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Alcohol and Drug Rehab: Information for Treatment and Recovery

Going to rehab is a big decision to make, one that could be life changing. It is important for a person to have to have all the information about the help available to them in their area so they can choose the best place for their needs. In the Athens, Ohio area, there are 62 facilities within a 60 mile radius, according to the SAMHSA treatment locator tool.

With a variety of help available in the area, knowing where to find the right professionals and knowing what happens during treatment can help a person be more at ease with their decision. This guide is for the people of Athens, Ohio to be better equipped with all the information they need.

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Addiction Statistics in Athens, OH: What Is The Need For Rehab?

When looking at the need for drug and alcohol rehab, it is helpful to see how addiction is affecting the community. Statistics can paint a picture to show the trends in addiction and how big the need for rehab is. Unfortunately, some people overdose before they can reach out for professional help. Hopefully, the statistics for Athens, Ohio can help some people before it is too late.

OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital released a Community Health Needs Assessment in 2019. Their findings showed the following:

  1. In the state of Ohio in 2014:
    • 37% of people admitted to treatment were for heroin and prescription opioids, which was up from 7% in 2001.
    • Unintentional death rate (mostly overdosing) increased 30% between 2009 and 2014.
    • There was a 2.7% of unmet need for illicit drug use treatment. It was 2.4% for the country.
    • The excessive drinking rate in the state was 19.1% compared with the country at 18.2%.
  1. In Athens County:
    • Of the tops five perceived health problems, residents rated drug abuse number two in 2016. In 2018, alcohol or drug addiction was number one.
    • Binge drinking was listed second as a behavioral risk factor by residents for both 2016 and 2018.
  1. Screenings in the O’Bleness Emergency Room:
    • In 2017, the ED screened 29,942 patients for substance abuse. Of these, 1,617 were treated for withdrawal, overdose or other related issues.
    • In 2018, less patients were screened (29,102) but more (1,776) were treated for the same issues.
    • The screenings assessed: reasons for using the substances, route(s) of administration, how much was taken, what kind of substance was taken and how many times they had vomited.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab: What Happens During Treatment?

A person who is dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction needs complete treatment, addressing both the physical and mental sides of the addiction. This is what rehab is for. A combination of detox and different types of therapy will work together to help the person in their recovery process. When a person knows what these entail, they can decide what step to take next.


When an addict has built up the drug or alcohol in their body, they need time to clear the toxic influence from that substance. This is done by detoxification. This is a needed step because the body has a hard time getting rid of the toxins on its own. Every addict who stops using experiences withdrawal symptoms and detox helps lessen the symptoms of withdrawal they will experience.

A medically supervised detox could be needed. Done under the care of qualified medical professionals, this can be an effective method of detox and can be safer and more comfortable for the individual. Relapse chances are reduced with this type of detox.

Rehab and Therapy

Many times, repairing the mental side of the addiction can be the hardest part. Rehab helps with this through therapy sessions. For many people, a mixture of therapies will be used including individual, group and family therapy.

Sometimes, an addicted person has underlying mental health disorders, as well. The professional treating them will diagnose this and treat them for co-occurring disorders. This can be common among addicts and can be the root cause of the addiction.

Types of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities in Ashtabula, OH

Athens, Ohio offers a variety of drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Whatever the individual needs is what will best determine what kind of program they should enter.

Outpatient Treatment Options

For those people who want to stay at home and maintain their work, school, or home schedule, outpatient rehab could be a good option. They would not have to check in and stay at a rehab facility but would be expected to attend their therapy sessions, which can vary in intensity.

Outpatient rehab is not recommended for those with more severe addictions as they are at more risk for relapsing. A person in this type of treatment has to have a strong support system and be very motivated to attend their sessions.

Inpatient Treatment Options

Inpatient rehab treats people with more severe addictions. People check in and stay at the facility for 24-hour care, usually for a 28-day stay, but it can be longer term. Detox and therapy will occur while there and they will work with the professionals who are on staff at the facility.

Sober Living Homes

Some people may have a hard time adjusting to getting back to daily life and may need an option after they leave a rehab treatment. A sober living home is a good bridge between the two worlds. With rules to follow, they have accountability and support from other residents and also have the freedom to come and go as they need.

12-Step Programs

Everyday millions of people are helped by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. With a 12-step format, these groups have meetings led by peers. They offer accountability for as long as a participant needs it. There are meetings for both of these groups throughout the week in the Athens area.

Traveling to Arizona for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Staying in Athens, Ohio  for rehab might be a good idea for some, but there are many benefits for an addict to travel out of state. Some of those benefits are:

  • To develop new habits: there are people, places and things in every addicts life that can trigger them into a relapse. These bad habits can be very toxic for their goal of sobriety. If they go to rehab in Arizona, they will not have those familiar triggers near them and they can have the opportunity to make new habits.
  • A commitment to finish the program: every rehab program needs a firm commitment to be successful. However, rehab is voluntary and that means a participant can leave on their own free will. If they want to, they can just go home or ask someone to pick them up. If they are in rehab in Arizona, this is a much harder choice to make because they do not know anyone who can come get them. They also have to figure out how to get back to Ohio on their own.
  • To limit distraction: being at home can be very distracting. A person needs a high level of focus on their program in order to be successful and too many distractions, good or bad, can get them off track. Being several states away, in Arizona, can help them leave the distractions at home.
  • To protect privacy: many people value their privacy and they want their treatment to be private. They may have anxiety about too many people finding out their decision to seek treatment. In Arizona, the chance of this happening is low because they are far enough away from home that they will not know very many people there.
  • To experience different facilities: some people need specialized treatment programs. Not every facility has every program. A facility in Arizona may have a program that a facility in the Athens area does not have.
  • To start a new life: addicts can often be judged by friends, family and acquaintances. It can be hard to change how others think of them without a fresh start. They need to be able to care for themself first and learn how to build healthy relationships. The best way to do this could be at rehab states away, in Arizona.


Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are just two of the organizations that offer support group meetings. SMART Recovery is another option people have available to them. They are not 12-Step-oriented at all; theirs is more of a scientific approach to recovery.

Families can also get the help and support they need from attending Al-Anon and Alateen meetings. Many of them are also 12-Step based.

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AA Meetings

There are multiple weekly AA meetings available around Athens, Ohio.

Alateen Meetings

There are a few weekly Alateen meetings available around Athens, Ohio

NA meetings

There are several NA Meetings to choose from weekly in or near Athens, Ohio.

SMART Recovery Meetings

There are a few SMART meetings taking place weekly near Athens, Ohio.


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Learn More About Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the Athens, Ohio Area

Rehab is a good starting point for an addict who wants to be on the road to recovery. At SpringBoard Recovery, we gathered this information so the people of Athens, Ohio can be informed about all their options and be able to make the best decision for them.

If you would like to speak with a professional about your drug and alcohol options in Athens, we are here to help. We believe getting the help you need can lead to a life of sobriety. Please contact us right away.


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