Glendale Inpatient Rehab

Glendale Inpatient Rehab for Complete Recovery

Glendale Inpatient Rehab

Alcohol and drugs are often the go-to substances people consume in order to socialize or suppress their depression. The regular intake of these harmful compounds has long-term negative effects on the brain and the body. Excessive use can also lead to death. When you see your loved one suffering from substance abuse, never hesitate to call for help.

Addiction rehab will take a lot of time. However, if the person in question is willing to do everything he or she can to be on the road to sobriety, and then achieving that recovery won’t be that far away. Many individuals have tried stopping their addiction on their own to no avail. They didn’t know that abruptly stopping the addiction would cause so much harm than good. A person must deal with the issue with a professional on hand.

Conquer alcohol and drug abuse with our Glendale inpatient services

Professionals and the youth of Arizona are among the top abusers of alcohol, according to a study made by the state’s Department of Health. On top of that, alcohol-related deaths are on the rise because the intoxication makes people do risky or even suicidal acts.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the state ranks 12th in drug abuse, and arrests of users have gone up by about 99 percent since the past decade. Kids as young as 12 years old can light up and puff a substance or two.

Individuals often mix the two together for a higher concentrated intemperance. But mixing the two substances can be critical. We’ve heard news on the television of teens, professionals, or even celebrities taking the two substances one after another and winding up being in critical danger.

Therefore, never be ashamed or too embarrassed to seek counseling or treatment. If you want to start dreaming of sober living, call us at Springboard Recovery for your detox and rehabilitation from alcohol and drugs.

Believe in Springboard Recovery to free you from addiction

At Springboard Recovery, we provide an intensive and holistic care for a person suffering from substance abuse. We embrace every facet of your struggles, be it physical, mental, or emotional needs that push you into doing drugs and drinking liquor.

We have interventions suited to your needs and health, so you can recover faster and live a life permanently free from drugs and alcohol. Have yourself checked and be assessed by a professional who can create a personalized plan of rehab that fits your lifestyle and condition.

Our services include:

  • Clinical Evaluation of your history with drugs and alcohol, situation, physical and mental health, strengths and weaknesses, and your anxiety with rehab and treatments
  • Detox from substance abuse that leads to people suffering from severe dehydration, malnutrition, seizures, and other fatal symptoms.
  • Our comprehensive inpatient care lets you recover from various substance addictions, and give you new meaning in your life. We modify our plans and programs so that we can maximize our efforts on putting your recovery just right.
  • Pursue medical or therapeutic assistance to battle co-occurring disorders that have developed or have shaped your substance abuse with drugs and
  • Alcohol abuse in Glendale has affected many teens and adolescents with their liver, heart, and brain illness, as well as their personalities and behaviors. We offer 24/7 care with our professional, licensed therapists, and support groups to determine the needs, and heal our guests.
  • We offer meth, marijuana, cocaine and heroin treatment from people who have had excessive usage of the substances. These substances have been popular back in the 80’s, and it seems like it has gotten back to the mainstream. We deter this addiction that has plagued Glendale for years.
  • We provide a series of training and rehabilitation to those individuals who became obsessed or dependent on prescription drugs. We have medical care and programs geared towards these persons regarding how to cope and control cravings.
  • Our therapy programs include yoga sessions and art therapy that help guests overcome their impulsiveness, cravings, and failure of communication.

We provide different programs in line with the condition of the person. Whether it is by outpatient assistance, group sessions, individual counseling, we at Springboard Recovery are ready all day long to serve and rescue a loved one from his or her dire situation.

How harmful substances can affect your body

Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs can have a long-lasting effect on the body.  While some drugs can make certain individuals perky or sleepy, they have the same effect in the long run. That is true with alcohol as well.

  • Organ failure, especially the liver
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Restlessness
  • Concentration and memory lapses
  • Seizures
  • Weight gain
  • Risky behaviors

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are hands-on with our programs to assure you or a loved one that he or she gets all the help in the world to recover from substance abuse. We integrate a 12-step process in our daily activities to boost the support system of our services. That will indeed initiate a speedy and permanent recovery from dangerous compounds being taken by the body.

Get help from Springboard Recovery

Call us and have yourself or someone you know assessed for addiction. We are open to caring people suffering from the stigma. At Springboard Recovery, we implore you to get help from our certified therapists and physicians. You don’t have to suffer or treat the issue alone. Who knows what immediate withdrawal can do to a person?

Our rehabilitation center offers high-quality support to assure the care and condition of the person in question. We don’t force our philosophies or beliefs, but rather encourage our guests to embrace some of them and work around them to ensure a faster and guaranteed healing process from the addiction.

Our approach to sober living will assure you and your loved ones that we take our words seriously and deliver the services and results we want you to see for yourself. And it all starts with you coming forward and seeking help.