First Immanuel United Church of Christ

Times: 2:00 PM

Address: 208 East Oxford Street Alliance, Ohio, 44601

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Grace United Church

Times: 11:00 AM

Address: 2300 Cleveland Avenue Northwest Canton, OH 44709

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First United Methodist Church

Times: 7:00 PM

Address: 114 East Washington Street Lisbon, OH 44432

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First Immanuel United Church of Christ

Times: 8:00 PM

Address: 208 East Oxford Street Alliance, OH 44601-3069

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First Immanuel United Church of Christ

Times: 7:00 PM

Address: 208 East Oxford Street Alliance, OH 44601-3069

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Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

Times: 7:30 PM

Address: 425 Cleveland Avenue Southwest Canton, OH 44702

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First Immanuel United Church of Christ

Times: 10:30 AM

Address: 208 East Oxford Street Alliance, OH 44601-3069

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What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is a global organization that was founded in 1953. It is a community based organization created for people who have a major drug problem.

Narcotics Anonymous runs by a set of principles that can be used in anyone’s daily life. The program is set up to be simple. An open mind and desire to make positive changes will set participants on the road to being successful in their sobriety.

NA meetings are held in person all over the world. Several take place each week in the Alliance, Ohio area.

The meetings are run by people who are recovering drug addicts. The only requirement to lead a meeting is complete abstinence from drug use.

NA meetings are free of charge and open to anyone who has a desire to stop using drugs. There are no requirements for the program except for one; the desire to stop using drugs.

These meetings are not affiliated with any other organizations and are not associated with any political or religious groups.

NA works on focusing on meeting people where they are at in life. They do not care about what you have done in the past. The focus is what you want to do with the problem. NA meetings are a helpful way to have accountability and meeting weekly has been shown to benefit the drug free lifestyle.

There are a few different types of NA meetings:

  • Open Meetings – these meetings allow families, prospective participants and community members to be present along with the NA meeting participant.
  • Closed Meetings – these meetings are for those that have a problem with drug addiction.
  • Specific Group Gatherings – these meetings are restricted to certain group characteristics such as women-only meetings or groups for specific religions only.
  • Topics/Discussions Meetings – these meetings are centered around topics related to recovery.
  • Speaker Meetings – these meetings involve a professional or a motivational speaker usually presenting to inspire and motivate meeting participants.
  • Big Book Study – Big Book NA meetings focus on The Big Book by Bill W. It is a book that discusses recovery from alcohol addiction but the principles are the same as in NA.
  • 12- Step Study – these meetings explore the 12-step format, usually covering one or two steps per meeting.

NA also has meetings online if there is a struggle locating in-person meetings. Online meetings are very private as they are usually communicating with voice only.

What to Expect During NA Meetings

Since there are a variety of NA meetings available, each meeting may follow a slightly different format.

Newcomers are always welcome at meetings and are considered the most important person. At one time, every participant was in the newcomers’ shoes. Everyone is encouraged to share when and what they feel most comfortable sharing.

Meetings may be open discussion or there may be a set topic of discussion. Some meetings may have a special speaker and some others may be a time for socializing with food and a relaxed atmosphere.

All meetings have a similar format. They usually tun 60 to 90 minutes, but anyone can leave at any time. The goal is to support and encouragement for participants to maintain a drug free lifestyle. Attending meetings regularly can be an important tool for sobriety.

It is important to note that during these meetings, participants are never made to sign in or use their real names. Anonymity is a concern meeting coordinators take very seriously.

Why is Attending Addiction Recovery Meetings Important

Narcotics Anonymous offers peer based support through their meetings through fellowship and open discussions. These connections help participants work through their personal challenges and find new ways of coping with difficult situations.

Although everyone who attends meetings has a unique personal experience, open discussions allow for others to weigh in on situations that one may encounter. Being able to work through the twelve steps in the community helps reinforce the core values of the program. Hearing how others may deal with a situation differently than another enables more growth towards a positive lifestyle.

In Stark County Ohio, a poll was taken regarding a need for health education and prevention services. The results of the poll showed the need for these services regarding alcohol education and prevention was rated as the second most significant need. 61% of those polled felt this way.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for Alcohol Rehab

Many people choose to travel out of state for recovery services. People often choose to travel to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona from Alliance, Ohio for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons are the following:

  • Some people choose to travel out of state for privacy concerns. They may hold a public position and require a stronger level of anonymity for sobriety services,
  • People may need to leave a dangerous situation. Some people are in abusive situations and out-of-state rehab is the solution they are needing.
  • Health insurance coverage is often a concern.
  • Some find that a new location out of state provides a fresh start. This new beginning can allow one to be away from triggers that would normally point them to their addiction to cope.
  • A program that is away from home allows total focus on the commitment as it minimizes distractions.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer recovery housing as well as our addiction treatment program. Our facility is located in a beautiful part of Arizona and offers a serene environment in which to work on finding a positive life balance.

If you have any questions about our addiction treatment program or insurance coverage, please contact us. We would be happy to help answer your questions and get you the information you are looking for.