Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Controversy


JUNE 12, 2018

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Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Controversy

If you are facing a heroin addiction and looking for a way out, you have probably come across a drug called ibogaine. Some people claim that it has positive effects for those who are trying to put heroin addiction in the past. It’s important you remember that ibogaine is not an approved treatment method, but that’s not all.

Using it to replace standard treatment options can present a range of additional health complications and make your road to recovery even more challenging. Learning about this drug and why it’s dangerous is a good step in the right direction. Once you know why this approach is not the best, you will discover how the right addiction treatment Scottsdale can help.

How Supporters Say Ibogaine Works

Looking at the way some people claim ibogaine works gives you a clear picture of why addicts believe it can help. As you go forward, don’t forget that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated or approved any of these claims. Supporters will tell you that ibogaine affects the pleasure center of the brain the same way heroin does, allowing it to decrease the withdrawal symptoms. When you speak with those who support using ibogaine addiction treatment, they say it also helps addicts manage and minimize the cravings so that they can stay clean.


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Risks Associated With Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

It’s now time to review the risks to which you might be exposed when you use ibogaine to treat heroin addiction. Ibogaine can cause hallucinations that impact your ability to tell reality apart from illusions. Also, it can increase your heart rate and lead to cardiac problems if you use too much or have an unhealthy heart. Since ibogaine is an unapproved treatment option, you need to use unofficial channels to obtain and use it. Taking ibogaine without the guidance of a medical professional can cause you to overdose or trigger deadly interactions with other medications you are taking.

Use a Proven Approach to Addiction Treatment

Rather than turning to unapproved and harmful treatment options, use proven addiction treatment Scottsdale. A licensed and registered treatment center will use supervised detox programs and provide trained and caring professionals to walk you through each step of this difficult journey. The experts will not only get to know you and the events leading up to your addiction, but they will also craft a unique approach that gives you the highest odds of success. Dependable results and caring guidance are what you can expect when you follow the right path to recovery.

Outpatient Care

During outpatient addiction treatment, medical professionals will still monitor your progress and help you make smart choices that keep you out of harm’s way, but you can return home or to a sober living home each day.

The professionals with whom you work will decide if you need any medications to help you stay away from bad habits and past mistakes. You can call the professional who is assigned to your case if you feel the urge to use again, and the professional will talk you through it to keep you on track. Outpatient addiction treatment offers enhanced flexibility while still giving you access to the resources you need.

Sober Living

During sober living, you stay in a sober living home in Arizona and attend outpatient addiction treatment. The sober living atmosphere is comfortable, safe, and also supportive. This path gives you access to therapists who won’t hesitate to help you navigate your emotions and manage your stress, increasing your odds of getting and staying clean.

Holistic Treatment

Some treatment centers focus only on addiction, but we don’t think that approach offers the best possible results. If you want to get the most from your treatment program and to avoid common pitfalls, holistic treatment is the answer. Instead of only treating your addiction, we help you improve your mind, body, and spirit. The choices you make each day impact your ability to stay focused on your goal. We will help you minimize stress and enhance your physical health, but our team will even work to improve your self-esteem.

Getting the Help You Need

If we still have your attention, you want help but might not know where you should turn. Reaching out to us is one of the wisest choices you can make when addiction is controlling your mind and body. No matter how hopeless it might seem, we will give you the required tools to escape from the trap and move forward with your life. It won’t be long until you look back and see addiction as nothing more than a faded memory. If you are ready to get the support and guidance that empowers you to overcome addiction for good, contact SpringBoard Recovery today.


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JUNE 12, 2018

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