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Addiction Treatment Arizona

Making Addiction Treatment In Arizona Work

No addiction treatment in Arizona is complete without making plans for the possibility of relapse. Relapse issue is as common as addiction itself. So, it has become the standard to include tips on how to ward off relapse in every addiction treatment in Arizona. Here are some of the tips

Ensure the patient changes his friends

Often times, drug addicts got into addiction through the influence of friends. So, if you feel that your son or ward was influenced by friends. It is very important that he stops seeing those friends. They are his bad habits. If he continues to see them after rehab, chances are that he is in for a vicious addiction-rehab cycle.

It is not only his old friends that should be avoided, you should also monitor the kind of people he mingles with. This will not be for long. It is just for the first year. Over 80 percent of relapse cases occur within the first year of rehab. If he does not relapse within the first year, he may never relapse again

Ensure he avoids bars, night clubs and parties

Ensure he does not visit places where he will be tempted with either alcohol or drugs depending on his addiction. One important post-rehab rule is to bar him from visiting bars, parties, night clubs and any other place where he can have access to some of drugs and alcohol. It will be too early to expose him to such. All that will change later when he has completely gotten over the addiction.

If some of these places are on his route to work or school, you might help him find a new route. It is not that he can’t pass beside these places once in a while. It is dangerous to let him pass beside them every day. He has to go to either work or school every day so, it is better to find a new route.

Consider a sober living home

If you can afford it, it is better to check him in a sober living home where all the occupants are also in their recovery stage. They will share a common goal and fight against relapse together. Apart from paying rent and doing his bit of house chores, there are several rules he has to obey in a sober living home. All the rules are made to avoid relapse. This is why it is a good idea for people who have just left rehab.

Register him for refresher courses

In the bid to prevent relapse, some centers usually organize some important post-rehab courses for their patients to help them fight against relapse. Some of these courses attract a token while some others are free. Apart from what he will learn during the course, it is also a way to keep him busy. Register him for some of the courses

Make plans to keep him busy

Idleness is very dangerous immediately after rehab. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This is very true for addicts. This is why you should engage him. If he is still in school, you might need to talk to some of his teachers or lecturers to engage him with assignments.

In conclusion, guiding against relapse is an important part of rehab process and families and parents of the patient have an important role to play.


Addiction Treatment Arizona