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Mesa Addiction Treatment

Your health and your future are two of the most important aspects of your life and it is only wise that you are putting your money to good use in order to improve them. It is necessary that you make the right choices in improving yourself and selecting the best choice for your Mesa treatment and rehabilitation program for drug abuse and alcoholism so you can have a brighter tomorrow. The Web is a good place to start if you want to learn more about what you can do for yourself and for your future. Admitting to others that you have a problem and need help is also a good step. In fact, we at SpringBoard Recovery encourage those with drug and alcohol problems to acknowledge the fact that they have a problem and need help — because only then can we help patients get on track in their road to recovery.

Understanding Your Addiction

Addiction affects people from all walks of life. Experts have tried to find out the factors that may likely cause one’s addiction, such as genetics, sex, race, or socioeconomics. However, they were never able to come up with a single cause.

Here at SpringBoard Recovery, we give our best in helping our patients recover, whether it be from drug addiction or alcohol addiction or both. Distinctively, drug addiction is defined as compulsive, out-of-control drug use, despite negative consequences. This is a different concept from people who are substance-dependent due to sickness and diseases. Under drug addiction, an addictive drug is considered as a substance that is both rewarding and reinforcing.

On the other hand, alcohol addiction or sometimes called r alcohol abuse is a state wherein a person continues to drink despite knowing that the act of drinking is already causing problems. Continuing this could most likely lead to alcohol dependence or alcoholism, which is the physical and mental addiction — in other words, one has already developed a constant, consistently  strong need or craving to consume alcohol.

Most people try to recover from their addiction by themselves or with the help of loved ones. Others seek Mesa treatment facilities since sometimes, those who need drug and alcohol treatment the most are often the ones who can’t control it. Whether it be alcohol or drug addiction, we can assure that the results will be very promising and that our staff and experts would never give up on you.

Select Your Own Path To Recovery

Here at SpringBoard Recovery, multiple activities are provided for the maximum development and recovery of our patients. Since every one of us is considered unique, each activity is designed to fit every person’s character, health, and psychological capacity, providing a more stable and effective means to the patient’s road to recovery. These programs are specifically designed to work with your schedule and lifestyle while achieving your goal to a full recovery.

Our program consists of:

  • Outpatient Counseling

This is a program that provides you with all the benefits you can get out of therapy without having to check into rehab. It encourages you to look deeper within yourself and explore the factors that caused you to become an addict, while training you to garner skills that can help remove and cope with your addiction.

  • Individual Counseling

With this program, you are paired with a trained and licensed counselor who specializes in addiction. In this counseling session, the patient is in control: You can explore various facets of your addiction to help you understand, manage, and remove it completely — whether the addiction was triggered during your childhood or if more recent factors may have been the cause or may have contributed to your addiction. The sessions are totally confidential and our therapists are people that you will feel comfortable with. They will be there every step of the way without judging you or controlling you. They are only here to help and guide you come back to a sober life.

  • Group Counseling

This program consists of one or more therapists and others who are suffering from the same addiction you. You’ll be discussing many of the same issues you would discuss in individual counseling. The difference is that, rather than relying solely on the thoughts of a single therapist, the group sets the agenda. Members may offer feedback, opinions, and advice. Additionally, group dynamics can help the therapist explore important issues faced by each group member. If one member has been consistently excluded or bullied, for instance, the therapist can directly address this in group therapy sessions.

Before any of these programs are conducted, the body is subject to a process called detoxification to free it from chemicals. This is because drugs will often leave side effects and withdrawal symptoms since the body has become so used to the drugs or alcohol. Detoxification can help lessen the symptoms before starting with the program proper. All of these are paired with a sober living space, giving our patients a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. Our top-notch facilities and amenities provide a safe and nurturing environment during treatment and allows our patients to get healthy and recover without upsetting their daily routine.

Welcome Your Better Days With The Help Of SpringBoard Recovery

After a promising recovery at Springboard Recovery, you can finally start your way to welcoming better days for you and your loved ones. All of the pain and hardships brought about by addiction will finally be lifted from your shoulders. We recognize that creating a new life after addiction is not easy. That’s the reason for the entire existence of Springboard Recovery. We pride ourselves with the help we could give to our patients in order for them to recover and create a better outlook, career, future, and life. Our programs encourage our patients to look into their own capabilities and discover their own person — and for them to discover the future that has always been there, simply hidden behind the curtains of addiction.


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