Mesa Addiction Rehab

Mesa Addiction Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Mesa Addiction Rehab

So you’ve decided to finally come clean and regain control over your life, or you probably know someone who could use a hand in their journey to recovery. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Rehabilitation from either alcohol or substance abuse (or both) is no easy task. As they say, the first step is always the hardest. But by being here, you are one step closer to your goal. By acknowledging that you are no longer in control and by seeking help, you have already accomplished one of the greatest hurdles in your journey to a clean life.

Our Mesa Addiction Rehab Recovery Programs

To be able to suit our patients’ needs, we have several programs perfect for every type of patient. Choose from Outpatient Counseling, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, or Structured Sober Living. Each program is designed depending on the patient’s needs.

Outpatient Counselling provides the benefits of therapy without the need to check in to a rehab facility. Individual Counselling, similarly, allows patients to explore with a trained counselor and identify the root cause of their problems. Like the first two, Group Therapy allows the patients to understand their problems, except that it is done in a group of about 5-6 people. Here, the group sets the agenda and members can offer feedback, opinions, and advice. And lastly, Structure Sober Living is when patients check in to rehab in order to completely overhaul their life. It is the most efficient method of recovery because patients are guided every step of the way.

Start Living a Sober Life

Here at SpringBoard Recovery, we understand your struggles. We know that habits are hard to break and commitments are difficult to uphold. This is why we have developed a 12-step recovery plan and integrated it with several integral life skills and personal development workshops that will hopefully encourage our clients to rediscover themselves in the process.

Knowing that each person has his own needs as well as abilities, we do our best in reaching out to our clients, making sure to work at their own pace and level, so as to get the best possible results.

The Recovery Plan

Our clients at SpringBoard Recovery benefit from a structured program that consistently and constantly guides them throughout the duration of their recovery. The program consists of the following activities, in no particular order:

  • Morning meditation
  • Personal goal setting
  • Daily responsibilities
  • House management
  • Daily 12-step meetings
  • School, work, or volunteering activities
  • Individual and group accountability activities
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Random drug screenings
  • Review of daily activities

Each of the activities are carefully designed to assist in maintaining our clients’ sobriety throughout and even beyond their stay.

Amenities at SpringBoard Recovery, Mesa Addiction Rehab Center

In order to ensure the optimum living conditions for detox and rehabilitation of clients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, it is only natural to provide a homely atmosphere that can serve as a sanctuary throughout the recovery.

For our clients, there are a number of amenities available at our facilities. These include:

  • Yoga studio
  • Swimming pool
  • Coffee service
  • Gourmet kitchen
  • Outdoor grill
  • Sizeable and classy living space

These features are made available to promote comfort and a sense of peace among our clients during their stay.

Additional Services

Aside from the excellent treatment program design and amazing facilities, SpringBoard Recovery also offers additional services that are aimed at addressing the various needs of our clients. As such, all clients are encouraged to participate in the many professional therapy and counseling services available at the center. SpringBoard Recovery has a wide network of licensed and accredited professionals in different fields, which can help you in your quest for a sober life. Other services also include:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Naturopathic counseling
  • Individual therapy
  • Therapeutic referrals based on need
  • Life coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Addiction health care

Aside from those listed above, the center also offers several other services, including clinical evaluations, detox referrals, inpatient treatment referrals, yoga in treatment, art therapy in treatment, as well as treatments and recovery plans for co-occurring disorders, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, meth addiction, and even prescription drug addiction.

With our extensive offering, we can ensure that our clients can have a smooth transition to a happy and sober life.

Free Addiction Assessment Done by an Addiction Expert

Those interested in rebuilding their lives can take the initial steps by getting a free addiction assessment care from the experts we have at the SpringBoard Recovery. This assessment is 100% free, with no obligation, and is absolutely confidential.

The assessment is done via a 20 to a 30-minute phone conversation between the guest/client and the professional at SpringBoard Recovery. The conversation will cover important questions regarding the client’s situation, which will help the expert in determining whether treatment is required and the other options available to the client. This call will also help decide whether a detox is necessary prior to the treatment (if required). Aside from this, the expert will also be able to refer the interested guest to a local clinician if he deems it to be requisite.

You can have an addiction expert call you for a 100% confidential phone consultation and assessment by filling out a form available on

The Best Mesa Addiction Rehab

May it be gambling, smoking, or in this case, substance and alcohol abuse, it is never easy to let go of a bad habit. It takes a lot of determination and resolve to be able to come clean and turn your life around. Aside from that, it also helps to have a supportive and nurturing environment during your treatment and recovery, and that is where SpringBoard Recovery comes in.

With our excellent treatment program, sufficient facility, and supportive professionals, residents of Mesa, Arizona who are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction get access to one of the best facilities for recovery and can definitely reclaim their lives.

If money is an issue, it is important to note that most drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities normally accept most insurance plans. Major insurance such as Cigna, AmeriHealth, Oxford Health Plans, Humana, Aetna, Health Net, United Behavioral Health, Optum Health, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare, and United HealthCare are accepted at SpringBoard Recovery. These plans can cover the costs of the treatment so you can rest assured that you will have little or no out of pocket fees at all.

With this, we hope that your mind will be more at ease in choosing to start your or a loved one’s treatment. Choose the best treatment and recovery facility in your area and have a smooth transition to your second chance at life.

Call us now and get the help you need. Don’t delay. Your healing can start today.