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Eradicating Addiction through a Mesa Detox Center

Mesa Detox Center

About 8 million people in the United States are alcohol dependent. This is alarming because there has been an increase in the number of people who have episodes of withdrawal who needed treatment every year. Meanwhile, Arizona placed 12th among the cities with a high mortality rate when it comes to drug overdose according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And Mesa, being the third-largest city in Arizona, is not exempted in this case. This is where a qualified and reputable Mesa Detox Center can help.

Substance abuse has also been a prevalent case and it poses harm not only to the individual but to their family and community. It is important to find help from a rehabilitation facility that takes care of your loved ones from the first step of the way – from detoxification to achieving a sober life. Checking in on a Mesa detox center is your one step ahead of not being included in the statistics stated above.

Our Mesa, AZ Focused Addiction Treatment

In combating alcohol or drug abuse, the program or intervention comes in various forms and methodologies. Oftentimes, it will be based on the individual’s case of addiction. A holistic approach to helping the client find their sobriety is full of work for both the rehab center and the client. We at SpringBoard Recovery want to make the process easier but efficient at the same time. We want to provide your loved ones the quality of life even undergoing this brave process.

Remove Bad Vibes and Bad People

Of all the many treatment modalities, there is one step that has been constant since. That is detoxification. Elimination of the harmful substance in the body is the very first thing to do. In order for the whole system to get ahold of the treatment programs, the toxins, aka the “bad vibes”, must be removed first and foremost. This is managed by medical professionals to ensure the client’s safety, which is the utmost priority.

Before detox, the client’s medical condition is assessed. Risk factors for withdrawal are taken into consideration, and even alcohol or drug-related problems like liver disease and gastrointestinal bleeding, to name a few. It is a rigorous process aimed at lessening the complications brought about by substance abuse. As a mesa detox facility, we take pride in applying such a holistic approach because we know how well the body system is interrelated with one another.

Symptoms of Addiction Withdrawal

Within hours or so after alcohol or substance cessation, the client may experience withdrawal. When the addicting substances are removed from your system, your brain and body suddenly try to recuperate. Your body is like a machine that has not been used and untamed for such a while, then suddenly restarted and it tries to catch up at full speed.

Symptoms of withdrawal vary from person to person. Common symptoms include but not limited to:

  • Shaking
  • Nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Tremulousness or Palpitations
  • Mild anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal upset

At this stage, it is recommended for the client to get all the support that he needs. For detox, a medically supervised setting is recommended to ensure that a reliable support network is with the client 24 hours a day. SpringBoard Recovery is a mesa detox center that can be with your loved ones any time of the day. Our management of withdrawal includes supportive care, nutritional supplementation, provision of intravenous fluids to avoid dehydration, and regular clinical assessment of the client’s vital signs.

The client should be in a quiet, peaceful environment. External factors can trigger withdrawal symptoms, and we want to avoid as much as we can to give them the time and pace that they need. We offer sober living where your loved ones can enjoy the amenities that we have all throughout the process. Our programs are tailored to help them get back to their responsibilities, may it be personal or social. We have individual and group counseling, meditation classes, art, and yoga therapy as a treatment for the body, soul, and mind.

Achieving Sobriety After  Mesa Detox Center Treatment

The challenge that comes after surpassing the withdrawal stage is achieving sobriety. Physicians from our rehabilitation center will continuously diagnose any disorder or obstacles that limits you from getting a sober life. Any symptoms of relapse will be taken into account. We know that recovery from addiction is not a one-man process. Our multidisciplinary team is your guiding light to restore and heal yourself.

Why You Should Live a Sober Life

  • Sobriety gives you more time. It gives you a manageable and drama-free life. You will be surprised to know that you can do so much and experience life way better than you ever had.
  • Sickness and physical discomfort aka hangovers are no longer part of your stress-free life. You can now go to any adventure or family or friends’ gatherings that you missed a while back because of hangovers.
  • You can gain relationships that are true and last a lifetime. Family and friends who have supported you in your battle have been there for a reason. And as such reason that does not easily waver, you’ll be sure to find a lasting relationship you were not able to see before.
  • A sober life gives you a healthy body, mind, and soul. What better way to celebrate life than having a healthy one? You will realize some negative things are just on your mind. With a clear head, you can focus on being a better person who takes care of his body more than anything else.
  • You find purpose in life. Your perspective will definitely change for the better. As your head starts to clear, you get to appreciate the most important things in life. You can build your goals and plan on achieving them one step at a time.

Nothing good comes out from depending on alcohol or drugs. Your addiction may impose greater harm that you yourself may not be aware of. It induces trauma to your loved ones, and you will never know until they are gone out of your life. Addiction may also cause you mental illness. Its progression is out of your hands if you will not start getting help. When you are high, you are not functional, your decision-making is compromised. Worse, your impulsive actions or illogical decisions may lead you to accidents or injuries, even death.

Achieving sobriety is not supposed to be difficult. A mesa detox rehab center near you such as ours is going to be with you from the very first step until you get your life back.


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