Courage to be Me Alateen

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 2310 N. 56th St. Phoenix, AZ

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Serenity for Alateens – Introduction

Times: 6:15 pm

Address: Shadow Rock Church 12861 N. 8th Ave. Phoenix, AZ

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1st Things First Alateen

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church 3450 W. Ray Rd. Chandler, AZ

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Learn How to Live Alateen

Times: 5:00 pm

Address: St. Vincent De Paul 3140 N. 51st Ave. Phoenix, AZ

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Changing What We Can Alateen

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: Gilbert Presbyterian Church 235 E. Guadalupe Rd. Gilbert, AZ

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Alateen Meetings in Glendale, Arizona

The Glendale, Arizona area offers several Alateen meetings for young people with alcoholic loved ones. There are so many people in this area that struggle because of alcohol abuse and addiction. They need to know that help is available. But it is important to not forget their families. Those who have teenagers, young adults or older children at home should consider Alateen meetings for them. They can be so helpful.

Fortunately, there are many meetings taking place locally, so it should be easy to find a meeting in Glendale, Arizona.

What is Alateen?

Alateen is a part of Al-Anon, which is an organization that offers support group meetings to the loved ones of alcoholics. Alateen provides help to young people, including teenagers, young adults and even older children, in some cases. They attend weekly support group meetings, although there are Alateen chat meetings available as well.

For many young people, talking about their struggles with their addicted loved ones is very difficult. They may have friends who do not understand, or they may not want to burden their friends with what they are going through. But at Alateen meetings, everyone understands how hard it is to deal with the challenges of having someone they love fall prey to alcoholism.

Alateen offers young people the chance to share experiences with. They get a listening ear and they benefit by learning new coping skills. These meetings are not for young people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. They are also not an outlet for teens to complain about their parents or other adults.

Alcohol Addiction Statistics in the Glendale, AZ Area

People are often surprised to learn about the increase in alcohol abuse in the Glendale area. But there are so many who are suffering because they do not know how to get help. Banner Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment from 2019 offers some great insight. According to their statistics:

  • As many as 26% of the people in Maricopa County believe that their community is unhealthy.
  • Only 58% believe that it is just somewhat unhealthy.
  • The majority of these individuals believe that alcohol abuse is to blame.
  • Almost 37% of the people in Maricopa County have stated that alcohol and drug abuse were key health issues that were plaguing their community.
  • Close to 43% stated that alcohol abuse was among the riskiest behaviors of people in their community.
  • Of all of the overdose deaths in 2017, the use of meth, opioids and alcohol were most common.

Find Out More About the Addiction Recovery Resources in Glendale, Arizona

At SpringBoard Recovery, our goal is to do everything we can to help people get the freedom they need from addiction. Alateen plays an important role in Glendale, Arizona because it offers a way for young people with alcoholic loved ones to get support.

There are other options available for people as well, such as:

Glendale AA and Al-Anon meetings

Glendale SMART Recovery meetings

Glendale NA meetings

Would you like more information about the addiction recovery resources in the Glendale area? Please contact us.