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What is SMART Recovery?

Self-Management And Recovery Training or SMART Recovery, is an organization that supports those who are struggling with any addiction, including drug and alcohol substance abuse. The program itself is science-based and focuses on recovery through self-empowerment.

A few facts about SMART Recovery:

  • Teaches scientifically validated methods that were created to help the person feel empowered to change their life into a more positive lifestyle.
  • SMART Recovery is built around their 4-Point Program. These 4 points focus on motivation, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.
  • People with any type of substance abuse or addictive activity are welcome to meetings.
  • People of all ages are welcome to participate in SMART Recovery.
  • Meetings are straightforward and organized.
  • SMART Recovery is almost entirely volunteer lead.
  • Meeting coordinators have either had addiction problems or have not and are trained to follow SMART Recovery’s program.
  • Meetings are free.
  • Smart Recovery is an international program, found all throughout the world.

SMART Recovery is not just a peer-support group, but also adds the element of a scientific approach to addiction. The program heavily emphasizes self-empowerment and self-reliance. Each person gets to personalize their time with SMART Recovery and it can be used as a stand-alone program or combined with different recovery strategies.

SMART Recovery is an excellent program for people searching to begin their walk for substance abuse recovery. SMART Recovery gives people the chance to face their addiction head-on using practical tools and giving the person a support system as they go through the healing process.

There are several SMART Recovery meetings happening in and near Eloy, AZ each week.

The needs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment and Support in Eloy, AZ- Statistics

Eloy, AZ is located in Pinal County, Arizona. According to the 2020 Pinal County Community Health Needs Assessment:

  • 10% of students consume 5+ drinks in a row within a month’s time.
  • Alcohol was reported to be the most used substance by youths.
  • 56% of people reported that either a loved one or themselves has had experience with alcohol addiction or abuse.
  • 44% of people reported experiencing a drug-related circumstance.
  • 59% of people requested resources and programs for children/ teenagers about alcohol and drug abuse.
  • 70% of people reported that alcohol misuse or abuse was a significant, risky behavior in the community.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse ranked #2 in the overall significant health problems Pinal County, AZ is facing currently.

Support Groups vs. Professional Treatment- Which is Better?

When it comes to substance abuse and rehabilitation, each person’s journey is going to be specific and tailored to them, this includes the particular route of treatment they may end choosing. Inpatient rehabilitation is an excellent option for people who are able to completely give time to their recovery journey. By being onsite at a treatment center, the patient will be able to fully focus on the process they are going through. But, what about if they cannot attend inpatient treatment?

There are many reasons why a patient might choose an outpatient treatment or support group option during their recovery journey. Sometimes, a person cannot put their life on hold during the recovery process. Living at an inpatient treatment center requires time away from family, job, and day-to-day life. Perhaps the addiction they are dealing with might not necessarily require inpatient treatment, their addiction may be mild so attending a support group gives them what they are searching for. Support groups also tend to be significantly cheaper options as well, oftentimes being free and donation based. These are some reasons why outpatient treatment and support groups is a great treatment option. Support groups, like SMART Recovery, are excellent ways for people to fully embrace recovery, like an inpatient treatment program, and continue their day to day lives without interruption.

The SMART Recovery Program is one such treatment option for people who cannot or do not need to attend inpatient treatment. They offer a wide variety of meeting times and other resources that the person attending can have access to. Because of their set up, a person can attend as many meetings as often as needed throughout each week. Not only do they offer mutual support for addicts, but they also offer resources for loved ones, as well as people who want to help those who may be struggling with an addiction. Their science-based program has offered great help to those who have struggled with addiction in any form. Because of all this, the SMART Recovery Program is a great treatment option for those seeking help.

It is important to speak to professionals about treatment options, as they can help assess and point the person in the correct direction.

Get More Information About Recovery Meetings in or Near Eloy, AZ

Here at SpringBoard Recovery, we understand that each person seeking treatment is in need of help, whether that is attending inpatient treatment or a support group. No one should be confused about how to get help. We want to support you in your treatment journey.

We understand that choosing treatment is a big step in a person’s recovery journey. We also know that not everyone is going to be a candidate for inpatient treatment. Regardless of this, we want to help and provide resources for those who are making the right step to get help. This also includes resources and support group options for people who have loved ones struggling with an addiction. Along with information about SMART Recovery meeting options in and around Eloy, AZ, you can also find information on other meetings happening here as well:

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction and are looking for help, Contact Us today. We are here to help.