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Appleton, WI – Smart Recovery Meetings

What is Smart Recovery?

Smart Recovery is a scientific, self-help program to aid people in overcoming addictions. Smart stands for Self Management And Recovery and helps people with all kinds of addictions. There are programs to strengthen family, significant others, and friends in your recovery process as well.

SMART has a 4 Point Process. This process teaches participants about the power from within to change their own lives. This scientific-based program helps people discover self-fulfillment and how to live a balanced life.

4 Point Process:

  • Empowering individuals to build and maintain self-management from within
  • Coping with urges to return to addiction
  • Managing thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors while breaking addictions and afterword
  • Choosing to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle

One of the most important steps in SMART Recovery is for people to choose to abstain from the use of addictive behavior. This is a choice that can only be made within. Even the smallest, “Yes,” is a powerful step toward recovery!

SMART Recovery understands the process it takes to help someone get healthy and stay healthy! By empowering participants to consider positive thought patterns, emotions and behaviors, SMART Recovery helps someone toward living a long-term satisfactory life.

SMART Recovery uses scientific knowledge and is continually staying up to date on the newest research to help others.

SMART Recovery is global in its outreach and has a local meeting place in Appleton, WI. These meetings are run by trained facilitators who follow a standard structure.

SMART Recovery has several types of recovery meetings such as:

  • Health and Wellness – Working toward health and wellness is a proactive choice that empowers people to feel well and live well. These meetings focus on the importance of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and what it takes to do so.
  • Family, Friends & Concerned Significant Others – Addictions impact those around the one struggling with addiction. These meetings are to encourage and equip family, friends and concerned significant others to be helpful while staying healthy.
  • Daily Check-In, Peer Support Groups – Another support system is an online message post that provides 24/7 support. This is to help the individual any time day or night.
  • Recovery During Pandemic Groups – Last but certainly not least, is an online forum dedicated to SMART Recovery during the pandemic. This open forum is a place where an individual can express what they are going through during the pandemic. However, there is no medical information, advice or political speech permitted.

What to Expect During SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery understands that sometimes it can be nerve-racking to go someplace new. People don’t know what to expect or what is expected from them.

In a SMART Recovery Meeting, a new person can come and observe or participate, it is up to them. An individual is not pressured to talk, nor do they have to give their name. However, if the person is comfortable, they may do so.

As mentioned earlier, SMART Recovery Meetings are structured meetings. Each meeting may vary in structure according to the facilitator with some basic foundations in place. A SMART Recovery Meeting may have the following structure in place:

  • The facilitator introduces themselves.
  • The meeting is free. Yet, since donations are received there will be a time for those who are comfortable giving to do so.
  • The meeting focuses on abstaining from addictions, no matter which one an individual is battling.
  • The meeting reviews the importance of self-help with an emphasis on the 4 Point Program.
  • The facilitator will help set an agenda to help people share their current situation in an orderly fashion.
  • There is a time when individuals may share their personal journey’s successes and struggles.
  • There is time given to allow feedback after listening and understanding one another’s alternative perspectives.
  • A topic from the 4 Point Program may be taught and discussed.
  • Toward the end of the meeting, there may be a time to discuss what was meaningful to them and if there is something else that somebody would like to share.
  • In the closeout time, the facilitator will thank the participants for coming and ask if there is something they would like to discuss in the future. One-on-one questions and concerns are encouraged to take place with the facilitator after the initial meeting.

Why is Attending Addiction Recovery Meetings Important?

It is a proven fact that individuals have more success overcoming addictions with support. When coming to a SMART Recovery Meeting an individual has the opportunity to face the addiction with others who have already overcome addictions and have peer support. The benefits to attending a meeting are:

  • Understanding what addictions are and getting tips on ways to overcome them.
  • Being equipped to handle anxiety and depression which often comes with addictions.
  • Having a place to be honest about the addiction without being judged.
  • Learning self-recovery ways to overcome the addiction.
  • Having a community to face the challenges, rather than being isolated by them.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona

Attending a local meeting is an excellent way to get involved in your personal recovery. However, there are times traveling to SpringBoard Recovery Center in Arizona is more beneficial. People sometimes travel for their recovery to have more specialized care for the following reasons:

  • The treatment program will work with their personal insurance plan.
  • A treatment center helps an individual to focus on themselves.
  • An individual may need a private place to go from the public’s eye for their recovery.
  • A person may want a more holistic approach to recovery.
  • One may need to be in a place apart from home to get stronger from trigger points.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we care about you overcoming your addiction! We offer an addiction treatment program as well as recovery housing. Please contact us today to learn more. We would love to partner with you in your recovery process. It’s time to get healthy and live healthy!