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SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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Drug and Alcohol addictions can control a person’s life. Every decision they make revolves around the drug or alcohol. Help is easy to find in Akron, Ohio. Making a new decision to regain control changes that person’s life dramatically. SpringBoard Recovery wants to help everyone who needs to make that change.

Getting and staying sober takes a lot of work. Most people can not do it alone. At SpringBoard Recovery we have the tools to personalize treatment options. As recovering addicts’ needs change, we adapt their treatment to continue to help them grow and stay sober.


Getting and staying sober is very challenging, but with the right support network and tools, it's completely attainable.

Traveling From Akron, Ohio to Arizona for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Traveling to a different state for rehab can benefit many people. A fresh start in a new location like Arizona helps people avoid triggers that could cause them to start using again. Traveling out of town can provide more options for the kinds of treatment available.

SpringBoard Recovery also has sober living available for those who do travel from Akron or other places across the USA. Sober living homes provide a safe environment for people to live in while continuing to work through their outpatient therapy program.

The Need for Drug Addiction Rehab in Akron, Ohio

Drug and alcohol use has been a large problem all across the United States for decades. Not everyone who misuses substances is an addict, but misuse often leads to an addiction. The consequences are usually devastating.

Drug Use Statistics for Akron, Ohio

Akron is the county seat of Summit County, and the fifth largest city in Ohio. The Summit County Public Health department has collected data on drug overdose visits to Hospital Emergency rooms. From January 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019, there were 1,285 drug overdoses treated. That averages out to 5.1 overdoses per day.

A wide variety of drugs are easily obtainable in the Akron region according to the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring group.

  • Powdered cocaine is moderately to highly available in the region.
  • Crack cocaine is moderately to highly available in the region.
  • Heroin is highly available in the region.
  • Fentanyl is highly available in the region.
  • Prescription opioids are available for illicit use in the area.
  • Marijuana is highly available in the area.
  • Methamphetamine remains highly available in the area.
  • Prescription Stimulants are moderately available in the region.
  • Other drugs were listed as available but not widely mentioned.

A news article published in May of 2021 reports a startling statistic. The Akron police department reports 60 overdose deaths from January thru April 2021. During the same months in 2020, there were 25 deaths. That is a 140% increase in only a year’s time.

Youth Drug Use in Akron, Ohio

The 2018 Summit County Youth Risk Behavior Survey collected surveys from high schools and middle schools in the county. The survey asked questions about various drugs and alcohol use. There are survey results for high school, and for middle school.

At the high school level for 2018:

  • 38.8% of students have tried marijuana in Akron, 32.2% across the county.
  • 23.9% of students used marijuana one or more times in the 30 days before the survey in Akron, 19.2% across the county.
  • 2.7% of students in Akron have used cocaine (powder, crack, or freebase), 2.7% for the county.
  • 2.0% of students in Akron have used heroin, 1.6% for the county.
  • 2.1% of students in Akron have used methamphetamines, 1.8% for the county.
  • 3.2% of students in Akron have used ecstasy, 3.1% for the county.
  • 3.6% of students in Akron have used hallucinogenic drugs, 5.0% for the county.
  • 3.0% of students in Akron have used steroids without a prescription, 2.7% for the county.
  • 5.4% of students in Akron have used inhalants, 5.8% for the county.
  • 4.4% of students in Akron have used synthetic or designer drugs in Akron, 4.1% for the county.
  • 6.7% of students in Akron used prescription pain medications without a prescription or differently than prescribed, 6.4% for the county.

