living in a structured environment. This is done after completing a rehab or detox program.

What Are the 5 Key Takeaways of Going to a Rehab Facility?

The goal of drug rehabilitation is to stop drug use and learn the tools to build a productive life. That may sound easy enough, but it can often be very challenging. For many, the most difficult part is acknowledging a need for help from a rehab facility. Once in treatment, the challenge is usually staying in the program long enough to not only break free of drugs, but to get your life back on track. With that in mind, let’s look at five important benefits of a drug rehab program for you or a loved one.

1. Breaking the Addictive Cycle

People who are addicted to drugs need to be in a drug-free environment with people who will hold them accountable. Drug rehab may begin with detoxification, which helps the individual struggling with addiction rid his or her body of the drugs and treat any withdrawal symptoms. Not everyone needs to go through detox, but detox alone is not enough treatment to effectively break the addictive cycle long-term. Once detox is completed, the real work of addiction treatment begins.

2. Learning About Addiction, is it a Disease?

Once your body is free from the effects of drugs or alcohol, you have the ability to think more clearly and can educate yourself about your addiction. Learning about your addiction means gaining insight into which people, events, sensory experiences and habits trigger cravings for drugs. Most drug rehab facilities can help you explore those triggers so that you can make deliberate efforts to avoid or manage them when you transition back into your daily life.

3. Understanding the Underlying Issue

There are many reasons people choose to use drugs, but you must gain insight into what draws you towards your substance of choice. Is it a means to cope with stress? Do drugs help numb you emotionally so you don’t have to feel emotional or physical pain? Are drugs a way to avoid responsibility, gain others’ approval or belong to a group? It’s important that you peel back the layers of your behavior to understand what is behind your drug habits.

Counselors at our Scottsdale Rehab Facility are trained to help you dig into these underlying issues. Our trusted staff will work alongside you to make sense of these triggers and help you build new coping skills that don’t rely on substance use.

4. Building New Habits

Most people with a history of drug use have poor discipline and self-care habits. A critical part of self-care for a person in recovery is setting and accomplishing goals. Most people, whether in recovery or not, do not know how to set goals that are likely to be achieved. They begin with sincere intentions that eventually get abandoned because they didn’t approach goal setting with the proper mindset. The repetitive cycle of wanting to change habits but continually falling short gradually weakens a person’s resolve to the point where many stop trying.

5. Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Substance abusers typically take too little responsibility for their life and behavior while friends and family take on too much responsibility. The relational boundary that typically helps people navigate a healthy relationship is often distorted or unclear in families where there is an addictive pattern. Our counselors can help you understand where these boundaries get tangled up and show you ways to keep them healthy.

Should I Consider a Sober Living Home After Rehab?

The short answer is yes. A sober living facility is more like an accommodation center than a rehab. This is a natural and effective transition for patients who would find it difficult to go out and face the outside world immediately. Sober living facilities provide accommodation for these individuals to ease into their new life.

In sober living communities, residents work or go to school and enjoy great freedom. Although residents have chores and attend meetings in support of their recovery, they are more or less free to come and go as they please. Although there are curfews established, participation in sober living is voluntary.

The time spent in a sober living community helps residents prepare themselves to face a new world, one where they don’t use drugs or alcohol.

What About the Controversies That Surround Sober Living Homes?

In the news, sober living facilities have become a hot topic, as unethical companies have taken advantage of those seeking help from a sober living home. New laws and regulations are being put into place to protect these individuals.

The public has not been educated on what a sober living home is and the programs they offer to those who have just completed rehab. The controversy that surrounds the program is based on a lack of education and understanding. With the backlash of the public, more sober living facilities are being closed and the opioid crisis is on the rise, making it more important to be offering additional resources.

If you were to poll the masses, most do not understand that these individuals have gone through rehabilitation and are continuing their journey to stay sober. SpringBoard Recovery believes that if we keep educating our community and enlightening them on the success of the program, we should gain the support of the communities. To get involved in helping us educate or to learn more about what we do, contact us today to set up a tour.

Are you ready to start your journey?

If you’re ready to gain back your freedom and break away from addiction, call SpringBoard Recovery to speak with a counselor today! Our accredited rehab and trusted staff are ready to help you begin your journey to recovery.


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OCTOBER 30, 2018

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