Lion Alateen

Times: 2:45 PM

Address: Minerva Middle School 600 E. Line Street Minerva, OH, 44657

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Minerva Tuesday Night Alateen

Times: 8:00 PM

Address: First Presbyterian Church 204 Edgewood Drive Minerva, OH, 44657

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Stark Massillon Alateen Group

Times: 7:00 PM

Address: Massillon Family Y 131 Tremont Ave. SE Massillon, OH, 44646

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Chagrin Falls Thursday Night Alateen

Times: 8:15 PM

Address: Bainbridge Recovery Club 8231 Washington St Chagrin Falls, OH, 44023

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Hudson Saturday Serenity Alateen

Times: 11:00 AM

Address: First Congregational Church 47 Aurora St Hudson, OH, 44236

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Alliance, Ohio Alateen Meetings

What are Alateen Meetings?

Alateen is a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. Alateen meetings are for young people ages 13-18. These meetings are designed to lend peer support for those who have a loved one fighting an alcohol addiction.

Alateen is not place for those teens who are seeking help for their addiction or intended as a social hangout. It is also not a place to complain about one’s home life or parents. These meetings are designed to support the special population of teens as they are experiencing hardships in their lives stemming from a loved one’s addiction.

Sometimes when an addiction is present in a family, other members of that family are overlooked. Alateen provides a safe place for these family members to learn how to cope with their challenging situation.

Alateen meetings discuss ways to cope with the many challenges that arise when living with a loved one’s harmful addiction. These skills can range from better communication to healthy boundary setting to just being surrounded by peers who are in or have been in the same situations.

Alateen meetings are open to anyone who is a teen seeking support. They do not discriminate and are not religiously affiliated although some meetings take place in religious buildings.

Alateen participants may have a variety of relationships to alcoholics. Some may have brothers, aunts, sister’s or parents who have a problem with drinking. It is helpful to hear about others who have been in similar situations and relationships. Learning how to apply the principles taught through Al Anon on different circumstances can be very beneficial to the participant.

What to Expect During an Alateen Meeting?

During Alateen meetings, participants are encouraged to share their difficulties and experiences. Through sharing, peers are able to help guide one another through challenging situations.

Alateen uses the same principles as the Al-Anon program. Reinforcing the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions allows participants to better understand them and how important they are in the recovery process.

Many Alateen meetings will have a specific discussion topic for that meeting. Some common topics are overcoming fear, change or a topic could be acceptance.

Meetings are autonomous and can run the way the participants feel most comfortable. All meetings are designed to promote the values of Al-Anon. It is recommended to try at least six different meetings before you make a decision if meetings are a good fit.

Meetings are led by volunteer members and are of no cost. A donation is voluntary and helps offset the cost of literature or building rent or any other costs the groups may incur.

As Alateen is a part of Al-Anon, anonymity is an important part of meetings. It is important to respect the confidentiality of what is said in these meetings.

Alateen gives participants the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace. It takes time to fully understand the Twelve Steps and how they can be helpful to cope with a loved one with a drinking problem. Meetings provide the opportunity to learn how to apply these steps.

Why is Attending Addiction Recovery Meetings Important

Alateen is a peer-based meeting offering support and allowing open discussions amongst the participants. Peer meetings help the participants feel more at ease with their situations. Offering these connections can allow the participants to work through their personal challenges and also offer suggestions to their fellow peers.

Peer meetings are a good tool in a person’s recovery and can be equally beneficial to their loved ones, family and friends. Although every person has their own unique situation, in Alateen meetings, everyone’s life has been affected by a person’s drinking problem.

Meetings also allow the participants to learn new skills to cope with their loved ones and their addictions. Alateen meetings allow young adults to learn appropriate boundary settings and other ways to cope in their difficult situations.

In Stark County Ohio, a poll was conducted of its residents.  This poll asked how much of a need there was regarding health and alcohol abuse prevention services in the community.  Alcohol was rated as the second most important significant need for these services with 61% of respondents stating the need was rated “significant”.

69% identified a lack of providers and services for alcohol abuse services in the community.

Traveling to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona for Alcohol Rehab 

Many people choose to travel out of state for recovery services. People often choose to travel to SpringBoard Recovery in Arizona from Alliance, Ohio for a number of reasons.

Some of these reasons are the following:

  • Some people choose to travel out of state for privacy concerns. They may hold a public position and require a stronger level of anonymity for sobriety services,
  • People may need to leave a dangerous situation. Some people are in abusive situations and out-of-state rehab is the solution they are needing.
  • Health insurance coverage is often a concern.
  • Some find that a new location out of state provides a fresh start. This new beginning can allow one to be away from triggers that would normally point them to their addiction to cope.
  • A program that is away from home allows total focus on the commitment as it minimizes day-to-day distractions.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer recovery housing as well as our addiction treatment program. Our facility is located in a beautiful part of Arizona and offers a very serene environment in which to work on finding a positive life balance.

If you have any questions about our addiction treatment program or wonder if your insurance covers treatment here, please contact us. We would be happy to help answer your questions and get you the information you are looking for.