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Phoenix Addiction Rehab

When you suddenly come down with a cold, you can simply take your flu medication to fully recover. Runny nose, malaise, and lack of appetite all go away for good. Unfortunately, not all that ails our well-being can be solved with a little decongestant. Substance abuse (pills, cocaine, marijuana, among others) and alcoholism, though they may be as common as the common cold nowadays, are not as easily cured; and if we do nothing about addiction, this destructive condition can permanently ruin a man’s life and harm others in the process. Medication alone cannot fix such a scale of physical, mental and spiritual undoing. This is where experiential therapy comes in.

SpringBoard Provides a Holistic Approach to Rehab

Experiential therapy is a therapeutic approach developed in the 1970s that encourages patients to address subconscious or internal issues through active experiences, movement, guided imagery, and the use of props or tools to enhance these activities. And unlike the usual Tucson or Phoenix rehab (drugs and alcohol) facility, in Scottsdale SpringBoard Recovery has perfected holistic healing through experiential therapy. We offer 3 key services that are essential to the efficacy of this approach: group counseling, yoga, and art therapy.

Group Counseling

Group therapy is a general term for any type of therapy aimed towards recovery in two or more people. Yes, your one-on-one session with your therapist can be your primary source of insight; but more people means more unique life experiences, hard-earned lessons, and a community spirit free of judgment and full of inspiration.

Take a look at the advantages of group counseling:

  • Shared education about each individual’s recovery process – You never know when another member can open your eyes to some ingenious and healthy coping methods or problem-solving tips you haven’t tried before.
  • Peer observation and empowerment – The temptation to fall into relapse could be overwhelming, but it’s not irresistible especially when there are people who are responsible for you as much as you are responsible for them. A unified routine will make treatment activities second to nature; and you can never go wrong with good influence gained from others.
  • Developing new relationships – Addiction is reliable only in its power to destroy a person’s connections with friends and family. Group counseling reopens doors to friendships that are strong and true, forged within the rehab center’s walls and reinforced as you reenter society together.


Yoga is a Hindu discipline that emphasizes spirituality and abstinence. It is geared towards health and relaxation achieved through breathing control, the adoption of specific bodily postures, and meditation. SpringBoard Recovery differs from your average Mesa or Phoenix rehab (drugs and alcohol) center in the sense that we recognize how yoga is not doable only by people who are religious or in perfect physical shape. Our yoga program is tailored so that its principles are utilized to target drug and alcohol addiction.

An exercise routine that eliminates substance addiction – sounds too farfetched, right? On the contrary, nothing is more important in recovering from addiction than learning to take control of your mind and body. Here’s how yoga comes into play:

  • Control of your own mind – We can’t deny how there are times when we know we’re about to make a bad decision but we go and do it anyway. The lack of self-control: this is the most formidable enemy of addiction recovery. You must choose to be stronger than the urge. Through yoga’s focus on meditation, it develops the brain’s prefrontal cortex – the part responsible for choice.
  • Strengthening your determination – In yoga, you learn an array of bodily postures that can range from simple to acrobatic. This challenges you to step out of your comfort zone; and when you successfully learn a new position, you are rewarded with a confidence boost – much like how you detach yourself from the comfort of addiction and celebrate your courage when you reign victorious in your struggle.
  • Getting that natural high – The root of substance abuse is the physical effect it produces, the very thing that helps us escape from our troubles: the light-headedness, those captivating hallucinations – these are all external stimuli. Yoga redirects our attention inward as it detaches us from our physical senses, silencing their constant demand for external pleasures. Each posture is an exercise that helps the body release endorphins, chemicals that function as natural pain killers and produce a “good feeling” similar to the effects of morphine.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an approach to recovery that fulfills spiritual and emotional needs through creative media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dance and music. It encourages openness and expression when we couldn’t find the words to say what we think and feel.

Here’s how art therapy breaks the barriers towards recovery:

  • Communication – Addiction sufferers are almost always unjustly subjected to discrimination and embarrassment. Here at SpringBoard Recovery, we understand that some experiences can be too painful to tell in words. Our art therapy allows you to be completely honest within the safety of a canvas, the edges of paper and the poetry of song and dance.
  • Tapping into the subconscious – It’s one thing to be completely aware of how you feel and another to be able to address even your repressed thoughts and emotions. Complete recovery is not possible if the problem isn’t taken out root and stem. Art therapy encourages free drawing and doodling as instruments of graphology or understanding your inner character through the study of written symbols. The more we know you, the more we can help. And the more you understand yourself, the more you can heal.
  • An essential distraction – Idle hands are the devil’s tools, as the quote goes. We are constantly driven to keep ourselves occupied and if nothing stands between us and our vices, we will never be able to say no. Art therapy gives you an opportunity to develop new artistic skills and improve your inherent talents. This way, your healing continues outside rehab: your newfound hobby will keep your mind from wandering off into unwanted places.

Of course, we will not force you to paint or do yoga if you aren’t comfortable with these programs. You can rest assured we will find the program that suits your needs best. We aim to prove that more than any other Chandler or Phoenix rehab (drugs and alcohol) facility, SpringBoard Recovery puts value into rehabilitation methods that go beyond the hackneyed approach – anything and everything we can do to help you become your normal self again.