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SpringBoard Recovery was born from the passion and personal experience of its founders. We understand the real-world challenges of early recovery and are here to help and we are passionate about helping our clients lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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At SpringBoard Recovery, we offer drug and alcohol rehab services to people in Worcester, Massachusetts. A lot of people choose to come to us for help with addiction because we are located far away from home and the temptation to use. We provide abstinence-based, proven drug and alcohol rehab as well as recovery housing. We are accredited with The Joint Commission and in great standing with the Better Business Bureau as well. SpringBoard is proud to be in-network with some of the top health insurance providers in Massachusetts too.

SpringBoard is a place that takes a very nurturing and caring approach with our patients while providing excellent clinical work and recovery and life skills. We create a family feel and personalized relationships with our patients.

– Jason Bordonaro, Executive Leadership Team

Traveling for Rehab From Worcester to Arizona

It is becoming much more common for people to travel to other parts of the country when they decide to go to drug and alcohol rehab. There are many reasons for this, and some of them include:

  • Having the need to relocate to a different area because of a dangerous or abusive home environment.
  • Wanting to avoid potential triggers that could lead to a relapse.
  • Not having health insurance that is in-network with any local rehab programs.
  • Working with the general public and wanting to avoid seeing people they may know.
  • Wanting to utilize certain treatment options (such as holistic care) that are not readily available locally.

SpringBoard Recovery is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our state has become a common place for people to go for rehab, and we regularly have clients from Worcester. We enjoy working with clients from all over the country, and we offer an inviting, welcoming atmosphere.

Will Health Insurance Benefits Cover Rehab?

Some people are hesitant to get information about addiction treatment because they do not realize their health insurance will help cover the cost. The Affordable Care Act, which was signed into law in 2010, requires all health insurance companies to offer these benefits to their customers.

Every health insurance plan is different, so coverage may vary. Some plans may pay the entire cost of rehab while others may only cover a percentage of it.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we recommend for potential clients to have us verify their benefits ahead of time. That way there are no surprises and we are able to maximize our clients’ coverage. This way, they only pay the minimal amount out of pocket.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Unfortunately, there are far too many people in Worcester – as well as in Worcester County as a whole – who are struggling because of alcohol and drug abuse.

The Greater Worcester Community Health Assessment from 2015 gives the following statistical information:

  • The top three health challenges that were mentioned as priorities were behavioral/mental health, opiate/prescription drug abuse, and substance abuse.
  • In 2013, only 294 people in the county received services for substance abuse.
  • Close to 30% of high school students report having at least one alcoholic drink within the last 30 days.
  • 16% report that they have consumed 5 or more drinks in a row in the last 30 days.
  • 19.9% of adults in Worcester state that they have engaged in binge drinking within the last 30 days.
  • 36% of students have used marijuana at least one time.
  • 8% have used this drug before the age of 13.
  • 24% of students report using marijuana within the last 30 days.
  • Close to 10% of people aged 12 and older have used marijuana within the last month.
  • 5% of young people report having abused ecstasy and inhalants.
  • 2% of young people report having abused heroin and methamphetamines.
  • 10% of high school students state that they have abused prescription medications without a doctor’s prescription at least one time.
  • Between August 2014 and July 2015, there were 712 overdoses that were documented through 911 calls.
  • 5% of these overdoses were fatal.
  • Between 2011 and 2014, drug overdoses more than doubled.


SpringBoard Recovery has helped hundreds of people to get off of heroin & get their lives back on track.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Data from SAMHSA indicates that there are 82 drug and alcohol treatment and support programs within 25 miles of Worcester, Massachusetts. All of these facilities offer different services and various levels of care. There are:

  • 15 detoxification programs
  • 11 sober living homes or halfway houses.
  • 48 treatment centers that offer telehealth services.
  • 59 outpatient rehab facilities.
  • 27 inpatient rehab centers.
  • 10 partial hospitalization programs.
  • 19 intensive outpatient programs.
  • 39 facilities that provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • 22 long-term rehabilitation facilities.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It is important for people to know what their options are for alcohol and drug rehab in Worcester. There are several levels of care, and not every type of treatment is appropriate for everyone.

We highly recommend for people to talk with a professional to get a recommendation. That way, there is no question about whether they are getting the type of care they need.

Worcester Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

Detoxing is a critical part of the recovery process for people who are addicted to certain types of drugs. People who are abusing alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids and stimulants may be required to go through the detoxification process for safety reasons. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, and in some cases, they can even be fatal.

Drug and alcohol detox can lessen the severity of withdrawal and make recovery much safer. We highly recommend the following options for detox:

Inpatient and Long-Term Rehab Facilities in Worcester

Many people need a higher level of care to recovery successfully. This is especially true during the beginning of the healing process. These individuals are often great candidates for inpatient rehab. This is a type of program that requires a 28-day stay at a facility. Patients participate in detox, therapy and various therapeutic events during this time.

Long-term rehab is beneficial for people who need a longer period of time to recover from addiction successfully. These are individuals who might not have done well in inpatient care in the past, or they may have long histories of relapsing or been addicts for a long time.

Worcester Outpatient Rehab Centers

It is not surprising that a lot of people prefer the flexibility that going to rehab on an outpatient basis can provide them. There are some excellent outpatient programs that many people who are new to treatment do very well with.

The outpatient rehab options people have available to them in Worcester are:

  • Outpatient therapyOutpatient rehab and therapy offers very little time with a therapist. Clients meet with their therapists one to three times per week. This option might not work well for those who are new to rehab who may need more time with staff.
  • Intensive outpatient programsIntensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, involve attending evening appointments three to five times a week. IOPs are very flexible, giving people their days free to go to work or attend school.
  • Partial hospitalization programsPartial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, are also called day treatment programs. Clients come during the day and stay for several hours each time. They may attend 5-7 days per week.

Additional Recovery Options

There are also other ways for people to get help and support as they strive to get and stay clean and sober. Some people can do very well with 12-Step meetings or support groups like SMART Recovery. They offer peer support (not professional treatment), and these local organizations are run by others who are in recovery.

In Worcester, there are:

Sober living homes also provide people with help and encouragement as they continue in recovery. They require residents to pay rent (unless covered by insurance), abide by house rules and faithfully attend the treatment program they enrolled in.



Getting and staying sober is very challenging, but with the right support network and tools, it's completely attainable.

Learn More About Addiction Treatment

Traveling to Arizona for rehab is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, our process is quite simple:

  1. Verify your health insurance – You can do this easily by filling out our online form or by talking with one of our admissions specialists.
  2. Work with a clinician to come up with a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.
  3. Stay at one of our sober living facilities in Arizona while you get treatment.
  4. Complete your rehab program.
  5. Join our Alumni group.
  6. Enjoy life without the weight of drug and alcohol abuse.

At SpringBoard Recovery, we believe everyone deserves a chance to recover from addiction. We are here to help you, and if you are in Worcester, please rest assured that our services are available to you.

Would you like to learn more about going to rehab in Arizona or about the addiction treatment options in Worcester? Please contact us.

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