This page discusses drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Massachusetts, including rehab and support group options. Learn where to get treatment.

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People who live in Massachusetts have access to many free and professional drug and alcohol support groups and rehab options. There are many cities in Massachusetts that offer addiction recovery resources, including rehab programs and support groups. AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Al-Anon and Alateen are there to provide help to both addicts and their families and loved ones.

They offer weekly support group meetings where people can come and be encouraged to continue on the right track. The following is a list of cities in Massachusetts that offer many options for rehab and support groups:

Addiction Recovery Resources in Massachusetts by City

Going to a 12-Step meeting or another type of support group can be so beneficial for people in Massachusetts. It helps to know that others have gone through similar situations, which means people are not as alone in their addictions as they think they are.

It does not have to be expensive to get help for a substance abuse problem. Massachusetts offers several support groups that are available to the public, free of charge.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are widely available in Massachusetts. This is an organization that has been around since 1935. It has helped many people all over the world in their efforts to get and stay sober. AA was started by two men who both had the desire to stop drinking. They found that peer support made a huge difference for them, and the concept spread quickly. Today, almost every city in the United States offers AA meetings and the organization is growing every year.

Narcotics Anonymous

There are many cities in Massachusetts that offer Narcotics Anonymous meetings on a weekly basis. NA was founded in 1955 as a way to help people who are addicted to drugs; including both illegal and legal substances. There are also many alcoholics who attend NA instead of AA because they like the program better. Going to NA meetings provides peer support, which has been shown to be highly beneficial for people in recovery.

SMART Recovery Meetings

A lot of people who live in Massachusetts appreciate the more scientific approach to recovery found in SMART Recovery meetings. They offer a global community of support groups. Members help each other address any issues that are related to addictive behaviors. They learn how to find the power within themselves to change their lives.


Al-Anon is an organization that provides help for families with addicted and/or alcoholic loved ones at home. There are several Al-Anon meetings taking place every week in Massachusetts. Anyone can come to these meetings, regardless of how old they are, and teenagers often attend if there are no Alateen meetings near them. Getting together with others facing similar circumstances allows people to get support from those who know what they are going through.


Alateen meetings are there to help young people who are struggling because of an addicted loved one. Quite often, teens do not feel as though they can talk to their friends about their home lives when a parent or another adult is an addict. Going to Massachusetts Alateen meetings gives them the chance to spend time with others their own ages and gain support that way. Alateen is for teenagers, young adults and some meetings even allow older children to attend.


Massachusetts has many great options available for people who are in need of rehab. There are different levels of care, depending on what people need in order to recover.

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