Rehabs in Scottsdale Work to Help Heroin Addiction

rehabs in scottsdale heroin addiction

Rehabs in Scottsdale Work to Help Heroin Addiction

Taking heroin results in a flush of dopamine rushing to the brain, causing a tremendous amount of pleasure and, more importantly for some people, removal of pain. However, the issue is that the positive effects of heroin are very focused on the short term while the long-term effects result in a decrease of pleasure and an obsession with securing more heroin simply to feel normal again. Rehabs in Scottsdale are continuing working with clients to help them begin their recovery from heroin addiction.

Heroin Addiction & Why It’s So Common

Even taking a single dose of heroin is dangerous because it can put someone onto the path of addiction. This is especially true for those who had already been using other opiates and working their way towards heroin. However, it is also possible for someone to go from a non-user of opiates, to trying heroin once and then be suddenly on the road to a full-blown addiction. A non-user of opiates also has a much stronger risk of an overdose when using heroin for the first time.

Why Heroin is so Addictive

Of course, the reason behind the use of heroin will play a role in whether it becomes an addiction or not. Someone using heroin to cope with life’s hardships and to feel good because their day-to-day life does not provide that for them will be more apt to use heroin or other opiates on a regular basis – i.e. become addicted – than someone who does something like break a hip and is prescribed a painkiller to get through. In other words, someone using heroin as a way to escape the world, is more likely to become addicted to it. However, it’s still important to consider that a person who feels fulfilled in his or her life can still experience heroin addiction.

The science behind addiction to this substance is that when heroin enters the brain, it binds to opioid receptors, most notably those related to pleasure and pain. It’s important to note that even though physical addiction will not generally occur after one use, the craving for a recreation of that experience can create a significant mental desire. This is because the brain naturally records and remembers every aspect of pleasurable experiences so that they can more easily be replicated. Of course, the purpose behind the mind working this way is because pleasurable experiences are normally healthy too. Heroin use is obviously a significant exception to that. Then, after repeated uses, a physical addiction can occur as well.

After repeated uses, tolerance is experienced, and more and more of it is needed to reach that same high. Eventually, this degrades to the point that heroin is used just to avoid the pain of withdrawal.

The saddest aspect of heroin addiction is that the drive to constantly chase that elation and high ends up resulting in the user depressed and not being able to experience any form of elation whatsoever.

Impact of Rehabs in Scottsdale

However, accredited rehabs in Scottsdale are there to help treat those who are suffering from heroin addiction and get their lives back on track. Of course, it is not an easy process, and those recovering will likely never be exactly the person that they were before they started using, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel: A heroin addict can recover and can reinsert normalcy back into his or her life.

The most important reason why getting addiction treatment from accredited facilities such as rehabs in Scottsdale is important so that the detox process can be managed in a professional and safe setting. Just as the highs of heroin use, what caused it to be so addicting in the first place, are so positive for those all-too-brief amounts of time, the withdrawal process is about the same but on the opposite end of the spectrum and for much longer periods of time.

Heroin Addiction Recovery

In general, the most challenging time of the extended recovery process is from 5-10 days after detox starts with the severity of the symptoms peaking around 2-3 days in, and symptoms starting roughly 6-12 hours after the drug was most recently used. It’s important to be under supervision during these times, especially since, in most cases, cold-turkey withdrawal is not the recommended method.

Throughout the recovery process, accredited facilities provide a level of trust that those addicted are receiving the safest, smartest treatment possible and that they are being genuinely cared for during this very challenging time in their lives. These types of organizations also offer more transparency and accountability than non-accredited rehab facilities generally do.

The long-term benefits of addiction treatment are numerous and significant. Fortunately, things do, for the most part, get easier after a year has passed from the last use. However, it remains extremely important to stay diligent in keeping this substance out of their lives. It is important to keep in mind that this is something that will most likely require a lifelong focus to completely overcome.

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