Gilbert Inpatient Rehab

Gilbert Inpatient Rehab

Gilbert Inpatient Rehab

Truth be told, every program that we have here at SpringBoard Recovery has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, this article will help you decide which treatment is best for you. We will consider all the aspects of the rehab process, including your personal needs, so that we can come up with the right kind of program to overcome your addiction.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

For many of those in Gilbert, inpatient rehab is the best choice when it comes to achieving recovery. Also called residential treatment, the main feature of inpatient treatment is that the patient resides at the rehab center for the duration of the program. Most inpatient programs last between 28 and 90 days, but depending on your preferences and specific needs, it may last longer.

At the beginning of your recovery process as an inpatient, you may need to undergo detoxification (detox) before starting the treatment period. Many inpatient programs include a structured detox treatment in their protocol. With the supervision of a medical specialist, you may frequently be given medications to help you ease the withdrawal symptoms, especially in cases of abuse of more than one substance or severe dependency.

We do not use medications in all detox treatment programs. If you have questions regarding the detox process, you may speak with any of our experienced staff members. The treatment must continue when the detox process is done. After clearing your body from the substances and stabilizing you all through the withdrawal process, we will transition to helping you acquire the skills to stay sober through education about substance abuse and recovery, therapy, and counseling.

Discover the Pros and Cons of Inpatient Treatment

Because there is no single kind of treatment that will suit everyone’s needs, you need to weigh the pros and cons when you want to undergo treatment as an inpatient.

The advantages of inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse include:

  • A sober environment
  • Lower risk of relapse because of vigilant supervision
  • Medical supervision during the withdrawal and recovery process (this is particularly important for those who have severe or long-term substance abuse or coexisting physical or mental health issues)
  • Intensive support from dedicated staff members
  • Intensive individual and group counseling sessions
  • Special treatment services like meditation, exercise, yoga, and acupuncture
  • Reduced exposure to triggers and stressors
  • Higher chance of successful recovery compared to outpatient treatment
  • Many inpatient programs include the option of a luxury facility that has amenities to accommodate the needs of business executives

Before choosing a treatment, here are some of the potential disadvantages that you have to consider:

  • Access to the outside world is limited
  • Visiting time from family and loved ones will possibly be limited
  • Patients need to take a break from school, work, and home duties
  • More expensive than outpatient treatment because the center provides room and board

Choosing the Best Treatment Option

Seeking help for drug or alcohol abuse is an important decision for yourself or for someone you love. Choosing a treatment program can be overwhelming, and it is not something that you can decide on quickly.

You need to consider some factors before choosing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Knowing these factors and their effects on your recovery can help you come up with the best decision. Before committing to a treatment program, you may want to honestly answer these questions:

  • Is your environment exposed to drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you have a living environment that is stable and supportive of your sobriety?
  • Are you living with someone who uses drugs or drinks?
  • Can you take time off from school, work, or home responsibilities?
  • Is your support network strong enough to motivate you to stay sober?
  • Can you travel to the center from your home several times a week?
  • Do you have other mental or medical health problems that need specialized treatment for coexisting disorders?

You can discuss these questions with any of our treatment specialists. That way you’ll get advice that could help you make the best possible choice about your treatment. To determine whether you will do fine with a certain treatment program, the first step is to identify your specific needs.

You may also consider the following tips:

  • The treatment you choose must help with both the physical and mental aspects of your drug or alcohol problem. You have a higher chance of overcoming your addiction if the treatment you get focuses on your physical dependence as well as the mental issues that possibly cause your substance abuse. Our team at SpringBoard Recovery can help you receive holistic treatment.
  • Treatment professionals must have the necessary education in this field, and should also acquire all applicable licenses and certifications. If they have these qualifications, it increases the chances that you will get the right kind of care specialized for either drug or alcohol abuse. The center should also be licensed, especially if it offers medical care. You may ask our center for our licensing information and you can also verify this information with the licensing department in the state of Arizona.

Recovery outcomes generally improve with longer periods of treatment. Ideally, the treatment should be for at least 90 days so that you will have a better chance of attaining long-term sobriety. While you are under an inpatient program, this recommended treatment duration does not necessarily have to be completed. We may also offer you structured outpatient treatment services as they can also be effective components for this treatment timeframe.

Before you become ready to transition to aftercare, you may need a longer time for the initial treatment. Our treatment programs include a strategy that’s specifically developed to manage relapse in case it happens, and we will offer you additional assistance.

Recovery from drug or alcohol abuse is a long-term (and possibly lifelong) process. Remember that wherever you are in Gilbert, inpatient care is only the beginning of your journey to recovery. We may offer support and ongoing monitoring through our aftercare programs.