New Life Methodist Church

Times: 7:00 PM

Address: 25 West 5th Avenue Columbus, OH

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Lower Lights Community Church of the Nazarene

Times: 10:00 PM

Address: 1066 Bellows Avenue Columbus, OH

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Stone Village Church

Times: 6:30 PM

Address: 139 East 2nd Avenue Columbus, OH

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Shiloh Baptist Church

Times: 12:00 PM

Address: 720 Mount Vernon Avenue Columbus, OH

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Just For Today Drop in Center

Times: 8:00 PM

Address: 1008 East Livingston Avenue Columbus, OH

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Parkside Lodge

Times: 7:30 PM

Address: 349 Olde Ridenour Road Gahanna, OH

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Times: 6:30 PM

Address: 1791 Alum Creek Drive Columbus, OH

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What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step based program that began in 1953 as a fellowship of men and women who had problems with drugs. NA is a global community based organization of recovering addicts. This community meets regularly to help each other remain sober and clean from drugs.

NA is a support group that is free and anonymous. The only requirement is the desire to stop using drugs. NA does consider alcohol a drug, so those with alcohol abuse issues are welcome to attend these meetings.

NA has meetings available all over the globe, including meetings in and around the Columbus, OH area each week.

What to Expect at a NA Meeting

It is normal to be nervous the first time attending an NA meeting. The key is to keep attending until you feel more comfortable. Everyone was new at first and understands those feelings.

Types of NA Meetings

There are two types of meetings that NA holds. While both respect privacy, one might be more suited for someone over the other.

Open meetings are for people who have a drug problem as well as for their loved ones to attend. This type of meeting allows for support and encouragement from family and friends to help in the recovery process.

Closed meetings are for addicts only. These meetings allow for more private support as it is solely attended by those going through the recovery process or maintaining sobriety.

NA Meeting Formats

There are several formats that each NA group can use for the meetings:

  • Participation Meetings: the group leader allows members to share on any topic related to addiction recovery.
  • Topic Discussion Meetings: one particular recovery-related topic is chosen and discussed at each meeting.
  • Study Meetings: A study meeting can be discussing a particular portion of any NA-approved book.
  • Speaker Meetings: During this meeting, one or more speakers share their recovery experience or talk about a specific aspect of recovery.
  • Newcomer Meetings: these meetings give addicts new to the NA group an introduction to how the group works
  • Question and Answer meetings: During these meetings, people write down recovery-related questions and put them in a basket. The leader pulls a question and one or two people share their experience. This meeting allows for discussions on topics that may not come up in a regular conversational meeting.

It is up to the local NA group to decide what type of meeting to have and how often meetings will be held. Participants are encouraged to be active during meetings to help support one another in remaining clean.

There are some local NA groups that may be only for specific groups, such as women or gay or lesbian groups. These meetings are closed to only these groups, so they have a safe space to focus on their recovery and have peer support for issues they may be facing.

Why is Attending Addiction Recovery Meetings Important?

Attending recovery meetings when working to maintain sobriety has been found to be important for a number of reasons. The most important factor in sobriety seems to be peer support. It is a crucial factor for people to not feel alone in the recovery and healing process which occurs when working on overcoming addictions.

Peer to peer support is what NA meetings are based on. Fellowship with those who have been in the same position can be beneficial to new members. Peer support is an important part of the recovery process.

Attending meetings can also help improve coping skills, build social support and allow participants to put what they have learned to use. Meetings allow participants to offer support based on skills that have been learned, and other people’s experiences can be very valuable.

Drug Use Statistics in Columbus, OH

In Franklin County, OH, drug use and cases of unintentional overdoses ending in death are on the rise. The most recent data shows 123 deaths for the 2nd quarter of 2021. In the last 3 months of 2020, there were over 800 ER visits for suspected overdoses.

The rates of these incidences show more males than females by only a slight margin. The age groups for these ER visits range from under 18 to over 65 with the highest category being the 18-34-year-old population.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

People often choose to travel from Boston MA to SpringBoard Recovery for drug and alcohol rehab.

  • Needing to find an addiction treatment program that accepts their health insurance plans.
  • Being away from home allows for more focus on recovering from addiction. Alleviating day to day stress by being in a new environment can be helpful as well.
  • A fresh start in a new environment creates new habits and can aid in the recovery process and help it go smoother.
  • Recovering in an area that is free from triggers and people that might derail their attempts at recovery.
  • Some people require anonymity and going through a program in their home area may not be private.
  • A comfortable climate and environment for treatment can lead to a healthier lifestyle and healthier habits.
  • Studies have shown being away from home enables one to more likely stay the course through the first days of withdrawal symptoms. Having professional staff onsite in a facility to help with these symptoms is beneficial as well.

SpringBoard Recovery is able to offer recovery housing for those who live out of state, as well as our addiction treatment program. We are here to help. Please contact us today to learn more. We would be happy to see if our program is a fit for you and your individual recovery needs.