Google Shuts Down Addiction Treatment Ads

google addiction treatment

If you haven’t ever had to deal with addiction, or had anyone you love deal with it, you may not give a second thought to the news that Google AdWords is blocking addiction rehab ads. Google recently made a decision to stop addiction treatment centers from advertising  in an effort to thwart illegitimate addiction treatment centers from advertising their services, which were illegal.

Our outpatient drug treatment program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.

However, in stopping the ads, Google stopped ALL addiction treatment centers from advertising their services. So now, when a person searches for help, they see results for websites that have call centers that send people to the highest bidding “rehab.”

To make matters worse, Google is continuing to sell ads to pharmaceutical companies. Of course, addiction treatment is only a $35 billion industry compared to Big Pharm at $610 billion.

Please take a moment and sign our petition on asking Google to allow advertising for addiction treatment and if you feel compelled, please share with others. For more information on this issue, you can find the full story at

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More than 90 American die each day from opioid overdose. We agree that there needs to be a change, but blocking sponsored posts during this national epidemic is not the answer. We need to provide reliable help to people in need – not limit their options.

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Our alcohol recovery program allows you to keep work and family commitments while focusing on your sobriety.
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