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What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a global, community based organization. This organization was formed for people of all races, ages, and religious backgrounds. Nobody is excluded from attending NA. It was founded in 1953. There are 76,000 meetings held in 143 countries today. NA provides support to men and women of all ages who have become addicted to drugs. Men and women who attend NA meetings regularly say that belonging to this nonprofit fellowship has offered them the support, motivation, and accountability that they needed to continue in their journey to a full recovery. This fellowship is not affiliated with any other organization. People who attend these meetings are not asked to make any promises, or sign any contracts. 

People who are new to NA meetings do not know what to expect and this can make them very nervous. It takes courage to show up at these meetings. Showing up early and staying later to ask questions will help you get the most out of the meetings. Here are some guidelines of how NA meetings are conducted:

  • The purpose of these meetings are to give support, accountability, and encouragement to members to stay clean.
  • At each meeting, participants work on the 12 steps of NA. Members will be on different steps but each meeting will focus on one of the steps. 
  • It is a place for recovering addicts to share their journey and stories with each other. 
  • NA literature is the basis for the program. Every member will have the opportunity to purchase helpful literature.
  • NA is  not concerned for the types or amount of drugs used; the focus is on the ways that addiction and recovery affects our lives and the lives of their loved ones.
  • NA meetings are not counseling meetings or classes; people share their  recovery stories and their personal experiences with addiction and recovery. It is important for members to attend individual counseling sessions in addition to these meetings. 
  • NA meetings are often held in churches, treatment centers or other affordable facilities. This fellowship is not affiliated with any other organization. Meetings in churches and treatment centers are usually more affordable.
  • NA meetings are completely confidential. People are asked to not share names of other members or their stories outside of the meetings. It is vital for every member to follow this regulation.
  • There are no fees or membership dues. Many members voluntarily make contributions to help with the low cost of holding the meetings in a facility. 
  • Meetings are usually discussion meetings. In discussion meetings, members take turns sharing about their journey. They also share how their choices have affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They are asked to limit their share time to 5 minutes to allow everyone a chance to share. Sometimes meetings are speaker meetings. Speaker meetings allow 1 to 2 people to speak the whole time. 
  • Newcomers and visitors are asked to introduce themselves by their first names. 
  • Most meetings end by gathering in a circle to pray or to do a NA reading.
  • Members are asked to share only once in the meetings to ensure everyone who desires to share gets a chance. 
  • Members are encouraged to not cross talk; meaning they share their own experiences rather than respond to other people’s experiences. They do not carry conversations with each other across the table.
  • Some groups discourage members from going into explicit details of using drugs. They are asked to focus on how recovery has affected their lives. Sharing explicit details can be triggering.
  • Newcomers are encouraged to focus on listening. As they listen, they will be able to determine who would be a good sponsor for them. 
  • Some groups have a short break for refreshments and talk time.  
  • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are prohibited.
  • NA meetings will not tolerate any negative behaviors such as harassment, threats, and bullying. If someone feels harassed or threatened, they are encouraged to tell a trusted leader. 
  • Any behaviors that are distracting to other members are prohibited during meetings. 
  • Cell phones should be turned to silence in the meetings so others do not get distracted. 
  • Many groups greet and dismiss by hugging one another. Some people may not be comfortable with this. They are encouraged to say so.

NA is a safe place in which people are able to share their addiction with other people who have struggled with addictions. By sharing experiences, people can find strength and support to get through their struggles.

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At SpringBoard Recovery, our purpose and mission is to provide encouragement, support, and accountability to people seeking to get free of their drug addiction.  It is necessary that they receive the right level of care. They may need rehab in which they will stay in a facility for a minimum of 28 days, maybe longer if needed.  This is considered a higher level of care. Higher levels of care is usually for people who have been in addiction for many years. It is also for people who struggle with relapsing into their addiction.

The reality is that not everyone is a candidate for drug and alcohol rehab. Going to outpatient support groups may be exactly what is needed for some people.  Outpatient is an excellent choice for people who do not need the higher level of care such as rehab. In outpatient treatment programs patients continue in their lives and working their job. They meet weekly for individual and group therapies. There are some people who may need support groups without any other treatment programs. However, it is recommended that they attend individual counseling sessions.

In addition to getting information about Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings, you can also find information on:

Apache Junction, Arizona has many options available to people who are looking  to recover from addiction. The programs we offer help to give encouragement, motivation, and accountability to the person suffering with an addiction and to their family members. We understand that addiction affects the well being of the whole family and it is our mission and purpose to provide help and care to  the whole family.

Would you like to know more about the recovery meetings in and around the Apache Junction area? Please contact us today.