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SMART Recovery Meetings in Globe, Arizona

Sadly, there are many people living in Globe, Arizona who have gotten addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are many resources available to help them, and SMART Recovery is just one of them. There, they can get support from a group of people who know exactly what they are going through.

SMART Recovery meetings are a way for people to realize that there is hope for recovery. It is quite easy to find a meeting in Globe, Arizona.

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is very different from what people might find when they attend AA or NA meetings. Instead of focusing on the 12 Steps of Recovery, SMART takes a more scientific approach to help people make significant and lasting changes in their lives. They also offer weekly support group meetings that are both in-person and online. Their goal is to empower people to make changes so that their lives go from self-destructive and unhappy to constructive and satisfying.

SMART Recovery bases their system on their 4-Point Program, which emphasizes:

  1. Building and maintaining the motivation to change one’s life.
  2. Learning how to cope with urges to use drugs and alcohol.
  3. Managing behaviors, feelings and thoughts without the use of substances.
  4. How to live a positive, healthy, balanced life.

This program helps people learn what they believe about themselves, which may not always be helpful or edifying. Once they know their beliefs, they can begin to make changes so that those beliefs can be adjusted. SMART Recovery offers many great resources on their website as well.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Facts and Statistics for Globe, Arizona

There is no denying that Gila County has seen its fair share of alcohol and drug abuse problems over the last several years. According to an article on the Payson Round-Up website:

  • In 2018, about 80% of the arrests in the county were for the possession of illegal substances.
  • Marijuana is still a key factor in many of the arrests in the county.
  • Arrests for both meth and heroin use have been on the rise in recent months.
  • In the State of Arizona, 1,200 out of every 100,000 residents is arrested for drug-related crimes.
  • This accounts for about 21% of state prisoners and about 55% of federal prisoners.

Alcohol is also a serious problem, and the latest Gila County Profile indicates that 6.8% of women and 10.7% of men regularly participate in heavy drinking behaviors. Binge drinking is common among 11.1% of women and 27.9% of men.

Learn More About the Addiction Recovery Resources in Globe, AZ

At SpringBoard Recovery, we know that support groups are not for everyone. We offer outpatient rehab and sober living for anyone who needs it. We want to do everything we can to help as many people as possible.

There are additional recovery support meetings as well, such as:

Globe AA and Al-Anon meetings

Globe NA meetings

Globe Alateen meetings

Do you have questions about the addiction recovery resources in Globe, Arizona? Please contact us.