East Side Alateen

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: First Unitarian Church 1 Benevolent St. Providence, RI

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Monday Night Alateen

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: First Congregational Church 207 Main St. Spencer, MA

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The Sweet Talkers Alateen

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: First Church of Christ 5 Meetinghouse Ln. Woodbridge, CT

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I Can’t We Can Alateen

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: First Congregational Church 26 Meeting House Ln. Madison, CT

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Florence Alateen Group

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: Florence Congregational Church 130 Pine St. Florence, MA

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Open Arms Alateen

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: Gather In Farm 225 Purgatory Rd. Campbell Hall, NY

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Courage to be Me Alateen

Times: 10:00 am

Address: Greendale People’s Church 25 Francis St. Worcester, MA

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The Need for Alateen Meetings in Springfield, Massachusetts

Drug and alcohol addiction can be extremely difficult. Not only does it affect the addict, but their loved ones as well. It can leave the family asking many questions and not really knowing how to cope. Just as it is important for a person struggling with an addiction to have resources for treatment, loved ones need resources as well. Alateen offers them for young people.

Alateen is a program specifically for youth who have loved ones in their lives struggling with an alcohol addiction. Alcoholism can be a confusing thing, and questions can come up from the loved ones. Alateen provides a safe place for teens, aged 13-18, to come and share their experiences with one another while giving them hope and strength in their situations.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics for Springfield, Massachusetts

The city of Springfield is located in Hampden County, Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts continues to have one of the highest substance abuse rates in the country. According to its most recent Health Needs Assessment, taken in 2019:

  • 7% of 8th graders reported drinking alcohol.
  • 7% of adults over the age of 65 reported substance abuse in the state of Massachusetts, with 9% reported in the city of Springfield.
  • Hampden County saw a rise of opioid deaths between 2000-2017.
  • Between 2016-2017, there was a rise in overdoses deaths.
  • In 86% of opioid deaths, fentanyl was present.

Specifically to the City of Springfield:

  • The city of Springfield has some of the highest substance abuse rates in the state of Massachusetts.
  • In 2013, 83 per 100,000 deaths occurred due to substance abuse.
  • In 2017, police responded to 368 overdoses.
  • In 2017 of the 5,766 individuals admitted to the hospital, 47.8% reported the use of a needle, 55.6% reported heroin use, and 30.8% reported an alcohol addiction.

Getting Treatment for Addiction at SpringBoard Recovery

We serve the city of Springfield, MA. We understand the process it takes for someone to find and get the right kind of help for their addiction. While it may seem easier to get help in a home city or state, we know that sometimes it is better to get treatment away from one’s home environment.

Some people’s homes are not conducive to their recovery, and it may hold them back from getting help or create more problems after treatment. Some people may want a brand new start, as they begin their path to recovery. That is why we are here.

Located in the beautiful city of Scottsdale, Arizona, SpringBoard Recovery offers a variety of different rehabilitation options. Whether the person is looking for outpatient therapy or even sober living homes, we can help them find the correct kind of treatment they need.

Contact us today, if you or a loved one is ready to make the step towards recovery.