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Address: Pinnacle Presbyterian Church 25150 N. Pima Rd. Scottsdale, AZ

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Address: St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church 2310 N. 56th St. Phoenix, AZ

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Apache Junction, Arizona – Alateen Meetings

What is Alateen?

Alateen is part of the Al-Anon fellowship designed for teens who have been affected by a loved one’s drinking addiction. Alateen is a place where teens come together to receive support from each other. It is a time for them to:

  • Share their experiences with others in similar situations, share hope, and encouragement. 
  • Discuss the difficulties and stresses of dealing with their loved one’s addiction and offer each other encouragement.
  • Help each other gain revelation and understanding of the principles of the Ala-Non program through literature offered at the meetings such as, “Twelve Steps” and “Alateen’s Twelve Traditions.”

It is important to know that Alateen is not a place for teens who are struggling with their own drinking or drug addiction. It is not a place  for them to come and complain about their loved ones. It is not a place to hangout. Alateen meetings are for members who are serious about receiving help and support in dealing with a loved one’s addiction.  Members are encouraged to participate in the meeting by sharing their concerns they have for their family members.

Sienna from Missouri states that as an Alateen member she has learned that self care is important. In order for her to be completely healthy she must do self-care. She used to think that she was being selfish for asking her dad for a ride to school, dinner to be cooked, or her basic needs to be met.  After attending some Alateen meetings she learned that by requesting these things she was actually doing self-care. During Alateen Meetings, teens are empowered to learn to do self-care and maintain healthy boundaries.

The Twelve Traditions that Alateen members follow in their meetings are:

  1. Common welfare (looking out for the whole group) should come first; unity in the group helps more members experience personal progress. The goal is to help every member reach their goals.
  2. There is one authority in our group-a loving God as he expresses himself in the consciousness of our group. The leaders of the group are simply serving each member of the group, they do not govern. 
  3. To be considered an Alateen group, there must be an alcoholic in the life of the teens attending the meetings. These teens meet together to provide support and encouragement to each other. It can be considered an Alateen group as long as the group is not affiliated with any other fellowship or groups. 
  4. Anonymity is required so that members feel safe in sharing their experiences and stories. It is vital that confidentiality is not broken. If confidentiality is broken members may shut down and not share their stories.
  5. The purpose of each Alateen Group is to help other teens of alcoholics. We provide education for them on how to have healthy boundaries and cope with their loved one’s addiction. We do this by practicing the 12 Steps of AA. We lead by example. We also encourage teens to offer understanding, encouragement, and support to their loved one.
  6. Alateen, as part of the Al-Anon Family, should never finance or lend our name to any outside enterprise. We should always cooperate with AA.
  7. Each Alateen group should be self-supported. Alateen groups should not seek contributions and support from other fellowships. 
  8. Alateens Twelfth Step work should always remain nonprofessional; however, our service centers may hire special workers.
  9. Our groups should never be organized but service boards or committees can be created to be responsible to those they serve. 
  10.  Alateen groups do not get involved in public controversies. We choose to not share our opinions about public issues.
  11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction not promotion. We need to always maintain the anonymity of all members.
  12. Anonymity is the spiritual  foundation of all our traditions. We need to always remember that we place principles above personalities. 

Statistics for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Apache Junction, Arizona

In the 2020 Pinal Community Health Assessments report, it was noted that the top two health issue concerns  were mental illness (57% ) and substance abuse (53%). This shows that Pinal county is struggling with issues involving drugs and alcohol abuse/misuse. In this report, there were questions about what are the risky behaviors most people are concerned about and the top risky behavior was drug abuse/misuse (83%). It is urgent that the community comes together to intervene with this prevailing issue and come up with some solutions to the drug problem plaguing this area.

Statistics are as follows:

  • 20.2% of youth reported using alcohol in the last 30 days.
  • 15.7% of youth reported using marijuanna in the last 30 days.
  • Apache junction had 26.5 % drug induced deaths.
  • Apache junction had 12.5 opioids related deaths.
  • 56% of survey respondents reported that either, themselves, a friend, or family member has experienced alcohol abuse or addiction.
  • 44% reported a friend, family member, or self as experiencing some of the following circumstances related to drugs: addiction (35%), misuse/abuse (34%), incarceration (18%), overdose (15%), and death (14%).

In the report, the respondents were asked what resources would help reduce drug and alcohol misuse/abuse/addiction in their community:

  • They requested more resources to relieve and manage stress.
  • Programs for kids/teens to participate in.
  • More support groups.
  • Non Addictive medicines for chronic pain treatment.
  • More treatment facilities.
  • More events teaching about the dangers of drug misuse/abuse.
  • More police/sheriff involvement.

Get More Information About Recovery Meetings in or Near Apache Junction, AZ

At SpringBoard Recovery, we want to help everyone get the support they need so they can enjoy a quality life without addiction.  It is important to receive the right level of care so sobriety can be possible.  Some people may need rehab so they can fully recover. Rehab requires at least 28 days in a facility. The patient must completely leave their lives and focus on recovery. The reality is that not everyone is a candidate for drug and alcohol rehab. Going to outpatient support groups may be the most beneficial treatment for some people. In outpatient, people are allowed to stay in their everyday lives but go to meetings 3 -5 times a week in the evenings.  People who have not been in their addiction long may benefit from going to support meetings.   In addition to getting information about Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings, you can also find information on:

Apache Junction, Arizona  has many options to help support people during recovery.. We have programs that can help you or your loved one and you will have a treatment team helping you decide which programs will benefit you the most.There are also programs to assist loved ones as they navigate these difficult times as well. We understand that addiction affects the whole family and it is our mission to help the whole family. 

Would you like to know more about the recovery meetings in and around the Apache Junction area? Please contact us today.