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SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer alcohol and drug rehab services to people in Nashua, New Hampshire. We are located in Arizona, which is often attractive to those who live in other states. It allows them to get the substance abuse treatment they need without having to worry about being tempted to use. Our rehab and recovery program includes abstinence-based, proven drug and alcohol treatment as well as recovery housing. We are in great standing with the Better Business Bureau and we are accredited by The Joint Commission. We are in-network with many health insurance providers in New Hampshire as well.

“The best part of my job is to see people on their journey through recovery and to be able to play a role in that journey.”

– Laura Nuss, Executive Leadership, SpringBoard Recovery

Going to Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Arizona: Should People Travel from Nashua for Treatment?

Most people think that they need to go to rehab close to home, mostly for insurance purposes. But that is not the case at all. There are many who are now choosing to travel to other parts of the country in order to get the treatment they need for substance abuse.

Some of the reasons people give for wanting to travel for rehab include:

  • Feeling as though they need to get away from home and all its stressors so they can focus on their healing process.
  • Not wanting to attend rehab too close to home because they work with the general public.
  • Wanting to try a specific type of treatment that might not be offered at rehab centers in their areas.
  • Wanting to avoid potential triggers, which could lead to a relapse.
  • Having the need to relocate because of a dangerous, unsafe home environment.
  • Having health insurance that is not in-network with any of the local rehab facilities.

As we mentioned previously, we frequently have people from Nashua, New Hampshire seek drug and alcohol treatment at SpringBoard Recovery. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and our facility is relaxing and inviting. We also provide sober living services as well. That means we are able to offer everything a person needs when they choose our program.

Will Health Insurance Companies Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Health insurance companies are not concerned with whether a person is traveling out of state for rehab. What matters most is that the individual chooses a program that is in-network with their insurance. Being in-network results in the highest payouts, and that money goes directly to the facility. This leaves the client with very little to pay out of pocket.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we are in-network with some of the most common health insurance providers in the United States. That is how we can offer our services to people in Nashua. It is always a good idea to have us verify insurance coverage prior to starting rehab. That way, there is no confusion about what is covered.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

There are far too many people living in Nashua, New Hampshire who need drug and alcohol rehab. Hillsborough County as a whole has seen an increase in substance abuse over the last several years according to the most recent statistics.

The Community Health Needs Assessment from SNHS (June 2020) states that:

  • Hillsborough County has an ever-increasing need for more quality mental health services.
  • Many parents are either in jail or prison, in addiction treatment programs, or actively using drugs.
  • 7.7% of the people surveyed stated that substance abuse services are lacking in the county.
  • 15.4% of people believe that mental health services are lacking in the county.
  • 11.8% of people in Hillsborough County believe that their mental health issues present a barrier to helping them become self-sufficient.

Additionally, Monadnock Community Hospital also provides the following statistics from 2018:

  • In 2018 in Hillsborough County, there were 30.2 drug overdose deaths for every 100,000 people.
  • Almost 18% of people in the county drink excessively.
  • There were 437 opioid overdose deaths in New Hampshire in 2016.
  • The primary health issues that most people are concerned about in Hillsborough County are mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Many young people have tried marijuana before the age of 13.
  • A lot of young people believe that occasional marijuana use is completely harmless.
  • They also believe that it would be wrong of them to stop using marijuana.

Getting and staying sober is very challenging, but with the right support network and tools, it's completely attainable.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

SAMHSA indicates that there are 74 drug and alcohol rehab centers within 25 miles of Nashua, New Hampshire. They offer different levels of care and include:

  • 19 facilities that offer some type of detox.
  • 9 sober living homes or halfway houses.
  • 38 programs that provide telemedicine services.
  • 54 treatment centers that offer outpatient services.
  • 20 inpatient rehab facilities.
  • 12 partial hospitalization programs.
  • 17 intensive outpatient programs.
  • 33 rehab centers that provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
  • 14 long-term rehab facilities.

Types of Addiction Rehab Programs

Not knowing what to expect is the main reason people in Nashua might be nervous about going to rehab. It can help to know what the different levels of care are and what happens during each one.

Even though people can choose what type of rehab they want to attend, it is always a good idea to talk with a professional. They can provide a recommendation to ensure the person gets the help they need.

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Withdrawal symptoms can become quite severe – even potentially fatal – during addiction recovery. That is why going through drug and alcohol detox is so important. Fortunately, there are many facilities in Nashua that offer this service.

Detoxing helps the body purge itself of toxins that cause withdrawal. There can be complications that occur, which is why we always recommend inpatient detoxification programs. Medical detox, holistic treatments and medication-assisted treatment are all available for people who need to go through this process.

Nashua Inpatient Rehab Facilities

Inpatient rehab involves staying at a facility for 28 days while receiving addiction treatment. This is often a person’s first exposure to any type of professional help for substance abuse. Patients will go through detox (in-house if it is available) and will participate in therapy and other activities.

Long-Term Rehabilitation Programs

In some cases, 28 days does not allow enough time for people to work through the healing process; at least not to the extent that they can avoid relapsing when they leave treatment. In cases like those, long-term rehab is highly recommended.

Long-term rehab programs allow their patients to stay for several months while they recover. They receive intensive therapy and often work with a case manager who helps them prepare for life outside of rehab.

Outpatient Treatment Options in Nashua

Outpatient rehab is also available, but please keep in mind that not all types of outpatient services are appropriate for everyone. For example, outpatient therapy is often best utilized as a form of follow-up after completing a higher level of care.

The following are all outpatient rehab options that are available in Nashua:

Additional Support for Addiction Recovery

There are also other ways for people to get support for addiction recovery in Nashua. Sober living homes are available to provide safe places for people to live as they attend treatment programs. Residents often have to pay rent if it is not covered by insurance, and abide by certain house rules. They need to be enrolled and attending an outpatient rehab program such as an IOP.

12-Step programs and support groups can be a wonderful source of support for people in recovery as well. In Nashua, people have access to:


Our treatment programs are custom tailored to your specific needs. One phone call is all it takes to start your recovery from drug & alcohol dependency

Learn More About Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It is very easy to get started with rehab at SpringBoard Recovery:

  1. Fill out our Verify Your Insurance Form or talk with one of our admissions representatives.
  2. Talk with a clinician to discuss your treatment plan.
  3. Stay at one of our sober living homes in Arizona as you attend rehab.
  4. Finish your addiction recovery program.
  5. Join our Alumni group.
  6. Live a health and sober life.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we welcome people from all over the United States, and we frequently have clients from Nashua, New Hampshire. We know how hard it can be to find quality addiction treatment, and we are here to help those who need it.

Have you been putting off getting the help you need for your drug or alcohol addiction? Now is the time to take that first step and ask for professional support.

Would you like to know more about traveling to Arizona for rehab at SpringBoard Recovery? Or do you have questions about the drug and alcohol treatment options in Nashua, New Hampshire? We can help. Please contact us today.

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