Spiritual Awakening Breakfast Group

Times: 9:00 am

Address: The Lighthouse 291 S. Paint Street Chillicothe, Ohio

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Serenity’s Gateway

Times: 3:30 pm

Address: Country Lane and Garden 7820 Pleasantville Road Northeast Thornville, Ohio

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Wave Three

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: Grove City United Methodist Church 2650 Columbus St. Grove City, Ohio

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Nelsonville Buckeye Group

Times: 8:00 pm

Address: Doctors Hospital Nelsonville Clinic 1950 St. Mary’s Drive Nelsonville, Ohio

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Indianola Big Book Study Group

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: Maynard Ave Methodist Church 2350 Indianola Avenue Columbus, Ohio

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Tenth Step and Beyond

Times: 5:30 pm

Address: St Mark’s Episcopal Church 2151 Dorset Rd Columbus, Ohio

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Belpre Big Book

Times: 8:30 pm

Address: Belpre Congregational Church 228 Main Street Belpre, Ohio

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Spiritual Awakenings

Times: 7:00 am

Address: All Saints Lutheran Church 6770 N High Street Worthington, Ohio

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Wednesday Night Big Book Study Meeting

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: Selby General Hospital 1106 Colegate Drive Marietta, Ohio

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Twin City AA

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: Morgan County Courthouse 19 East Main Street McConnelsville, Ohio

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Nelsonville Thursday Nite Serenity

Times: 8:00 pm

Address: First United Methodist Church 205 W. Columbus Street Nelsonville, Ohio

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Sunday Night AFG

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: First Congregational Church 318 Front Street Marietta, Ohio

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Athens Monday Noon AFG

Times: 12:00 pm

Address: First Presbyterian Church 2 North Court Street Athens, Ohio

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Lancaster Monday Night 12 Step AFG

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: St Mark’s Catholic Church 324 Gay Street Lancaster, Ohio

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Let it Begin With Me AFG

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: St Paul’s Episcopal Church 33 E Main Street Chillicothe, Ohio

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Athens Tues Night AFG

Times: 7:30 pm

Address: Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 64 University Terrace Athens, Ohio

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McArthur AFG

Times: 6:30 pm

Address: McArthur Presbyterian Church 109 North Boundary Street McArthur, Ohio

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Tuesday Night Recovery AFG

Times: 6:30 pm

Address: First Congregational Church 318 Front Street Marietta, Ohio

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Thursday Night Step Meeting AFG

Times: 7:00 pm

Address: Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd 64 University Terrace Athens, Ohio

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Buckeye Lake AFG

Times: 8:00 pm

Address: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church 5133 Walnut Road Buckeye Lake, Ohio

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What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a fellowship of men and women who come together to support each other in recovery from alcoholism.

AA was founded in 1935 by two men who offered support to one another to help each other stop drinking. They found that the concept of peer support worked, and so, AA was born.

Today, it is possible to find AA meetings all over the world, including in Athens, Ohio.

AA meetings are available to anyone who has a desire to stop drinking. That is the only requirement as there are no membership fees or dues required.

The meetings are facilitated by people who are also in recovery, but they are usually much farther along in the program than the newcomers who join.

When people come to AA meetings, they find a warm and welcoming environment where they do not have to worry about being judged because of their pasts.

There are many different types of AA meetings, and they include:

  • Open meetings – Anyone can attend these meetings even if they do not have a drinking problem.
  • Closed meetings – These meetings are available for alcoholics, but they are closed to any visitors.
  • Demographic-specific meetings – There are meetings available for specific groups of people, such as members of the LGBTQ community, men, women and young people.
  • Beginner’s meetings – Going to a beginner’s meeting can be helpful for those who have never been to AA before.
  • 12-Step meetings – They follow the 12 Steps of recovery that are outlined through AA.
  • Big Book Study meetings – These meetings are focused on studying the Big Book of AA.
  • Online meetings – There are many AA meetings taking place online every week.

What Happens During AA Meetings?

During an AA meeting, any of the following may occur:

  • Participants may be assigned sponsors, which are other AA members who have been sober longer. Their job is to provide additional support.
  • Members may be asked to share openly or on certain topics.
  • There may be special speakers and participants are invited to come and listen to them speak.
  • There may be special potluck dinners or times set aside for snacks and socializing.
  • Participants may have the opportunity to lend their support to others.

Every AA meeting is different, so it is important for people to find one with a format that works well for them.

People who are new to AA are often nervous about being put on the spot or embarrassed. That is never the intention of meeting leaders.

New people are more than welcome to simply introduce themselves and then listen to others share during the meeting until they feel comfortable sharing themselves.

What is Al-Anon?

Al-Anon is an organization that was formed for the purpose of providing support to the loved ones of alcoholics or addicts.

This type of help is desperately needed because there are a lot of struggling and hurting families. Quite often, families end up enabling their loved ones’ addictive behavior without realizing it.

When they attend Al-Anon, they learn about enabling and they find new ways to cope with the challenges they are facing.

Attending weekly meetings can also help them by giving them an outlet where they can share about what they are going through with other people who understand.

There are several options available to people for Al-Anon meetings, and they include:

  • Open meetings – Anyone is welcome to attend, including visitors or may not have addicted or alcoholic loved ones.
  • Closed meetings – These meetings are available for members and prospective members only.
  • Regular meetings – Typically, there are special speakers at these types of meetings.
  • Beginners meetings – Topics focus on issues that pertain to new people.
  • Alateen meetings – These are meetings for young people, including teenagers, young adults and sometimes older children as well.
  • Literature meetings – These meetings focus on Al-Anon literature.
  • Gay/Lesbian meetings – Anyone can attend, but the subject matter is focused on gay and lesbian-specific issues.
  • Parents meetings – These are meetings that are focused on parents and the unique challenges they face when they have a child with a substance abuse problem.
  • Meditation meetings – These meetings operate like normal meetings, but they include time set aside for quiet meditation.
  • Men’s and Women’s Meetings – These meetings are specifically for men or women.

What Happens During Al-Anon Meetings?

Because there are so many different types of Al-Anon meetings, this is a hard question to answer.

But people do need to know two important things about Al-Anon:

  1. They are not intended to provide support to people with substance abuse problems. They are for their family members only.
  2. Al-Anon meetings are intended to provide support to people as they struggle to cope with a loved one with alcoholism or addiction. Depending on the type of meeting, this can look very different.

New participants do not have to feel worried about what they will say or do at an Al-Anon meeting. They find the environment to be very supportive and encouraging.

How Can Attending a Support Group Meeting Help With Recovery?

Even though getting professional support for addiction is important, peer support is also critical for recovery.

Going to a support group helps people realize that they are not alone in their struggles. It also provides them with connections to people who can help them.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for Alcohol and Drug Rehab

It has become very popular for people to travel to go to drug and alcohol rehab, and Arizona is a common destination. This could be because of the warmer climate or the scenic views, which can both be conducive to healing and recovery.

We have found that there are a few reasons why people might want to travel from Athens, Ohio to go to rehab in Arizona. They include:

  • Wanting to get away from the stress of home and go somewhere where they can focus on recovering.
  • Leaving behind potential triggers that could lead to a relapse.
  • Wanting to relocate to escape a dangerous or unhealthy home environment.
  • Having insurance that will not cover any local treatment options.
  • Desiring to try a different treatment method that is not available locally.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we want people to know that they are not alone in their struggles with addiction. Help is available through our addiction treatment program, recovery housing and through AA and Al-Anon meetings. Contact us today to learn more.