Inpatient Referrals

Our experienced and professional drug and alcohol rehab staff is here to help refer you to an inpatient program that offers comprehensive, effective, and affordable care in a safe and supportive sober living environment. We're experts at helping you adjust from outpatient to inpatient care and can help guide you to the most effective treatment facility.

At SpringBoard, we know that each addict is different, facing his or her own unique set of challenges. We conduct a comprehensive clinical evaluation to explore what's working for you and what's not, and in so doing, we're able to build a customized recovery plan and find a treatment center that will work for your needs, your lifestyle, your values, and your biology.

We know that addiction is about more than just substance use, and we endeavor to tackle every facet of your addiction. At rehab, you'll master the skills that can help you get and stay sober.

SpringBoard Recovery is proud to offer inpatient referrals to our network of trusted rehab facilities, and is thrilled to work with you to help devise the perfect plan to suit your needs. Contact SpringBoard Recovery for your addiction assessment and treatment needs today.