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Columbiana County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board

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Alliance, Ohio SMART Recovery Meetings

What Is SMART Recovery?

SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART recovery meetings provide support for those battling addictions. These addictions do not have to be only substance-related such as alcohol or drug addiction. SMART Recovery also provides support for any harmful addictive behaviors.

These meetings are held in person around the Alliance, Ohio area as well as online. Meetings also provide support for those who may be dealing with a loved one who is working to end their addictions.

SMART Recovery meetings are free to attend and offered worldwide. They are designed to empower change within a person to enable a more positive lifestyle.

Meetings are led by trained volunteers. Many times these volunteers have been through the SMART program and have been able to live a life free from their past addictive behaviors. Leading these meetings is a help for many who volunteer as they are able to reinforce the positive points the program uses to help its clients.

What to Expect During SMART Recovery Meetings?

SMART meetings provide peer support to enable participants to make positive changes in their lives. A four point program is used as a tool to help feel empowered and maintain a life that is more in balance. Taking charge of their own recovery allows participants the control necessary to overcome their addictive behaviors.

If someone has friends or family who may be struggling with addictions, SMART Recovery meetings can be a place to learn tools in how one can better support their loved one. The skills that are taught and encouraged through SMART Recovery meetings can be helpful when dealing with addictions.

The four-point program used in meetings is:

  • Learning to cope with urges
  • Building and maintaining motivation
  • Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • How to live a balanced life

When using these four points as well as other managing and coping skills that are taught and reinforced in meetings, participants are able to make and maintain positive changes in their lives.

SMART Recovery recognizes that participants have individual needs and learning styles. These meetings allow individuals the freedom of finding their own path to recovery and allows for peer support and input. This type of meeting is judgment-free and focuses on a person’s present and future. Using labels such as “alcoholic” or “addict” is discouraged as these can be a hindrance and have a negative effect on a participant’s recovery.

Skills such as positive boundary setting, communication and coping with feelings such as anger and frustration are discussed during these meetings.  Meetings are a great setting to learn how others may deal with similar situations in very different ways. Learning from peers allows participants to see possible flaws in their behaviors and how this affects choices they may be making. Self-knowledge is very important for long-term addiction recovery.

What to Expect During SMART Recovery Meetings

A trained volunteer will lead SMART Recovery meetings. The meetings tend to run the same format each time. The meeting begins with a Group Welcome which is an overview of the purpose of the meeting and how it will be run.

There is a time for everyone to speak about any successes and challenges that may have happened. Participation is strongly encouraged. Tools for overcoming addiction work well for recovery when they are able to be best put to use through group discussions.

After the overview, issues are discussed even further. Participants are able to offer suggestions to one another and use the coping tools that have been discussed in other meetings. Having an open discussion allows all the participants to offer their own individual views on how they would deal with certain situations.

SMART meetings do not discriminate and are open to anyone. A donation may be taken at the end of meetings in order to offset costs of coffee or water or other refreshments.

Why is Attending Addiction Recovery Meetings Important

Peer meetings are important in the recovery process as they allow for support and peer encouragement through the process.

In Stark County Ohio, 20% of the residents surveyed report knowing someone who is suffering from an addiction to drugs. The need for meetings that also include family and friends of loved ones suffering from addiction is important in many communities. 

Alcohol addiction was the second most concerning community health need in Stark County. While prevention was noted as a top concern, more education and support such as what is offered at SMART Recovery meetings is a step in the right direction for overcoming addictions.

SMART Recovery meetings offer support, acceptance and important skills to help those suffering from harmful behaviors. Attending these meetings allows one to gain insight from peers who are also in the recovery process. Helping others discover how to practically apply these new tools and skills for real-life challenges is empowering.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for Drug and Alcohol Rehab  

People often choose to travel from Alliance, Ohio to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for rehabilitation services. 

Some reasons one might choose to go out of state for drug and alcohol rehab are:

  • Easier to focus on recovery in a new environment
  • Some require more privacy to recover
  • Needing to leave a potentially dangerous or otherwise unhealthy environment
  • Health insurance coverages may only cover certain locations for recovery
  • Some find a program away from home diminishes distractions and allows for more focus on the necessary work of recovery

SpringBoard Recovery offers recovery housing as well as an addiction recovery program.  If you have any questions regarding insurance or have any questions about our facility and program, please contact us. We would be happy to assist in any way.