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SMART Recovery Meetings in Flagstaff, Arizona

Drug and Alcohol addictions can happen to anyone. People can become addicted to prescription drugs while trying to recover from an injury or illness. A social drinker can start to drink more often and then find that they cannot stop. Addiction recovery groups can help people stop the cycle. There are several groups that can help in Flagstaff, Arizona.

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is a science-based program. SMART stands for Self-Management And Recovery Training. The program is designed to teach skills to help someone stop their addiction. SMART views addiction as a behavior to be changed.

At meetings, participants help each other change problems with addictive behaviors. This can be drugs or alcohol. It could be a behavior like overeating or gambling. SMART Recovery avoids labeling people using the terms addict or alcoholic.

Founded in the mid-1990s, SMART Recovery has grown to over 3000 meetings worldwide. People can attend meetings in person and online. Every meeting is free. There are also online message boards that are always available.

SMART recovery uses a four-point system:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  4. Living a balanced life

There are many tools that go along with the four points. Everyone has different needs. There is not a one size fits all solution to addictions. Each person can decide which tools will help them best. Participants can also buy books on the website to go along with the tools.

Is There a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Problem in Flagstaff, Arizona?

Flagstaff is in Coconino county, Arizona. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office reported finding a large number of drugs during a traffic stop on April 2, 2021. Passengers in the vehicle had warrants for their arrest. During a search of the vehicle, deputies found 97 pounds of meth, 7.5 pounds of heroin, and some cocaine and fentanyl pills.

The Community Health Assessment for Coconino County from December 2020, shows some statistics for the county.

  • In 2018 three out of every five accidental poisoning deaths were drug-related
  • 46% of drug overdose deaths in the county included multiple drugs
  • Alcohol was involved in 84% of all liver disease /cirrhosis deaths

The Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office annual report from 2019 listed the following amounts of drug-related deaths that came through their office:

  • 30 overdose deaths in 2016
  • 38 overdose deaths in 2017
  • 39 overdose deaths in 2018
  • 24 overdose deaths in 2019

Get More Information About Addiction Recovery Meetings in Flagstaff, Arizona

The goal of SpringBoard Recovery is to help each person get the addiction recovery support that they need. The Coconino County statistics show the need for people to connect with addiction recovery groups. There is a SMART Recovery program near Flagstaff, Arizona. Please contact us today for more information.