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Gilbert Addiction Rehab

When it comes to a question on addiction treatment, rehab is always the answer. When we see a loved one struggling to break free from the influence of drugs and alcohol, we often tell them to seek help from a Gilbert addiction rehab. The addicts, themselves, have learned to appreciate the love and care that they receive from the medical experts in the rehab center.

We at Springboard Recovery work so hard to offer our patients the best care possible. Our rehabilitation and addiction treatment facility is conveniently located in the desert city of Scottsdale, AZ. It is in the eastern part of Maricopa County.

The town of Gilbert is in the southeast of Scottsdale. It only takes a quick 22-minute drive to reach Scottsdale from there. The distance between Gilbert and Scottsdale is approximately eighteen miles. Residents at our rehab center can easily get their relatives to come and visit them from Gilbert.

Rehab in Gilbert, AZ

Rehab or rehabilitation is the most popular drug and alcohol treatment program used. Gilbert rehab (drugs and alcohol) facilities are very likely necessary. The pressure of a busy lifestyle and corporate competition can easily lead people to fall under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

What happens in rehab? There is the notion that a rehab center is equivalent to a city jail or state penitentiary. Many criminals caught by the police are brought to the rehab center for treatment after having been diagnosed with an addiction to either drugs or alcohol. Hence, society has accepted the general impression that a rehab center is a prison for addicted criminals.

But not all drugs and alcohol addicts are notorious criminals. In fact, many of them are simply victims of circumstances. We should get rid of the idea of prison for addicted criminals. An addiction treatment center is more than just jail or even a mental institution. It is a home for people seeking help. It should be a place where love and care abound.

Six (6) Approaches to Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Every rehab center has its own philosophy about dealing with drugs and alcohol addiction. There are several ways that they can use to treat individuals living under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Here are six (6) major approaches that many centers employ in their recovery programs:

  • The 12-step Program - It is the most famous among all these approaches. It is often associated with the well-known, international foundation called Alcoholics Anonymous. We at Springboard Recovery also employ this type of approach with our patients. Our friendly team of therapists is always ready and eager to help you on your journey towards healing and recovery.
  • Therapeutic Community - In this approach, the staff and the patients live together as members of one community. Both work together in various therapeutic activities where the drugs and alcohol-dependent can grow in freedom and responsibility. With these activities, they can take their thoughts away from the substance they are addicted to by learning new skills and developing new interests. This program usually takes about six to twelve months. It is probably the longest of all these approaches.
  • Faith-based or Christian Philosophy - This kind of approach uses Christian principles and teachings in dealing with the substance abuse Religious personnel is employed in a rehab center that uses this program. The activities usually include bible studies, discussions, and prayer.
  • Eclectic or Integrated - The eclectic approach is a customized program designed to meet the needs of each individual patient. Our therapists in Springboard Recovery also offers these services at our rehab center.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Social Learning - We may all be familiar with this type of approach. It is a goal-oriented program that aims at changing patterns of thinking and behavior among individuals. This is commonly used to treat a wide variety of mental illness including drugs and alcohol
  • Personal and skills development - This program focuses more on helping the addicts learn and develop practical skills that will make them a better and more productive citizen in society. There will be less psychological therapeutic interventions and more skills development activities. A rehab center that employs this kind of approach will be beneficial to young professionals seeking employment after having recovered from drugs and alcohol.

What really happens in Gilbert Addiction Rehab?

As we have already mentioned, rehab is short for rehabilitation. That means that some addicted to drugs and alcohol will have to leave their home and stay at the center for treatment. In the center, the patient is taught several ways and techniques to admonish substance abuse. It is difficult for a person to recover from addiction alone. They need all the loving support that they can get.

The environment plays a vital role in the success of the addiction treatment program. A Gilbert addiction rehab (drugs and alcohol) center may not be very effective for someone who lives in the same city. That is because the source of his influence is just nearby. His friends and colleagues can easily persuade him to go back to drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

There are three stages of rehab. The first stage usually takes up to twelve (12) weeks and it includes activities that would help the drugs and alcohol addict to break free from his addiction. Some patients could easily recover after treatment at this stage. They no longer need to go through the next stage. They are already free to go back home and start a new life.

Some, however, choose to go through the next stage where they can learn new skills on how to maintain a drug - free lifestyle as well as develop life skills that would help them achieve their employment and career goals.

Finally, in the third stage, the rehab center goes the extra mile of assisting their patients to find a decent living. This includes housing support and perhaps social welfare. Only a few organizations offer this stage of rehab because it can be quite expensive.

What is life at Springboard?

Like any Gilbert rehab (drugs and alcohol) center, we also offer sober living treatment to our clients. However, we don’t treat them like any mental patient. They are free to make their own schedule. We don’t even call them patients but guests. They can stay for as long as they want in our facility.

We offer them several services which are very useful for their recovery. We also make sure that the environment at the center is conducive to addiction treatment. We make sure that our guests are safe and secure during their entire stay with us.

The best service that we can offer you at Springboard is the holistic and comprehensive care that you can get from our friendly and compassionate medical team. Our therapists are easily available for counseling and consultation. You can also enjoy a lot of your time with your peers through the different services and programs like yoga meditations, educational programs and other activities designed to help you achieve full recovery from substance abuse.

If you are looking for a Gilbert addiction rehab (drugs and alcohol) center but couldn’t find one, then drive to Springboard and you will find the treasure that you are looking for. It’s only about twenty minutes away.