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Drug addiction is a disease, one that is gradually developed over time. The body, after being introduced to the substance over and over again, soon becomes dependent on it to the point that the person cannot function well without regular intake. The intake depends on how and how long the person is addicted to it—it may be to relieve stress, to calm nerves, or even just to perform basic, everyday tasks in the more extreme case.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Gilbert, AZ

The eventual drug addiction is based on how the brain’s parts for reward, motivation, learning and memory are affected. The system responsible for controlling the body’s ability to feel satisfaction and happiness is overstimulated to achieve an intense “high”. The system is then motivated to make the person repeat the behaviors needed to attain that state again, making the person take the drugs over and over again. This is why quitting is more than just having a strong will, because the addiction more often than not becomes psychological, leading the person to withdrawal symptoms when the regular intake of the substance is interrupted, such as constant mood swings, anxiety and depression.

When it comes to alcohol, it works the same way by inflicting physiological effects on the brain by altering the balance of chemicals like dopamine, leading to changes in the person’s behavior and personality (e.g. becoming more violent or confident after a few drinks). The part of the brain associated with inhibition is suppressed, which is why a person might continually crave alcohol to restore the more pleasurable feelings and get rid the undesirable ones.

Addiction go beyond a person just having low morals and a lack of self-discipline. Even after having stopped taking the drug, addiction remains a “relapsing” disease, because the victims are still at risk at becoming addicted again because of the changes it did to the brain and the person’s self-control and resistances against the urges.

Treatment is Important

This is where different addiction treatment methods come in. Various organizations exist to specialize in helping the addiction of victims, such as groups and meetings where people who went under the same thing share testimonies and experiences, as well as rehabilitation centers. Centers, like ours, aim to help people to get over their addiction and to prepare them to go back to their families and –introduce them to their family, community and workplace once again. Addiction affects a person’s life in many ways, and the most common are isolation from their families and friends, and often consistently poor performances in work.

Effective Options for Treatment

We believe that each patient heals differently and in his or her own time, so what we are here to do is to provide the necessary tools for a patient to begin through a journey of recovery, no matter how long that takes. We thoroughly emphasize that each patient has a different substance abuse experience hence different treatment methods. These include differences in:

  • The combination of drug and alcohol abuse
  • The length of addiction
  • Any existing physical or mental disorders
  • Whether the drugs are short or long-acting

The principles of effective treatment vary because of the whole recovery work’s subjectivity, but we can all agree on some things:

  • That there is no “right” or single treatment applicable to every patient;
  • That effective treatment has to address all of the patients’ needs to beyond just the substance abuse;
  • That treatment plans must be flexible to adjust to any changing needs of the patient;
  • And, most importantly, that addiction is a complex but a treatable disease.


One of the first steps in getting over substance abuse is detox, which is a systematic process that helps people detach from their dependence on whatever substance they are addicted to. It is a process that is designed to treat the immediate effects on the body after ceasing substance abuse as well as removing the toxins left in the body.

However, this should never be just the whole of the recovery process. Detox should be followed up by therapy because relapses are still highly possible even after quitting cold turkey. This can be a very intense period for patients, because withdrawal symptoms are attack the patient all at once, manifesting in agitation, anxiety, insomnia, violence, psychosis, and self-harm.

Treatment Centers in Gilbert, Arizona

We, the Springboard Recovery Center in Arizona, provide excellent care and facilities to helping our patients suffering drug and alcohol abuse regain who they were outside the addiction, to re-enter the community, their workspace, and restore relationships with their family, friends and partners that they have become isolated from. As one the top rated rehabilitation centers in Arizona, we go beyond just helping our patients detox—we believe in a holistic recovery process, guiding our patients through life lessons and even providing counseling and interventions with the patient’s family. We help them stop taking the substance, and more importantly, help them keep off it and maintain a state of sobriety.

Recovery is very complex but also very possible, with each individual recovering in a different pace. We take this to heart, which is why provide assessments for each patient to know where they’re at, and to assign them to a suitable program while also taking into account what the patient thinks is best for him or herself. We have three addiction treatment options, where you can:

  • Check into our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Scottsdale, Arizona as an inpatient;
  • Attend addiction counseling at a flexible time schedule while still maintaining contact with his or her personal life and environment;
  • Opt to check into our wonderful sober living accommodations also located in Scottsdale.

We have a 12-step process that we apply to all of our patients to restore their health and dignity, which involves everything from physical therapy to emotional, mental and spiritual healing, as well as good nutrition, meditation and exercise. We raise community awareness of substance abuse by providing individual, group and even family counseling.

When it comes to looking for help, always opt for quality help. This is exactly what we offer, and you can always refer to the numerous firsthand testimonials from our patients themselves, where they found peace, comfort, and hope in our service. The Springboard Recovery Center is all about your recovery, and nothing else.