During the 12 months prior to the survey, 13.3% of Akron students attended school while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

At the middle school level for 2018:

  • 12.4% of Akron students have used marijuana, 7.6% for the county.
  • 1.2% of Akron students have used heroin, .5% for the county.
  • 1.9% of Akron students have used methamphetamines, .9% for the county.
  • 7.6% of Akron students have used inhalants, 6.1% for the county.
  • 3.5% of Akron students have used synthetic drugs, 24% for the county.
  • 5.4% of Akron students have used prescription pain medication without a prescription, 5.1% for the county.
  • 6.1% of Akron middle school students have attended school under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Remains a Problem in Akron, Ohio

Drinking alcohol is a normal part of daily life across the United States. It is part of celebrations, or just as a way to unwind after a long day. Some people have no problem stopping after one drink. For others, alcohol misuse is common and can lead to alcohol use disorder.

Nationwide, 25.1% of adults over the age of 18 reported having at least one heavy drinking day. That is five or more drinks at a time for a man or four or more drinks for a woman. The CDC also reports that 24,110 people died from alcoholic liver disease in 2019. Additionally, there were 39,043 deaths caused by alcohol consumption excluding accidents and homicides.

The community health needs assessment for 2019 done by Akron General Medical Center provides data on many health concerns. It reports excessive drinking by 17.9% of the population. This includes binge drinking.

Alcohol and Driving in Akron, Ohio

Alcohol impairs thinking and muscle coordination. When alcohol is mixed with driving, tragic things can happen. There were 10,142 drunk driving deaths in the United States during 2019. That is 28 people dying every day.

The Akron General Medical Center community health needs assessment also had statistics for alcohol use. It reports that 50% of driving deaths had alcohol involvement. This is higher than the Ohio state average of 34.3%. It is also higher than the national average of 29%.

There were 294 drunk driving deaths in the state of Ohio during 2018. Of those deaths, 24 were under the age of 21. Drunk driving arrests for the state totaled 13,723 the same year.

On June 6, 2021, there was a drunk driving arrest in Akron. A concerned citizen had called the police about a reckless driver weaving and driving slowly on I-77. The police officer smelled alcohol while talking to the pulled-over driver. They had open bottles of alcohol in the vehicle. The driver failed field sobriety tests.

Youth Alcohol Use in Akron, Ohio

The 2018 Summit County Youth Risk Behavior Survey also covers alcohol use reported by high schools and middle schools in the county.

Alcohol use at the high school level:

  • 11.4% of Summit county high school students reported having five or more drinks in a row, in a couple of hours at least one day in the month before the survey.
  • 19.7% of Akron students drank alcohol within 30 days before the survey.
  • 9.1% of Akron students binge drank during the 30 days before the survey.
  • 14.2% of Akron students attended a party in a home where parents permitted underage alcohol use.

There were different questions on the middle school survey:

  • 8% of Akron students drank alcohol before the age of 11.
  • 6.6% of Akron students drank in the previous 30 days.
  • 42% of the students drank alcohol someone else gave them.

How Many Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs are in Akron, Ohio?

SAMHSA shows 56 substance use treatment programs within a 25-mile radius of Akron, Ohio. There are:

  • 5 outpatient drug and alcohol detox centers
  • 52 outpatient programs
  • 8 outpatient day treatment or partial hospitalization programs
  • 32 intensive outpatient programs
  • 9 long term residential treatment programs
  • 6 short term residential treatment programs
  • 1 sober living home
  • 37 facilities provide telehealth services

Our treatment programs are custom tailored to your specific needs. One phone call is all it takes to start your recovery from drug & alcohol dependency

12-Step and Support Groups in Akron, Ohio

12-Step groups provide peer support for those facing drug and alcohol addictions. There is no professional therapy in these groups. Others who have faced the same challenges share what worked for them and encourage others.

AA meetings are available every day of the week in Akron. Families can attend Al-Anon and Alateen meetings for support in living with someone who is recovering from alcohol abuse. They can also learn how to help support their loved one who is trying to stop drinking.

SMART meetings are not 12-step based. They provide various science-based resources for changing behavior patterns. This group does not provide professional therapy.

Learn More About Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Akron, Ohio

At SpringBoard Recovery, we understand how challenging drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be. We strive to help everyone become the best version of themselves by helping them stop substance use.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you or someone you love.

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